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Insee code84080
AltitudeFrom 26 to 80 meters
Surface39.02 km²
Population11055 inhabitants
Density283 inhabitants/km²


National labelLoriol-du-Comtat at 4.9 km (9 min)
Chief townAvignon (at 20 km, 22 min)Carpentras at 5.6 km (11 min)
DepartmentVaucluseSarrians at 6.3 km (9 min)
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  • Monteux in figures ...
  • Location: at the heart of Vaucluse, 5 km from Carpentras and 19 km from Avignon.
  • Altitude: 40 meters.
  • Area: 3902 hectares.
  • The Name of the city:
  • Two theories have been used to interpret the origin of Monteux: the position in the foothills of San Martin and Plumanel or its location near the mountains and waters of the River: Waters Mont.
  • In 1188, the city was named Montilis in 1464 and in 1558 Montels, Monteulx.
  • The arms Azure three silver towers can be explained by the division of territory between Monteux three lords in the 13th century.
  • The story of the origins to today:
  • By the discovery of some remains (objects, buildings ...), it was estimated that Monteux already existed in Roman times or at least that the Romans have stayed. But the exact time of its foundation is unknown.
  • Monteux appears in history from the 11th century with the construction of his castle, a castle with 6 towers 14 meters high each. In 1305, Pope Clement 5th chose Avignon as their home, but staying in Monteux to rest. This is also where he prepared the Constitution of the Council of Vienna and wrote the Decretals. In 1357, Monteux is surrounded by walls, tops of ten meters. The castle was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1415 and it remains today as the Clementine dungeon called Tower in honor of Pope Clement V.
  • In 1791, Monteux was like the rest of Venaissin County, part of France.
  • Monteux was long the capital of pyrotechnics. Indeed, the workshops were installed on Ruggieri Monteux for many years. This time, Monteux kept his desire to make a summer fireworks extravaganza for young and old.
  • The Feast of Saint Gens:
  • History of People: It always takes place the weekend following May 16 People Bournareau or Saint Gens is the patron of the city. He was born in 1104 in Monteux. He led a few cows graze his father in the scrubland. One day, he inveighed against the superstitious practices and pagan customs of his people and was driven from the village, he retired to the hills of Beaucet, near Saint Didier, with two cows that his father had given him. His days were made to work, penance and prayer, he slept very little. They say he subdued the wolf had slain one of his cows and made him work instead of the beast. One day, her mother visited her, she was exhausted and thirsty by the heat, People broke through the rock with his finger and immediately causing a spring that will never triumph. People died at age 23. His tomb is still in the old chapel of the hermitage.
  • Each year, the Brotherhood of St Gens organizing a pilgrimage to Beaucet. This event has retained its traditional character and folk. On Saturday, young people in period costumes carry the statue of Saint Gens and banner, running up to the hermitage. In the night and the morning of Sunday, religious ceremonies are held. Christ, also worn by young men in period outfits, from Monteux to the hermitage at 6 am. When these ceremonies are over, the procession of pilgrims, made up of people walking and carts are channeled back to Monteux. Upon arrival of the saint, bombs explode and bells ring. A blessing was held in the chapel dedicated to the saint and the festival ends at the Church of Our Lady of Nazareth with a speech in Provençal.


  • The Tower Clementine :
  • This was the keep of the castle of Monteux, built in the 11th century. This is the only building that survived the fire that destroyed the castle in 1415 his name was given in honor of Pope Clement 5th which was one of its owners, and often stayed.
  • It is 28 meters high and 8 meters wide. Its walls have a thickness of 2 meters. Its top is lined with simple slots. Its height can see the whole city and the plain of Comtat. Its demolition was often sought but never granted, because historical memories attached to it are many. Tower has also been listed building January 8, 1910.
  • The door Newfoundland and Avignon door
  • These are two doors that allowed to enter the city at the time Monteux was surrounded by ramparts. These are also the only two remnants of these walls.
  • The new gate from the 14th century and was once called Porte Notre Dame. It changed its name and was doubled during its restoration in the 17th century. It has retained the ducts of the drawbridge chains and corner turrets. Under the vaulted porch, two stone benches were attached to the walls and served as seats for members of the City Council that made there justice. This door is unique in the region and is listed monument.
  • The Avignon gate was built in the 14th century to allow access to Avignon and southern Monteux. Walled in 1695, a new gate was built there about 290 years after plans Mignard, painter of the nobility and King Louis XIV. Its original appearance was much more flattering on the sculpture in the arms of the Pope and those of Monteux, but they were broken in 1792 This gate was one of the important places in the city : one pass with New Portal to exit of the city, instead of water supply, it was synonymous with life and activity.
  • The Church of Our Lady of Nazareth :
  • It owes its existence to the monks of the Abbey of Montmajour, which authorized him, in the 14th century, the expansion of a chapel within the walls due to the remoteness of the early church.
  • Gothic style dominating the nave of the church is 40 meters long and 14 wide. The bell tower dates from 1605, After the Revolution, demanded construction of major repairs. The classic Gothic facade was made ​​between the two wars. The church was recently restored and listed building.
  • The Chapel of Our Lady of Graces
  • In 1629 ( May 22 to be precise), fully plague, the Council of Monteux decided to build a chapel under the title of Our Lady of Grace in order to appease the " wrath of God " and to stop the contagious evil that spans the Vaison in Vaucluse. So in 1630 the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace is constructed, erected by Nicolas Moreau, a mason from Pernes -les- Fontaines. It makes a great service to the community. It is, for example, transformed into an infirmary in 1720 when the plague is back in the region, it also serves to protect the faithful during heavy weather. September 21, 1780, just water, especially Auzon, was due to the small chapel inside intrusive and degrading the passage walls up to chest height. But still, the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace was able to cope with the ravages of time ( looting, destruction...) to the delight of Montiliens.
  • The Chapel of the Black Penitents :
  • The Chapel of the Black Penitents belonged to the Black Confraternity, founded in 1566 to Monteux Early religious association, the penitents had land behind the church and built a chapel where they met for nearly 200 years. In the mid- 18th century, they moved into a new chapel, where they remained for 40 years, during the revolution, it was confiscated and sold. The Brotherhood then remained nearly 50 years without a place of worship. In January 1842, the rector of the Penitents ceded a portion of one of his land so they could build a new chapel, which still stands today.
  • At 15 meters long and 10 wide, it has a single rectangular nave and can accommodate about 150 people. Until 1914, the Brotherhood will be very dynamic, but the First World War, its activities will be mothballed. In 1960, with the death of Canon Laporte, it will be the end of the activities of the Confraternity to Monteux. Since the chapel is used for various activities and is sometimes used for the presentation of exhibitions.
  • City Hall :
  • The City Hall was once a hospital, St Peter 's Hospital. It was built in 1713 as the previous hospital was too small. He closed temporarily after being looted during the revolution. The Germans occupied during the war. After the last war, the sisters who ran them were recalled in their convent and the sick were dispersed in different facilities in this region. After failure of all attempts to reopen the facility, the City Council decided to transfer Monteux all administrative services in this building.
  • The opening of the Town Hall was held July 21, 1958.
  • The Crossing Arts and shop :
  • The Crossing Arts - instead of the cooler to Alphonse Reynaud site - this permanently thirty sham and four sculptures during a sculpture symposium organized in 2013.
  • The modern art sculptures Vincent Lievore "I think therefore I am " and Domenica Griesberger " Monera " (" Memory " in Latin ) face in the square Marie Mauron. On Republic Square, Gerard Braguy represented "The Republic " with a statue of Marianne. Christmas Pourtal chose to immortalize a local celebrity, "Rosa Bordas " on the small square of the Gate Street Magalon.
  • The primary objective of this Crossing Arts is to revive the old center. The core of the Crossing Arts, in late 2013, the store of the Crossing Arts, located in front of the church, officially opened its doors. This exhibition space and permanent sale of 50 m² open all year round exhibitions of local artists and craftsmen.
  • The EcoQuartier Beaulieu and Lake Monteux :
  • The work of the EcoQuartier of Beaulieu, which spans over 100 hectares, began in September 2010 Community Commons has invested 28.5 million euros in achieving access and a landscaped park 38 acres including a lake of 10 hectares by animated beaches, pontoons and pedestrian paths, dune 2 hectares peaking at 17 meters tall and green spaces. Lake Monteux and landscaped grounds are open for free from 23 June 2013 The long-term EcoQuartier Beaulieu also host all urban functions: habitat, economy, recreation, hotels, restaurants, commerce, education, administrative services, related to well -being, etc.
  • In November 2013, the Regional Jury Towns and Villages in Bloom Provence -Alpes- Côte d' Azur has awarded the town of Monteux the " Regional Award for Development of the EcoQquartier Beaulieu ".


  • A weekly market is held in the pure Provencal tradition on Sunday morning.
  • A local farmers market is offered on Wednesday morning and Saturday morning.
  • Feast of Holy People: May 16 or the weekend following May 16
  • People Bournareau or Holy People, the city's patron, was born in 1104 Monteux. He lived a few cows grazing his father in the scrubland. One day he went up against the superstitious pagan practices and customs of his people and was expelled from the village. He retired in the hills of Beaucet, near Saint-Didier. One day, his mother visited him, she was exhausted and thirsty by heat, people broke through the rock with his finger and immediately sprang a source that never dries. He died at age 23. His tomb is still in the old chapel of the hermitage.
  • Each year, the Brotherhood of St. People organized a pilgrimage to Beaucet. This event has kept its traditional and folklore. On Saturday, eight young Montiliens in period costumes, "Santgenaïres" carry the statue of Saint Gens and banner ("bandiero"), running up to the hermitage. On Sunday, around 6am, Christ is worn by young men dressed up to the hermitage. In the afternoon, the procession of pilgrims, consisting of people walking and carts again towards Monteux. With the arrival of the Holy, bombs explode and bells. 22h in the evening, the statue of Saint Gens is ablaze with beautiful fireworks in the roar of the crowd and singing the traditional hymn fire.
  • The legend of the centuries: the weekend of Pentecost.
  • Every other year, the city organizes Monteux at the weekend of Pentecost, a great historical and popular festival called the Legend of the Centuries.
  • Every two years, the machine back in time to stop at a given time. The theme is chosen and declined for animations, demonstrations, performances ... for everyone, investing all of downtown Monteux and parks.
  • Since 2004, Legend of the Centuries brought together tens of thousands of people in costume. This festival, regional-scale, home to most of the inhabitants of Monteux, who are also participating, through associations, in its development in which the preceding month. It also meets the economic and commercial world of common actively preparing this festive weekend.
  • The Feast of St. John in August.
  • It takes place around August 20 and lasts for seven days (Tuesday to Tuesday). This course is a carnival with rides and various attractions, but many other festivities are held: variety show, rugby competitions, football, moto, basketball, boules competitions, games for children ... but also a morning Camargue ( abrivado bandido) on Sunday morning. A ball is held every evening.
  • Friday night at 22h runs great fireworks, real sound and light show, which annually attracts about 40,000 people. City Monteux present a show that deserves to be done for miles to see it and this is what happens: people come from all over France. This show is unique because it is not just fireworks: it takes about 45 minutes and it expresses a specific and different theme each year, and the staging is perfect: music adapted to the theme, special effects , lights, lasers, giant screens, voiceover.
  • The Autumn Fair on the last Sunday of September.
  • Held the last Sunday of September, the day wants friendly and festive. It brings together traders, artisans and associations of the city in the form of villages in the city center, each exhibiting its products or activities. Also add to this, car dealers, antique shops, craft market with local produce, pottery ...
  • On this occasion, a competition of painters freedom is organized: painters settled in the streets Monteux and achieve a work on a theme. Visitors who walk all day vote to elect the best painter.
  • The night at the closing ceremony, the prize for the best painters freedom are given by a jury of professionals.
  • Thirst for Culture: the Municipality has established since 2009, a varied cultural program, accessible to all and for all ages. In partnership with the Youth and Culture (MJC) and associations Pro Musica, Music Solidarity in Provence, the School of Music Friends of Music and Friends of the organ, it offers quality shows, at affordable rates. Tales theater through variety, film and popular concert events, everyone will find something to satisfy his thirst for culture and discovery.
  • The Organ Festival: November-December every year at Notre Dame de Nazareth.


  • Pernes-les-Fontaines and heritage.
  • Avignon.
  • Orange.
  • Fontaine de Vaucluse.
  • Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.
  • Mont Ventoux.
  • Laces of Montmirail.
  • Vaison-la-Romaine ...
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