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Insee code07204
AltitudeFrom 590 to 1183 meters
Surface48.56 km²
Population2596 inhabitants
Density53 inhabitants/km²


National labelMars at 7.4 km (7 min)
Chief townPrivas (at 62 km, 69 min)Intres at 7.7 km (9 min)
DepartmentArdècheSaint-Jeure-d'Andaure at 8.1 km (13 min)
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  • The Land of Saint-Agrève is located between the upper valley of the Doux Valley Eyrieux and the plateau of the High-Lignon. Between 500 and 1000 meters. Seven municipalities welcome you plateau and valleys offer a variety of landscapes on land authentic. Immerse yourself in its history, its heritage, its flavors ... entertained at the discretion of the festivities.
  • History:
  • Antiquity: Saint-Agrève was born on Mount Chiniac. On the threshold of history, it is still a poor village, just a few huts clinging to the hillside. It is said that this time the country was inhabited and operated by Ségovellaunes, a tribe of Gauls Helviens related to the people and a vast forest covered the plateau. The hill itself, would have called Mount Ursin, Bear Mountain.
  • The Chiniac: Then is the way the country by the Romans. Attracted by the strong strategic position of Mount Chiniac, they built a fort. Mount Ursin Cinnacum becomes, the city of Cinna. This name, by corruption, would become Chinacum. Thus protected, the city grows and sees the shelf is topped with small farms. The major ports in the Rhone valley, several roads converge St. Agrève to move then the Puy Velay and the country. This first road guide for centuries, military and economic life of the village.
  • During the 2nd century, Christianity spread gradually in the Ardeche. Campaigns are long rebel to the new faith and it is only early 7th century, a bishop of Puy, named Agrève evangelizes Saint-Agrève plateau where he died on 1 February in the year 602. In remembering him, the inhabitants débaptisèrent Chinacum into Sanctus Agrippa, St. Agrève.
  • Middle Ages: From the 13th century, several cities Vivarais negotiate, often amicably with the local lord ruined by war, the redemption of their freedoms. In 1289, the Vicomte de Polignac gives people their first Saint-Agrève liberties and franchises. This is the origin of the free community of Saint-Agrève.
  • In 1446, Saint-Agrève experiencing a resurgence of activity. At the edge of the plateau, this village is primarily a commercial city of fairs, an important market between two very different worlds (the plateau and slopes of the country) for additional resources. Some arrive from the south, laden with salt, wine. The other, from the Velay or Drill, are products of mountain boards, grains, cheese. This increased activity is associated with an increase in population, in 1464, during the drafting of "Vivarais Estimate", the village of one hundred and two lamps, which is one of the largest cities Vivarais.
  • Religious Wars: The highlight of the 16th century is the development of religious wars. Introduced in 1538, the "RPR" as the Catholics say the time is spreading rapidly across the Ardeche. In 1562, the Reformation spread Saint-Agrève. The city became the scene of successive sieges which in turn, Catholics and Protestants argue instead. Thus, the month of March 1563 saw the capture of St. Agrève by Count de Tournon which cost the life success. A few years later, Saint Just and his son Vidal, governor of Velay, walk Saint-Agrève at the head of six hundred horses, fifty to sixty signs of foot and twelve guns. The siege began Sept. 15, 1580. On the 25th, the city was taken and destroyed. In 1585, the Edict of Nemours banned Protestant worship and rekindled the civil war. Jacques de Chambaud, leader of the Protestants, providing an attack, strengthens the city and declares impregnable. Count Tournon, Seneschal of Puy, and San Vidal Saint-Agrève besieged with an army of about twelve thousand men and four guns. On October 8, 1588, after eight weeks of resistance, Chambaud capitulated. Saint-Agrève is shaved for the second time.
  • The Contemporary Period: From the 17th century, Saint Agrève down from the hill. Along a busy street between two places where water fountains murmur, the town where most of its business. The highway improvements stimulate traffic. With its many inns with large discounts, Saint-Agrève, fair town, is a relay and a warehouse known carters and mule trains whose cars are heavy on salt, wines, oils ... In 1903, the train made its appearance. The arrival of C.F.D. (Departmental railway) will result in the development's main tourist city. Today it is a small tourist train (from Dunieres to Saint-Agrève, said the "nutcracker"), returned to service in summer 2002. He discusses the movement of residents to the city of trays, induced by the industrial revolution. Conversely, the tourism development is linked to the needs of urban residents breathe air coming campaigns. During the last war, Saint-Agrève is at par with other municipalities of the plateau, a place of retreat and home for the Jewish community.

Text from the book "Holy Agrève, nature paths, paths of memory" of Henry Bariole.


  • The view from Mount Chiniac (table). Pride of St. Agrévois, Mount Chiniac culminates to 1128 m. It overlooks the present town and its summit offers a remarkable panorama circular. If a clear day you can see the Alps from Mont Blanc to Mont Ventoux, the more certainly open to the sight of the juices volcanic. Everywhere: on Mount Gerbier of Reeds, the juice of Sara, the Mezenc the Alambre, Mount Signon, the peak Lizieux. On this height of Mount Chiniac born the village of Saint-Agrève.
  • The Chapel Saint-Agrève: Built in 1946 by Father Belin. Nearby in a small tiled pool, flowing fountain whose water had Saint-Agrève, they say, power to heal diseases of the eyes, nose and ears. In the late 19th century was that Mr. De Claviere cover the pond with beautiful stone from the old fort of St. Agrève. It lies along the old Roman road.
  • The fountain of the Devil: Not far from Saint-Agrève on the road towards Désaignes flows the fountain of the Devil. One night there upon a time, returning from an evening at this place, when a group of dancers "stung" a jig, the devil appeared as a handsome young man dressed in black. Great, glowing eyes, he wore the hat a cock feather. "You dance well. That you look in the face of Satan? Well, you dance all night. And the devil put his arms around a girl and led her into a mad dance. And other couples turning, waltz until dawn, unable to stop. At daybreak, the stranger had disappeared and the girl, which we found only small hooves, placed on the rim of the fountain.
  • The board Saint-Agrève: Rising to over 1000 m altitude, the plateau Saint-Agrève offers the typical landscape of a rural middle mountains, gently undulating. The seasons, the natural landscapes of the plateau always surprise.
  • On the set of Saint-Agrève, breeding cows, horses or sheep is the most common. In their pastures, these animals decorate the landscape.
  • At geology, the plateau Saint-Agrève is a peneplain that was uplifted, eroded. The base is granite: the Velay granite mixed with various other metamorphic rocks. The Holy Tea agrèvois corresponds to a piece of old table crystalline forms the backbone of the Massif Central. In some places one can observe columnar basalt of volcanic origin.
  • The landscape creates a climate highly contrasted with the slope and exposure. In general, winter is long with snowfall, during which blows the "Burle".
  • The short growing season (April-August) reflects the roughness of the plateau. Yet, over the months of spring and summer, there are many flowers in colors: Daffodil, blueberry, juniper, dandelion, foxglove ... The vegetation consists of beech, fir and pine woods. They extend across the whole field including its most dry and sunnier. The beeches and firs occupy the places most cool and wet.
  • The fauna is rich in small mammals: foxes, deer, stoats, badgers, squirrels, hares, wild boars ... as well as birds and insects: the wagtail, the gassing, the wheatear Whinchat ... The fauna of St. Agrève is characteristic of a rural middle of mountains.
  • Habitat board Saint-Agrève is traditionally characterized by detached or grouped in small hamlets. The rural house is built according to the harsh climate and materials resulting from the geological history of the plateau. The roof is traditional slate (phonolite volcanic rock Mezenc juices which are sold in sheets sound). This material is sold in sheets of different thicknesses as slates. The slate thus obtained are maintained by nails or pegs. A layer of clay or foam provides insulation and waterproofing. The frames are hardwood (chestnut) or fir. They are fitted with logs hewn to form the farms so called "vessel" placed every meter and connected by planks "lattice" on which rested the cover. The assemblies are made by notches and pegs.
  • Built Heritage for Canton Saint-Agrève is very diverse and dense with bread ovens, carved lintels, cemeteries of family ...
  • The farms of yesteryear: the old farms consisted of a huge barn which, alone, retains two-thirds of the total cube farm. It is accessible from the outside tanks and animals, or walk-in when the house is built against the slope is a kind of inclined plane. This house has a rectangular shape, in general, 12-15 m long and 7-8 m wide and an average height of 5 to 6 m above the ground. The barn is large and dark. Scheduled to thirty sheep and cattle, it is dimly lit and somewhat airy. The openings are still scarce, but more numerous small windows. The home or square, is separated from the barn each with its own entrance, making it easier to clean.
Detailed information
Information pointsTourist Office of Saint-Agrève


  • Weekly market on Monday morning.
  • From farm to farm in April.
  • Carnival: May.
  • Walking "The Galoche" in June.
  • Passage of the cycling race "The Ardeche" in June.
  • Walking "The Marsoise" in July.
  • Star Festival in July.
  • International Arts Festival: July-August.
  • Equiblues Festival in August.
  • Music Festival in Vivarais Lignon in August.
  • Here For Dance Festival in August.
  • Readings in the tree in August.
  • The hike in the canton: in September.
  • Heritage Days, in September.
  • Amateur Theatre Festival: late September, early October.
  • Feast of the squash and gourmet weeks: in October.


  • Park Bon Gueret wilderness park which combines mammals and birds in a traditional environment Ardèche. Open from April to October.
  • Lake Devesset: leisure, French sailing school.
  • Wind Farm Citadel with interpretive trail.
  • Train Tourism Railtracks Velay.
  • Workshops for artists.
  • The Brewery Agrivoise tasting.
  • Snail farms, producers, packers.
  • Motor sports: center field while Rochepaule (4x4, quads, trial).
  • Trout fishing in private ponds.
  • Rat Song Festival in August Labatie-d'Andaure.
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Segway tripSports sensations30 €Tence (14.8 km)
Trapper evening in a Finnish cabinNature and the outdoors8 €Lapte (17.1 km)

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Panoramic views of Mount Saint-Agrève ChiniacPanoramic views of Mount Saint-Agrève Chiniac
The Chapel and its miraculous fountainThe Chapel and its miraculous fountain
Built Heritage Mont ChiniacBuilt Heritage Mont Chiniac
Orientation table Mont ChiniacOrientation table Mont Chiniac
Part of the village, seen from the main squarePart of the village, seen from the main square



Enjoy a magnificent panoramic view from its orientation table!
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Tuesday 27 January
Min. -1°C - Max. 2°C
Wednesday 28 January
Min. -1°C - Max. 4°C
Thursday 29 January
Min. 1°C - Max. 5°C


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Bel Horizon - Hotel in Saint-AgrèveBel Horizon     
Le Chambon-sur-Lignon
Offering an outdoor pool and a restaurant, Bel Horizon is located in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon. Free Wi-Fi access, a fitness room and a wellness centre with a hot tub and sauna are available...
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