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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Ardennes

Revin - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Ardennes

A 25 km north of Charleville-Mezieres (capital of the Ardennes department), whose slogan boasts Revin his situation "At the heart of the Valley," also occupies a privileged position in the heart of Europe, since 8 km as the crow flies, in Viroinval in Belgium, is the geographical center of Europe of 15. For proof, a circle of 350 km radius, with center Revin, covers major cities of Northern Europe: the closer, Reims, Brussels, Luxembourg, Lille, Liege. Then Paris, Nancy, Aix-la-Chapelle, Antwerp. Finally, Strasbourg and Amsterdam, and beyond London and Frankfurt.

For 150 years, the economic development of Revin is linked to its opening:

On the one hand rail which allowed since 1860, liaison with Paris, and with the Belgian network and Vireux-Molhain Givet, Ardennes while providing a central position on the line Calais-Basel, between the coal basin of the North and the iron mines of Lorraine.

Second line of the Meuse saves the ports of the North Sea to join the Seine basin through the channel of the Ardennes and the Rhine by the canal from the Marne to the Rhine

Gastronomic specialties revinoises: cacasse to the bare bottom, salad with bacon, the sausage meat, white pudding with onion Revin of the game, thrushes, Bayen, cake, sugar pie, Revin the cookie (baked in a mold cast crown that workers made their own foundries revinoises), Mollet cake (baked in a clay mold), the wafers.

Geographical information

Tourism label
Latitude49.9418930 (N 49° 56’ 31”)
Longitude4.6371990 (E 4° 38’ 14”)
Surface area38.41 km²
Population7154 inhabitants
Density186 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureCharleville-Mézières (24 km, 28 min)
Insee code08363
IntercommunalityCC Ardenne, Rives de Meuse
RegionGreat East

Nearest cities & towns

Anchamps4.9 km (9 min)
Les Mazures8.1 km (10 min)
Laifour9.5 km (15 min)
Fumay9.5 km (12 min)
Sécheval11.2 km (12 min)
Haybes12.2 km (14 min)
Rocroi13 km (21 min)
Renwez13.7 km (14 min)
Fépin14 km (14 min)
Gué-d'Hossus14.4 km (21 min)
Deville14.5 km (18 min)
Bourg-Fidèle14.8 km (18 min)
Montcornet16.1 km (17 min)
Taillette16.5 km (28 min)

Things to see and do

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Meuse in Revin
Meuse in Revin
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Point of View of the Mont Malgré-Tout
Point of View of the Mont Malgré-Tout
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Spanish La Maison
Spanish La Maison
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Dominicans Church
Dominicans Church
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Rocheteau Park
Rocheteau Park
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Lavoye Pump
Lavoye Pump
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Manises Monument
Manises Monument
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Saturday 27 may
Min. 14°C - Max. 29°C
Sunday 28 may
Min. 14°C - Max. 29°C
Monday 29 may
Min. 17°C - Max. 28°C

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Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Sorcy Wood
Mountain bike itineraryEasy1h30Écordal (46 km)


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