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Insee code26220
AltitudeFrom 234 to 940 meters
Surface23.45 km²
Population7078 inhabitants
Density301 inhabitants/km²


National labelsAubres at 4.4 km (6 min)
Chief townValence (at 98 km, 78 min)Venterol at 5.5 km (7 min)
DepartmentDrômeLes Pilles at 6.8 km (7 min)
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Nyons: Nice little Drome.

Nestling in the mountains, with its hills and valleys, the country Nyons enjoys a microclimate characterized by gentleness, sunshine and no wind. Its outstanding geographical location between mountain and plain, protected by a ring of hills, is coupled with a very strong sunshine (2798 h / year against 1773 to Paris) and a warmer temperature, even though the fog is rare, which earned him the title of "Petit Nice".

The many moods of the Nyon region: In terms of landscapes, we can say that the South starts here but the influence is ever present mountain. This creates a great diversity of vegetative cover.

Trays grown: The Nyon region is composed mainly of vineyards and olive groves, a large part of the land area is classified as AOC. On the outskirts of the Eygues, fruit orchards are also present: apricot, plum, cherry ...

Origins: The origin of Nyons lost in the mists of time. The country seems to have Nyons been inhabited from the Neolithic. In the current state of archaeological discoveries, we can make the first Nyons, former Noiomagus, capital of the Celtic-Ligurian tribe Noiomagenses.

The olive is an integral part of cultural heritage Nyons. Tench is the only variety of olive that has adapted to the soil and climate of the Nyon region. The olives are picked ripe, so black between December and January. Olives and olive oil were obtained in 1994 the AOC. Olive trees Nyons part of the 114 sites recognized outstanding taste since 1994 by the ministries of agriculture, tourism, culture and environment.

In the land of the olive, the fruit of youth, you will have the pleasure of enjoying many other products of this generous land: truffles, wine, fruits, herbs, beer, vinegar.


  • The Romanesque bridge. Historical monument in 1925. Its single arch in Gothic style stone has a reach of 43 m. Its height is 18 m. In Roman times the Eygues be crossed on skins inflated with air. In the late Middle Ages, a cable ferry was built. In the 14th century the people demanded that the bin is replaced by a stone bridge. Construction began in 1341 in terms of brothers Pontiffs. Lack of resources braked the continuation of the work. In 1409, the bridge was inaugurated by the bishop of Vaison. The bridge consisted at the height of its arc, a small square tower, which was used for collecting tolls. This building was demolished in 1849 and the two small chapels built by Nyonsais in the early 15th century, the two ends of this path. The boldness of its construction, its momentum over the stream, the strength of its foundation one flood, one of 1692, managed to partially open, robust appearance, elegant and simple at the same time, make sure the monument Nyons the most curious and most admired.
  • The tower Randonne - The Chapel of Our Lady of Good Help: The tower is an old military prison built Randonne Montauban in 1280. Sold in 1819 with the other towers of the city, she resisted the business of the buyer, who wanted to shoot him. In 1862, Canon Francou, Nyons priest, bought the ruin in order to transform into a chapel in honor and glory of Our Lady of Good Help. Its base of 10 meters high and 8 feet square is also the oldest building in the city. He erected the pyramid of three floors of arcades four sides adorned with statues, with its peak a statue of the Virgin 3m50 high above the city. At the corners of the first floor are the statues of four saints (St. Joseph, St. John, St. Bernard, St. Vincent). On the second floor we find the holy four corners (Anne, Elizabeth, Magdalene and Theresa). The third floor is adorned by four angels.
  • Place des Arcades (fourteenth century): On the occasion of the visit of President of the Republic, it was called "Place Carnot and the Liberation Square Bourdongle Doctor" (martyr of the resistance). Dating from the years 1330-1340, it bears the mark of the Florentine merchants Lombard. With the construction of this place, the Dolphins wanted to see the city and promote trade. When problems of religion, the place was gradually invaded by patches (formed by a group of houses) that occupied more than half of the surface. The destruction of these islands will be very bulky end 1892 on the orders of council. On this site stood the first markets Nyons. The place has retained the Thursday market, set up by the Dolphins and confirmed by François 1st.
  • The Museum of the Olive Tree: Growing of olives and making olive oil from the 17th to the 20th century. Through various exhibits, the Museum of the Olive Tree offers its visitors the ancient and more recent cultivation of olive trees Nyons, surroundings, and the various uses of olive oil. Gathering (scales, bags, old photos) to the mill (grinding, presses the early 19th century).
  • Archaeological Museum: The museum invites you to discover its archaeological collections from prehistory to the Middle Ages. It gathers the remains from the territory of Baronnies. Many windows devoted to prehistory, the discovery of the typical ceramic gray kaolinitic Voconce representing everyday objects from the Gallo-Roman, the famous "pegala" (funerary vases) ...
  • The old mills: This family heritage covers a floor space of 350 sqm. So let themselves explore two oil mills of the 18th and 19th centuries, a soap 18th (unique in France today), and an old kitchen of the apartment Haute Provence and millers of the 18th century.
  • The garden of aromas: This unique garden in France has about 200 species of aromatic plants, aromatic and medicinal plants. They are distilled to produce an essential oil, hydrosol of or used in herbal or fresh plants.
  • Nyonsoleiado, water park. A few steps from downtown, 1300 m² of swimming pools, waterfall, river, wading pool, water slides, beaches in 1000 and 5000 sq m of green space used for recreation and relaxation.
  • Artisanal Distillery herbs: lavender, thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano ...
  • Factory mats. Until 1956, it manufactures filters for oil and wine presses, but due to the freezing of trees, we turn to the manufacture of carpets, coir yarn still in color. This is the last factory in the world manufacturing still mats (still on the old machines).
  • Vinegar: Vinegar flavored with a decoction of herbs in the Drôme Provençale.
  • Brewery: Find the brewing tradition of southern France and discover the alchemy of brewing.
Detailed information
Information pointsTourist Office of Nyons
Performance hallsLa Cigale


  • The many markets Nyons are known and recognized by all. Its fireworks of colors and fragrances of Provence miles can not leave you indifferent.
  • Every Thursday morning and has been since the Middle Ages, the traditional market place of Nyons. Nyons means "Novo Magus" ie new market. There are all kinds of products: local fruits, vegetables, flowers, crafts ... This market has a great reputation throughout the region.
  • On Sunday mornings from mid-May to mid-September stands in the historic Provencal market. This market only products of Provence: crafts and local produce.
  • Alicoque: the first weekend of February. Celebration of the new oil. At the end of the harvest and when the oil starts to flow new mills, the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Olivier invites growers, and the entire population to enjoy. Large tables are set on the Place des Arcades where everyone will toast it will rub with garlic and soak in the new olive oil. The Alicoque opens with dances and songs of Provence and ends with an aioli.
  • The exhibition Art of the Knife: The first weekend of March: 4th national exhibition on this theme, more than 50 French and foreign exhibitors display their unique pieces to raise awareness of the art cutlery. Demonstrations of blacksmithing, finishing ... not to mention the equipment needed to cutlers Sunday to make their own knife. Pleasure of the eyes and hands secured.
  • The flower parade: every year for Easter. The tradition of the Feast in the South dates back to Roman civilization and its existence has survived every era of history. It dates back to 1889 to find some traces of "the cavalcade of Nyons". Festival of Spring Carnival and then they went to the Corso. The Corso in its current form in 1950, he has transcended time and has evolved over the ages. At the beginning of this century were decorated carriages with branches and flowers, now they are artificial flowers made of paper that are stuck on the carcasses of tanks. The floats and marching bands will parade through the city on Sunday and Easter Monday.
  • From farm to farm: the last weekend of April - Nyon region. In the Drome, the operation in Farm Farm is an event become a must on the last weekend of April. Travel from farm to farm the time of a weekend with family or lovers! Over a walk initiation and playful, young and old will go to the discovery of local Nyonsais: tours, excursions, tastings and sales of farm products. On the roads, it is the scarecrow, mascot of the operation, which will blaze the participating farms and report the arrival at the farm.
  • May 1 is the flower market held in honor of the arrival of spring.
  • A book festival, entitled Read in May, brings together fifty authors, publishers and associations on the weekend of the Ascension (Thursday to Saturday), around a specific theme. Meetings are held on the square Bourdongle and Media Departmental Drôme Provençale.
  • The Eco-Fair biological "Of course" meets in Nyons, installers, craftsmen, associations, visitors around organic farming, renewable energy, healthy housing, ecological sanitation, alternative transport, hygiene and welfare, crafts, international solidarity, national and local press in the environment ... More than 100 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors are found for two more days in the green surroundings of the Promenade de la Digue to discuss the news, see what's new eco-related processes or simply sharing a meal in a biological environment friendly. A program of events, conferences on various themes and original theme party and concert is proposed.
  • In July and August are held the leather market, the wool market, craft markets and the three nightly free concerts a week "Nyons Festiv'été" from mid-July to late August! A program of guided walks and visits to theme: "Walk ... curious!" is offered throughout the summer by the Office of Regional Tourist Nyons in partnership with tourism providers.
  • The National's Olivier in October. Nyons hosts the best national pétanque for the traditional meeting place for 8 days Nyons Petanque: Provençal game, petanque and National olives.
  • Tales and Encounters in the Land of Olive - From Moulins Lyrics: Country Nyonsais in the November-December. Discover the artists of diverse backgrounds and diverse backgrounds explore different approaches to storytelling and contemporary artistic creations for small and large concerts speaking, musical performances, storytelling. The event ends with a move to summer pastures of a flock of sheep. Morning walk and afternoon pastoral Bridge St. at May St. Lawrence platform.
  • The Festival of Olives Stitched: Saturday before Christmas. The early harvested olives are pitted and then eaten sprinkled with salt to lose their bitterness. All day events around the "olive pitted" await you: market with olives, olive grower stand, quilting demonstration olives, walks, exhibitions ... You can also participate in the olive harvest in the company of growers who will take you to the mill. A true moment of friendship ..


  • Hiking: The Nyonsais offers many walks and hikes of about 400 km of marked trails. As can be observed the different landscapes where changing the terrain and vegetation so diverse. We can see the evergreen oaks, pines, Aleppo pines, junipers juniper or the "Spanish broom. All these routes are available at the Tourist Office. The walks are classified by level of difficulty, distance, height difference and their duration.
  • Hiking and mountain bike rider: Region ideal for walking or cycling on the road through the mountains. To travel the Nyon region, the CDT Drôme offers cyclocarte - cycloguide: Drôme Cycling. Regarding the mountain bike trails, the Office of Tourism provides a sheet with 8 channels of mountain biking trails Nyons.
  • Around the country Nyons: 93 km - 3500 m altitude - about 10 hours. Here is a bike trail that takes you into the country Nyons. This circuit requires a sporting good physical and technical training. The itinerary follows waymarked mountain bike trails, connected by links where you must navigate using the topo guide "Mountain Bike Tour of Nyon region. This route can be done in 1 or 2 steps, and more if you wish.
  • Fair at St. Barthelemy St. Jalle: August.
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Two-seat paraglider flight in Provençale Drôme Sports sensationsFrom 70 € to 120 €Mévouillon (29 km)

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Calade near a tower RandonneCalade near a tower Randonne
Randonne tower, monumentRandonne tower, monument
District Forts, pedestrianized streetDistrict Forts, pedestrianized street
Olives on the hills of NyonsOlives on the hills of Nyons
Olives ripenOlives ripen
Randonne TourRandonne Tour
Romanesque bridgeRomanesque bridge
Bridge RomanesqueBridge Romanesque
Romanesque bridgeRomanesque bridge
Street coveredStreet covered
Street coveredStreet covered


A quailty olive oil
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Saturday 31 January
Min. -15°C - Max. -4°C
Sunday 1 February
Min. -8°C - Max. -2°C
Monday 2 February
Min. -14°C - Max. -1°C


French cuisine restaurantLa Farigoule   NEW
THE SEASONS - La Farigoule, led by Thomas and Dominique couple is synonymous with traditional cuisine with fresh, local and often organic. In their dining room in southern colors, they...
Located in Nyons30 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantAu délice de provence
A table of the village in a former synagogue, but especially the right people to support a place where wine and table so naturally complement. Evelyne and Nicolas enjoy natural fruit...
Located 12.3 km from NyonsFrom 20 € to 45 € per person 
Mediterranean restaurantLe Bateleur  
Share an exceptional culinary commits to certain golden rules: sumptuous and neat, service impeccable and jovial, excellent cuisine and inventive. You will find all these ingredients...
Located 14.6 km from Nyons38 € per person 

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House with 3 bedroomsLa Chouette  
Our guesthouse 'La Chouette' is in the middle of olive trees on the south hillside overlooking the old town. A path takes us into town in about 7 minutes.
Located in Nyons60 € the double room 
Mas with 6 bedroomsLe mas des sorcieres    
In a farmhouse of the fourteenth century, you will discover the top Vaucluse at the gates of the Drome Provençale 5 guest rooms and 2 cottages overlooking the garden, pool and patio....
Located 12.9 km from NyonsFrom 80 € to 125 € the double room 
Mas with 4 bedroomsL Ecole Buissonniere    
Close to Vaison -la- Romaine and Nyons, along a country road, an old farmhouse with its eighteenth large plane tree in the middle of the courtyard, pond and aviary, garden overlooking...
Located 12.9 km from NyonsFrom 65 € to 72 € the double room 

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Villa for 4 personsSoleil de provence   NEW
House 1.5 km from the city center, on the heights of Nyons, in a beautiful fenced property (electric gate), lined with olive trees with pool. Very quiet with stunning views. Very well...
Located in NyonsFrom 350 € to 790 € per week 
House for 2 personsGîte 'Le Colombier' en Drôme provençale  
Lodging for two in the owner's house: an old farmhouse surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. Independent access and balcony. Quiet and peaceful. Very nice view of the village and...
Located 5.7 km from NyonsFrom 360 € to 390 € per week 
House for 4 personsFerienwohnung auf dem Land in Vinsobres  
- Enjoy your stay in Vinsobres in a house nice and sunny countryside. The house is surrounded by vineyards on the southern slopes of the hill. -In a quiet, house with terrace and garden...
Located 6.5 km from NyonsFrom 360 € to 410 € per week 

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82 places over 10 haFlower Camping les Ramieres****    
The camping Les Ramières welcomes you in an exceptional setting to enjoy your holiday in the heart of the Drôme Provençale. Pitches ' grand confort' and modern mobile homes are arranged...
Located 10.1 km from NyonsFrom 17 € to 35 € per day 
90 places over 2 haLe Garrigon    
Camping Le Garrigon is located in the municipality of Cricket, a typically Provencal village between Vaucluse and Drôme Provençale. Enjoy famous sights such as Grignan Nyons or Vaison...
Located 16.9 km from NyonsFrom 15 € to 29 € per day 
80 places over 2 haDomaine des grands prés    
Drôme Provençale in the heart of Dieulefit our area welcomes you for a peaceful holiday in a relaxed bohemian and unusual accommodation in innovative and eco-friendly.
Located 18.8 km from NyonsFrom 13 € to 19.50 € per day 

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Hôtel Restaurant Les oliviers - Hotel in NyonsHôtel Restaurant Les oliviers     
Offering a terrace and a garden, Hôtel Restaurant Les oliviers is located in Nyons Old Town. Free Wi-Fi access is available for guests. All non-smoking rooms are equipped with a flat-screen...
Located in NyonsRoom from 64 €
Une Autre Maison - Hotel in NyonsUne Autre Maison    
Located in the centre of Nyons, this hotel offers an outdoor pool and a gastronomic restaurant. Relaxation facilities include a hot tub, hammam and massages. The rooms at Une Autre...
Located in NyonsRoom from 75 €
Hotel La Bastide des Monges - Hotel in NyonsHotel La Bastide des Monges    
Hotel La Bastide des Monges is 4 km from the centre of Nyons and 20 km from the Château de Grignan. It offers a hot tub, a heated outdoor swimming pool and a sauna. Free Wi-Fi is provided...
Located in NyonsRoom from 78 €

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Kyriad Montélimar
Located in the centre of Montelimar, the Kyriad Hotel provides modern rooms, free security parking and free Wi-Fi. It is a quiet setting, very close to...
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