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Insee code51454
Surface46.90 km²
Population184652 inhabitants
Density3937 inhabitants/km²
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Chief townChâlons-en-Champagne (at 48 km, 35 min)Tinqueux at 2.6 km
DepartmentMarneSaint-Brice-Courcelles at 3.5 km
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City of coronations, City of champagne? Reims is eager to unveil the legacy of its glorious history and immerse yourself in the worlds most prestigious and most famous festive wine.

Rich traditions and know-how secular Reims has also become a regional metropolis modern and dynamic thanks to its location at the crossroads of several trans-European routes, with its highly diversified economy and its center of excellence in teaching and research .

Four sites on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, the refined atmosphere of Champagne Houses, a city immersed in an atmosphere imbued with both the elegance of Art Deco facades and streets and relaxed cafes terraces lively program of events rich and varied natural environment where green is king? Reims opens its doors and welcomes you.

A two thousand year history ...

The ancient Reims: According to legend, was created by Reims Remus, the brother of the founder of ancient Rome. The Celtic people who lived in the region have thus taken the name of Remi. Around 80 BC, they established an oppidum they named Durocortero ( "Fortress Round"). After the Roman conquest, Durocortorum is incorporated into the province of Belgium and became the capital. At its peak, with its 30 000 inhabitants, the Gallo-Roman city became one of the more populated north of the Alps.

Around 260 is founded the bishopric of Reims. During the great invasions in 407, Bishop Nicaise is massacred by the Vandals in front of the church he had built. He became the patron saint of Reims.

The baptism of Clovis: The baptism of Clovis, king of the Franks, by Remi, bishop of Reims occurred on Christmas Day 498 in a baptistery whose site is now occupied by Notre Dame. The conversion of Clovis to Christianity, a religion of a church heir of Roman power, allowed him to legitimize its military grip on Gaul then divided.

It was after this baptism, which sealed the reconciliation of Church and State, born as the monarchy of divine right French. It is also thanks to him that Reims become the seat of kings of France.

The city of coronations: In 816 occurred the first Reims royal coronation, that of Louis the Pious. The ceremony, usually five hours long, took place in Notre Dame, since it was built. She continued by the coronation banquet at the Palais du Tau and a pilgrimage to the body of Bishop Remi, in the basilica dedicated to him. The coronation of the most memorable is that of the dauphin Charles VII, to Reims led by Joan of Arc July 17, 1429 after the siege of Orleans. A total of 33 sovereigns have been crowned at Reims, the latest being Charles X in 1825.

In the Middle Ages, Reims prospered by selling her sheets, linens and other textile fairs in the south of Champagne and trade with the Hanseatic League. The rise of champagne, from the reign of Louis XIV, came complete range of its productions.

Two of the most famous children in the city, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Comptroller General of the King, and Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, precursor of modern pedagogy, Reims born in the 17th century.

The modern Reims: As elsewhere, the industrial revolution overthrew the appearance of the city, which grew from 30 000 to 120 000 inhabitants in less than a century. Rich mansions replaced the houses with wood sides. Some of the first international airshows were held at Reims the early 20th century. Reims is indeed one of the cradles of aviation.

Then came the First World War. On September 4, 1914, a month after the start of hostilities, the German army entered Reims. It was quickly rejected, but she is entrenched in the forts around. Hence, the Wehrmacht bombard the city for 3 ½ years. The cathedral, very hard hit, receiving nearly 300 rounds. The seat will result in the destruction of 80% of the city and killed more than 5 000 people.

The new Reims, which rises from the rubble in the inter-war years through the intervention of 325 architectural firms, has a face full of eclectic in its architecture, marked in particular by the Art Deco style.

The Second World War affected the little town. During the conflict, welcomed the Reims Eisenhower's headquarters. There, May 7, 1945 at 2:41, General Alfred Jodl, commander of the Wehrmacht, signed the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. The text, drafted in haste by members of the staff of Eisenhower, was to halt the imminent conflict. It was ratified in Berlin the following day by the heads of allied states.

On July 7, 1962, German Chancellor Adenauer and General de Gaulle sealed at Notre Dame reconciliation between peoples and French and German Reims erected as a symbol of peace between Germany and France.


  • The Cathedral: This masterpiece of Gothic art is one of the major achievements in medieval Europe. Built in the 13th century, it has features that make it unique: its exceptional unity of style, brightness and richness of its statuary. Designed to accommodate the coronation of the kings of France, she was provided with the most beautiful facade of the kingdom. The other side of the facade is unique sculptures by occupying niches that cover its entire surface. 2 303 adorned with sculptures, the Cathedral Reims is the only church to have angels with wings, including the famous Smiling Angel on the left portal of the facade. The gallery of kings alone has 56 statues of a size of 4.5 m. The interior takes its clarity and the vertical stab. The nave and the choir stand on three levels: arcades, clerestory, clerestory windows and blind. The famous stained glass windows dating mostly from the 13th century. This applies to those of the big pink facade. The three windows of the axial chapel are the work of Marc Chagall (1974). The two towers reach a height of 81 m. The roof height of the building is 38 m and its total length is around 150 m.
  • The Basilica of Saint-Remi: This Romanesque-Gothic church is one of the most remarkable achievements of Romanesque architecture in northern France. 126 m long, it impresses with its depth and sense of intimacy it brings. It was built in the 11th century to house the relics of Saint Remi, the bishop who baptized Clovis in 498. His tomb is in the center of the choir. The sober Romanesque nave and Gothic choir (late 12th century) to four storeys are an impressive set of lightness and harmony. The facade was rebuilt along with the choir.
  • The Palace of Tau: The residence of the Archbishops of Reims adjoins the cathedral since the 12th century, but he did put on a classic look that now after the changes made in the late 17th century by Jules Hardouin -Mansart and Robert de Cotte. The Tau Palace now houses the Museum of the Work of Our Lady. The treasure of the cathedral and part of the original statues of the church are exposed. The hall of Tau, which was held in the banquet of the coronation, is decorated with tapestries of the 15th century that chronicle the history of "Fort Roy Clovis. The most remarkable pieces of the royal treasury of the cathedral is the talisman of Charlemagne (ninth century) and the Chalice of St. Remi (twelfth century). The reliquary of St. ampoule contains the original oil which was heavenly anointed the new king at the ceremony of his coronation.
  • The Musée-Abbaye Saint-Remi: Housed in the buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries of the ancient Abbey of Saint-Remi, this museum holds important collections on the history Reims from prehistory to the Second World War . The museum has four sections: the history of the abbey, with the visit of the buildings are organized around a cloister of 1709; Reims the Gallo-Roman, old kitchens and dining rooms of the abbey; Regional archeology, where an exhibition of collections ranging from prehistory to the 16th century military history, which recalls the close relationship between Reims and the warlike past of France, the Gallic War to the Nazi surrender in 1945.
Detailed information
TransportTrain station of Reims,   Train station of Reims - Franchet-d'Espèrey,   Train station of Reims-Maison-Blanche
Information pointsTourist Office of Reims
Leisure centresCasino Le Multicolore,   Museum Ancien Collège des Jésuites,   Museum Hôtel le Vergeur,   Museum Saint-Remi,   Museum of Fine Art of Reims,   Racecourse of the Champagne
MonumentsAbbey Saint-Pierre-les-Dames,   Basilica Saint-Remi,   Bibliothèque Carnegie,   Cathedral Notre-Dame,   Chapel Foujita,   Church Saint-Jacques,   Church Saint-Michel,   Convent of the Cordeliers,   Market Halls Centrales,   Palace of the Tau,   Private Mansion of La Salle,   Synagogue of Reims,   Town Hall of Reims
Performance hallsConference Centre of Reims,   Cultural Centre Saint-Exupéry,   Domaine Pommery,   Exhibition Park of Reims,   Grand Theatre - Opéra de Reims,   La Cartonnerie,   Manège de Reims,   Stadium Auguste-Delaune,   Theatre L'Affiche


Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Cellar tour at the house of Champagne GardetLocal flavoursFrom 6 € to 8 €Chigny-les-Roses (11.6 km)
Guided eco-tour of the Aÿ-Champagne vineyardLocal flavours35 €Ay (23 km)
Champagne tasting and cellar tourLocal flavoursFrom 5 € to 7 €Mardeuil (24 km)
Canoe kayak on the MarneSports sensationsFrom 12 € to 26 €Tours-sur-Marne (25 km)
Maiden flight in a gyroplane or multi-axis microlightSports sensationsFrom 49.90 € to 99.90 €Corbeny (27 km)

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The Smiling AngelThe Smiling Angel
Basilique Saint-RemiBasilique Saint-Remi
Mars GateMars Gate
Joan of ArcJoan of Arc
Hotel du VergeurHotel du Vergeur
Place RoyalePlace Royale
Basilique Saint-RemiBasilique Saint-Remi
Cathedral Reims (© JE)Cathedral Reims (© JE)
Cathedral Reims (© JE)Cathedral Reims (© JE)
Nave of the Cathedral (© JE)Nave of the Cathedral (© JE)
Colonnades Cathedral (© JE)Colonnades Cathedral (© JE)
The large rosette (© JE)The large rosette (© JE)
The smiling angel (© JE)The smiling angel (© JE)
The smiling angel (© JE)The smiling angel (© JE)
The smiling angel (© JE)The smiling angel (© JE)
The smiling angel (© JE)The smiling angel (© JE)
Focus on smiling angel (© JE)Focus on smiling angel (© JE)
The angel fountain SubéThe angel fountain Subé


Reims Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece
Reims Mountain, the Côte des Blancs, Marne valley and Saint-Thierry massif
Landscapes of vineyards, forests and villages
The drink for parties and important events
A delicious pink biscuit sprinkled with icing sugar
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Wednesday 23 April
Min. 5°C - Max. 15°C
Thursday 24 April
Min. 9°C - Max. 15°C
Friday 25 April
Min. 10°C - Max. 17°C


Italian restaurantLa Villa Reims  
LOFT ITALY - Fortunately, there was the sign and a vintage Fiat 500 parked outside. Because Villa is hidden in a fold of the street Mars. We think 'small trattoria' but they are wrong...
Located in Reims27 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantAu P'tit Rafiot  
Welcome aboard the P'tit Rafiot! In full heart of Reims, the restaurant recreates a maritime setting and serves delicious seafood specialties boullabaisse, tapas sea monkfish stew or...
Located in Reims35 € per person 
World food restaurantVersion Originale  
Creating its restaurant Version Originale 'Chef Christophe Mertes invented a style. Located in the historic heart of Reims, this charming property is the culmination of a brilliant...
Located in Reims31 € per person 

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Farm with 5 bedroomsTrichet-didier    
Pierre and Mireille trichet offer five spacious new rooms for 2 and up to 4 people in the countryside, yet minutes from the center of Reims.
Located 5.9 km from Reims81 € the double room 
House with 4 bedroomsAu cherubin    
We welcome you to a vineyard, in a typical village of Champagne in a quiet, comfortable rooms where 4, custom reserved for you (SDS and WC) -  parking for cars and motorcycles, discover...
Located 10.3 km from Reims62 € the double room 
House with 2 bedrooms'LesBichottes', Chambre d'hôtes et Rou    
Ideally located between Epernay and Reims, the House can accommodate 3 people, 4 trailer. Located along vineyards, on the edge of Parc de la Montagne de Reims, quiet, 'The Bichottes'...
Located 10.5 km from ReimsFrom 55 € to 80 € the double room 

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House for 8 personsLe Petit Moulin
Our 4 guests are located 15 minutes from Reims, in Prouilly, Champagne village. They offer you a quiet and relaxing environment. At the reception, you have a lounge and 2 bedrooms with...
Located 14 km from Reims420 € per week 
House for 8 personsGîte Millésime et une nuit  
At the heart of Champagne, in the town of Villers in Chatillon, the Champagne house rc lemaire. Offers this charming champagne eighteenth century with all modern comforts. Its large...
Located 25 km from Reims620 € per week 
Apartment for 26 personsGite des Jardins du Moulin  
5 minutes from Epernay, in the heart of the Champagne vineyards, the family-tellier renaudin welcomes you in their apartments duplex, composed of 6 independent cottages each accommodating...
Located 28 km from Reims450 € per week 

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Best Western Plus Hôtel De La Paix - Hotel in ReimsBest Western Plus Hôtel De La Paix     
Best Western Hôtel De La Paix is a design hotel set in the heart of Reims. It is just a few minute’s walk from the shops and conference centre and offers an indoor pool and a hammam....
Located in ReimsRoom from 112 €
Campanile Reims Centre - Cathedrale - Hotel in ReimsCampanile Reims Centre - Cathedrale     
Located in central Reims, this Campanile provides en suite rooms with free Wi-Fi. It is just a 15-minute walk from Reims Train Station and there is private parking on site. The rooms...
Located in ReimsRoom from 69 €
Holiday Inn Reims Centre - Hotel in ReimsHoliday Inn Reims Centre     
Holiday Inn Reims Centre is ideally located in the historic centre of Reims, and it features the only panoramic restaurant in Reims and a bar. The façade is decorated in an Art Deco...
Located in ReimsRoom from 93 €

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Campanile Reims Centre - Cathedrale
Located in central Reims, this Campanile provides en suite rooms with free Wi-Fi. It is just a 15-minute walk from Reims Train Station and there is private...
Campanile Reims Centre - Cathedrale
Located in central Reims, this Campanile provides en suite rooms with free Wi-Fi. It is just a 15-minute walk from Reims...
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