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Common Vienna, the man nicknamed the City of the book, no shortage of attractions.

Sub-Prefecture, Montmorillon is located about fifty kilometers from Poitiers and its famous amusement park, Futuroscope.

Labeled City of Art and History, the city offers indeed a unique medieval heritage and restored in an area called the City of Writing and Book Professions. These are indeed very honored to Montmorillon, including the presence of many booksellers, calligraphers, painters and other booksellers that attract tourists.

Crossed by the Gartempe, a beautiful river in the region, Montmorillon also benefits from an exceptional natural setting where green spaces abound. Gastronomy is also honored in this city Poitiers, in particular through the ground, stuffed Poitevin, or more particularly, the famous macaroons Montmorillon.

City rich in outstanding monuments and cultural events, the city of Montmorillon attracts visitors in many ways, and tourists in search of architectural heritage will delight.

Geographical information

Tourism labels
Latitude46.4248990 (N 46° 25’ 30”)
Longitude0.8680480 (E 0° 52’ 5”)
AltitudeFrom 82m to 168m
Surface area57.00 km²
Population6713 inhabitants
Density117 inhabitants/km²
PrefecturePoitiers (50 km, 53 min)
Insee code86165
IntercommunalityCC du Montmorillonnais

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Things to see and do

Marked by its medieval past, the city of Montmorillon still has many monuments and other buildings of great interest, in its old center.

The medieval quarter of Montmorillon center is the most popular attraction of the city. Since 2000, it houses the City of Writing and Book Professions of where bookseller, booksellers, potters, calligraphers or painters share the space. The opportunity to admire beautiful buildings dating from the Middle Ages and discover the artisans of the book. Cultural events are regularly organized to highlight this particular art.

Built between the twelfth and fourteenth century church of Our Lady has the distinction of having a side without windows. The explanation lies in the Wars of Religion, when the city decided to wall the church windows more difficult to defend. Classified as an historic monument, it has some beautiful examples of Angevin Gothic style, as well as beautiful goods. Note the presence of a magnificent twelfth-century fresco in the crypt.

Also listed as historical building, the Octagon is a Roman chapel Montmorillon cimetériale the twelfth century. Its original architecture borrows heavily from the chapel of the Rock in Jerusalem. Inside you can admire numerous sculptures, including 69 corbels.

The St. Lawrence Chapel of the House of God whose facade the frieze of the twelfth century and the murals of the nineteenth century have been classified as an historic monument, is one of the other great religious monuments of the city, with the church Saint-Martial. The latter dates from the mid nineteenth century and has many portraits of the benefactors of the city on the storied stained glass.

In the city, one can enjoy various buildings of great value, as the home of Brouard registered historic monument and has a beautiful medieval aspect, or the hotel of Moussac with library, fireplace, interior decor or the roof are classified historic monument.

Fortified house of the sixteenth century, the Château de la Lande was transformed into neo-gothic castle in the nineteenth century. It is surrounded by a beautiful park of thirty hectares where old chestnut and oak trees.

Dedicated to the culinary traditions of Montmorillon, the Museum of the Almond Macaroon and to discover the history of the macaroon through various exhibitions on the culture of the almond tree or manufacture. The museum offers including visuals, sound, taste and smell as well.

Places of interest

Information points
Leisure centres
Performance halls

Events and festivities

Book City and artistic crafts, City Montmorillon regularly offers very interesting cultural events.

A food weekly market takes place every Wednesday morning.

A Christmas market is held each December.

Every August, Montmorillon Classically Yours hosts the festival which allows to attend concerts of very big names in classical music.

The City of Writing and Book of Job is the scene of many events too, like the market for old books of Easter Sunday, the show of Independent Publishing in late September, or at readings Writers garden during the summer months. Free demonstrations are also organized by the craftsmen at that time.

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Leisure activities

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Introduction to falconry
Nature and the great outdoors50 € to 70 € Lessac (39 km)
Agent R investigation game
Entertainment12 € to 15 € Poitiers (44 km)
Futuroscope Day Pass
Entertainment43 € Chasseneuil-du-Poitou (47 km)
Futuroscope 2-day Pass
Entertainment80 € Chasseneuil-du-Poitou (47 km)
Futuroscope Evening Ticket
Entertainment20 € Chasseneuil-du-Poitou (47 km)


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