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Fountain Saint-Clair

Monument in Réguiny

The Fountain Saint-Clair is a monument in the municipality of Réguiny (Morbihan, Brittany). It is an attraction for holidaymakers staying in the region.

Other monuments nearby

Chapel Saint-FiacreRadenac (3 km)
Fountain Saint-FiacreRadenac (3.2 km)
Castle of PorhmanRéguiny
Abbey Notre-Dame de TimadeucBréhan (8.1 km)
Cemetery of Saint-AllouestreSaint-Allouestre (8.2 km)
Wayside Cross of MoréacMoréac (8.3 km)
Church of MoréacMoréac (8.4 km)
Castle of the Forges de LanouéeLes Forges (8.9 km)

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