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Insee code41149
AltitudeFrom 60 to 146 meters
Surface21.02 km²
Population4271 inhabitants
Density203 inhabitants/km²


National labelsLavardin at 2.5 km (5 min)
Chief townBlois (at 46 km, 52 min)Les Roches-l'Évêque at 4.3 km (7 min)
DepartmentLoir-et-CherSaint-Martin-des-Bois at 4.8 km (7 min)
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  • Located in the heart of the country of the poet Pierre de Ronsard, the city of Montoire-sur-le-Loir, ranked green resort, is a genuine little town rich in heritage, its events throughout the year, its folklore festival in August, its museum of world music, its history.
  • History of the City of Montoire:
  • The presence of prehistoric man is attested to "Montoire" by the presence of a Neolithic workshop on the hill above the Reclusages and the discovery of tools from different periods of several places of the town. In the alluvium of the valley, during the operation of a gravel pit, a human skull that may date to 450,000 years was discovered.
  • The occupation Gallic and Gallo-Roman has been demonstrated during archaeological excavations by the presence of agricultural structures in the commune of Saint-Rimay.
  • In troubled times, as was that of the High Middle Ages, with the Norman invasion, the inhabitants took refuge in the cave dwellings between Montoire Lavardin, and under the castle Montoire.
  • Only in the second half of the 10th century that the history of Montoire begins.
  • In 955, the custody of the lands was given to Montoire Ratepilate Bouchard, said Bat. His son, Bouchard called the Old or Venerable ordered an enclosure to surround the 45 acres of wood that covers the current castle.
  • In the early 11th century the castle guard is given Nihard, Governor and forest Montoire who, taking advantage of the struggles between the Count of Vendôme and the bishop of Le Mans, succeeded in being recognized as Baron of Montoire to become the Lord in 1033.
  • Hamelin de Langeais, lord of Montoire, in 1075 he built the present stone tower that undergoes a single reshuffle in the mid-12th century from 2 to 3 levels.
  • Below the castle, the church of St. Oustrille, named after a bishop of Bourges, was built probably in the late 12th century. It was enlarged in the 15th by the addition of two side chapels. In the revolutionary period, it served as a saltpetre factory, then was sold as national property in 1794.
  • The Priory of Saint-Gilles with a chapel built in the late 11th century belonged to the abbey of Saint-Calais. Pierre de Ronsard, the poet, was prior in 1566. It was sold as national property in 1791.
  • The Saint-Oustrille was surrounded by a wall flanked with towers starting from farmyard to reach the Loir.
  • In 1188, following the conflict between King Philip Augustus of France and the English King Richard the Lionheart, Castle Montoire had to endure the siege of the English king. It passed successively into the hands of the French and English. He again became French in 1202 after the confiscation of property of John Lackland.
  • After successive work, the castle was taken by the Leaguers leveled and dismantled in 1594 on the orders of King Henry IV.
  • Louis de Bourbon had been taken prisoner in 1415 at the Battle of Agincourt and held prisoner in the Tower of London. Returned from captivity, he built in 1427, the Augustinian convent which housed more than four monks to the eve of Revolution. The convent was sold as national property and served as a gendarmerie barracks in 1890 which took the name of Marescot.
  • The new town, located on the right bank of the Loir, developed in the fourteenth and fifteenth century around a fairground (the main square today). Found around numerous Renaissance and also half-timbered houses. At the end of the 15th century, was built the Church of Our Lady of Mercy at the site of the present church.
  • From 1718, the lordship of Montoire passed through many hands and the ultimate recipient, the Marquis de Querhoent, decided in 1743 to give his name. The last Marquis of Querhoent was dispossessed of his property during the Revolution.
  • Montoire experienced a boom with the Mayor Rene Chauvin who in his term (1848-1870) undertook numerous studies: creation of the Rue Ronsard, bridge construction, development of the site with the construction of a fountain, installation of the Place Foch, many road works ...
  • To prevent the Prussian invasion in 1870, Chanzy's army blew up the bridge.
  • In the station Montoire, Chancellor Hitler met on 20 October 1940, Council President Pierre Laval, and on returning from his meeting with Franco at Hendaye October 24, 1940, Marshal Philippe Petain.
  • The city was liberated on 11 August 1944.


  • Discovery tour of the city of Montoire-sur-le-Loir:
  • City Hall since 1669, mansion of the 18th century. Weapons of Montoire: money a label to 6 pendants with sand. They appear for the first time in 1215 on the seal of John first Montoire. The point label is a break, that is to say an amendment to arms to distinguish the younger branch of the main branch of the family. The sand, in heraldry, is black.
  • Hospital Antoine Moreau: The administrative services of the hospital and nursing home care an 16th century house that belonged to Father Moreau (1625-1702) founder of the community of Sisters of Charity. The mayor has held this place until 1969. The court's Hospital with its 17th century buildings with beautiful proportions, the octagonal tower of the 16th century, deserves a long break! Two sundials open fronts. The windows have retained some of their old windows and wrought-iron railings with graceful designs.
  • Cemetery and Church of St Lawrence Varennes: The founding of the parish of St. Laurent surrounded by the old cemetery, probably dates from the 11th century. Decommissioned in 1750, the church was used during the Revolution of the "popular society". Its ruins are classified historical monument. The remains of the church are at the bottom left of the cemetery.
  • The ditches: They were dug in the second half of the 14th century by Jean 6th Montoire. In a semicircle, they protected the new town. Narrowed in 1803 and planted trees to create an area of ​​greenery and calm, they will be filled in 1962.
  • Church of St. Lawrence. Destroyed and rebuilt several times, its façade is 16th century. This is the third parish church after St Lawrence and St Oustrille of Varennes. The nave, late Gothic, flanked by two aisles and the choir dates from 1855. The windows were created between 1898 and 1908. The organ, bought used, dates from 1855. The church burned down several times has undergone several revisions.
  • The Booth: Place Clemenceau (150 m long and 100 m wide) was planted with chestnut trees in the 19th century. At the location of the bandstand was built in 1913 a circular basin since 1869 powered by a source captured under the feudal castle.
  • The Renaissance House: This house, known as the bailiff, is a magnificent stately 16th century. This is the home of the oldest instead. Windows and skylights are topped with carved pediments. It belonged to a few years landscape painter Charles Busson born in 1822 in Montoire. The neighboring house "Hotel of the Three Kings" and its sundial which bears a Latin inscription that can be translated as: "Down here, there is no point to acquire certain rights for its services since the sun shines as well for evil as for good. " Vindictive The motto was addressed to the owner of the Renaissance House who had the favor of King.
  • The District Marescot: The old convent was sold as national property in 1791. In 1804, he was assigned to barracks for a garrison that takes, in 1850, the name of General Marescot, native son, Inspector General of the engineers. In 1921, settled a military company of pigeon racing. 1961 marked the final abandonment by the military buildings and the edges after 130 years dormouse presence.
  • The Augustinian convent: It was founded in 1427 of Louis de Bourbon, Count of Vendome. The arches are surmounted by two storey timber framed. Contained a large building on the ground floor the dining hall. The first floor was the monks' cells. Remain, inside this building beautifully set off by a restoration completed in 2004, the murals of the 15th century depicting St. Augustine including teaching his monks fruit trees and birds. The church was the site of the current street.
  • The street Boël: A report some beautiful half-timbered house, whose stately slaughter (until 1663), the Protestant church (carved stones in the house). Taillebois home, dates from the Renaissance. She has a remarkable chimney whose sculptures are a bowling game. The huge ball which supplanted the roof fell in 1915.
  • The church of St Oustrille: First Parish Church built in the 11th century enlarged in the 14th century, sold as state property during the revolution. She was saved from the dismantling in 1950.
  • Source of the castle: In 1860, the pond water collected at the foot of the castle joined the fountain of the square after crossing the dormouse.
  • The castle: The castle whose original keep was built in the 11th century, covers, on a natural spur, an area of ​​45 acres. Its dismantling took place in 1594 at the behest of Henry IV.
  • The Chapel of St Gilles: This chapel is dedicated to St Gilles, Benedictine abbot of the seventh century. Removed in a forest, he lived as a hermit, feeding on the milk of a doe tame. He is worshiped to cure nervous diseases of children. The chapel was part of a priory which the poet Pierre Ronsard had borne the 16th century. At the bedside, the brackets are characteristic of the Romanesque. In the building, all the frescoes is a major work of Romanesque painting in France. These frescoes are distinguished by the representation of three Christ in Majesty.
  • To discover:
  • The Museum of Meetings, historic train station, where took place the handshakes of 22 and 24 October 1940 between Hitler and Laval and Petain and Hitler.
  • Musikenfête, museum show of traditional music world. Born Montoire Festival, this museum show features more than 500 musical instruments from around the world. Educational, lively, interactive, ideal for a family visit.
Detailed information
Leisure centresLeisure Centre of the Reclusages
Performance hallsTheatre of the Silo


  • Markets: Every Wednesday and Saturday morning in the city center, Place Clemenceau.
  • Events and festivals:
  • The Printanières tourism in the Land of Ronsard: The last weekend of March, fifty sites open their doors for a visit or euro free.
  • The traditional Whit Fair (Saturday, Sunday and Whit Monday).
  • The World Folklore Festival in mid-August.
Detailed information
World Cultures FestivalInternational folk dance and music festival
In August 2015


The bridgeThe bridge
The Chapel of Saint-GillesThe Chapel of Saint-Gilles
The DormouseThe Dormouse
Frescoes and paintingsFrescoes and paintings
The Church of St. LawrenceThe Church of St. Lawrence
Augustinian CloisterAugustinian Cloister



Its Romanesque chapel contains magnificent wall frescoes
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