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Pontorson is located 9 km from Mont Saint-Michel, 22 km from Avranches and 45 km from Granville.

Located in the middle of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, Pontorson is a city divided by the Couesnon (one of the three rivers of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel)

Pontorson is "framed" by the Couesnon and over 10 km of marsh area to the south and more than 4 800 hectares of reclaimed land.

Pontorson Township and enjoy a mild oceanic climate and are protected by the bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

Its surrounding communities are: Huisnes-sur-Mer, Tanis, Macey, Vessey, Aucey-la-Plaine, Sougéal, Saint-Georges-de-Gréhaigne, Beauvoir, Le Mont-Saint-Michel.

The city was founded in the 12th century on a vow of William the Conqueror. Important stronghold at the gates of Brittany, Pontorson fortress was razed in 1623 by order of Louis XIII. Some vestiges remain from this period as the Notre-Dame, the hotel Guiscard Ménardière or former Hotel Dieu St. Anthony of Charity.

In 1973 the town merged with Ardevon, Beauvoir, Boucey, Cormeray, Curey, Moidrey and The Pas, who have kept the status of municipalities involved. Beauvoir has regained its independence in 1989. Located 9 km from Mont-Saint-Michel, Pontorson is inside the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, on the banks of the Couesnon, the heart of future major projects that will restore the island's Mount.

Geographical information

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Latitude48.5538720 (N 48° 33’ 14”)
Longitude-1.5098770 (W 1° 30’ 36”)
AltitudeFrom 5m to 73m
Surface area43.01 km²
Population4125 inhabitants
Density95 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureSaint-Lô (90 km, 58 min)
Insee code50410
IntercommunalityCC d'Avranches-Mont St Michel

Nearest cities & towns

Saint-Georges-de-Gréhaigne3.9 km (7 min)
Aucey-la-Plaine4.5 km (8 min)
Les Pas4.8 km (8 min)
Pleine-Fougères5.3 km (7 min)
Beauvoir5.7 km (7 min)
Sains6.1 km (10 min)
Macey6.1 km (8 min)
Sougéal6.2 km (10 min)
Vieux-Viel6.6 km (11 min)
Ardevon6.9 km (12 min)
Vessey7.3 km (12 min)
Sacey7.8 km (10 min)
Roz-sur-Couesnon8.5 km (11 min)
Huisnes-sur-Mer8.8 km (15 min)

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Notre-Dame de Pontorson
Notre-Dame de Pontorson
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Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Guided Tour of Mont Saint-Michel and its Bay
Nature and the great outdoors28 € Le Mont-Saint-Michel (9 km)
Guided Tour of the Village and Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel
Culture and education18 € Le Mont-Saint-Michel (9 km)
Mont Saint-Michel Bay outing
Nature and the great outdoors11 € Le Mont-Saint-Michel (9.1 km)
Flight over Mont Saint-Michel Bay by Ultralight Trike or Autogyro – 20 mins
Sports sensations80 € Le Val-Saint-Père (14.3 km)
Premium Flight over Mont Saint-Michel Bay by Ultralight Trike or Autogyro – 1 hr
Sports sensations190 € Le Val-Saint-Père (14.3 km)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Crossing of Mont-Saint-Michel Bay
HikeIntermediate3h30Le Mont-Saint-Michel (9.2 km)
Beach Bridge to the beach in Le Havre Lupin
HikeEasy2h00Saint-Malo (39 km)
The maritime countryside of Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer
HikeIntermediate2h20Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer (50 km)
Saint-Jacut's grand tour
HikeIntermediate6h35Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer (50 km)
The maritime Arguenon River grand tour
HikeIntermediate5h15Créhen (51 km)


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