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Montégut - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Gers

Located at the gates of Auch, Montégut is a village perched around an imposing castle. This provision places which earned him his name, it would be awarded since the Roman period or Gallo-Roman (Monte Accuto). In Gascon and Occitan language we find also: Mount Agut.

The village had to be fortified in the Middle Ages, the gate current is the former site of the drawbridge. The oldest parts of the castle date from the 13th century as the most Gascon castles (built during the Hundred Years War). It was redesigned in the 15th and 16th centuries, when the Renaissance to make it more comfortable. The 3rd and final period of renewal is the 18th and 19th to give the present appearance of a rectangular house with two square towers and extensive terraces with balustrades all surrounded by a French garden. This building is private and not open to visitors.

Nearby, on the town is Castle Roquetaillade (nineteenth century) to cover a broad slate roof comprising of teams from the 18th century. Currently this building is a pediatric rehabilitation center that belongs to the Order of Malta. The chapel is Roquetaillade aspect novel inside you may notice a font ribbed column and an ancient statue of Saint Jacques 17th century. The town is crossed by the route of the road to Arles Saint-Jacques de Compostela classified World Heritage by UNESCO.

Since the trail crosses Roquetaillade remarkable landscapes where ocean climate and Mediterranean climate are competing for influence on the flora and fauna. Four miles away, perched on a perpendicular rock, the village is taking shape at the bend of the wood fairies including a former mill is also known (turn fairies).

Geographical information

Latitude43.6515240 (N 43° 39’ 5”)
Longitude0.6455130 (E 0° 38’ 44”)
AltitudeFrom 135m to 257m
Surface area11.42 km²
Population631 inhabitants
Density55 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureAuch (7.2 km, 12 min)
Insee code32282
IntercommunalityCA du Grand Auch Agglomération

Nearest cities & towns

Pessan4.2 km (9 min)
Lahitte4.4 km (10 min)
Leboulin4.4 km (11 min)
Auch6.1 km (14 min)
Marsan7.9 km (14 min)
Montaut-les-Créneaux8 km (16 min)
Pavie9.1 km (18 min)
Lussan9.8 km (16 min)
Preignan10.6 km (15 min)
Duran10.8 km (15 min)
Nougaroulet10.9 km (17 min)
L'Isle-Arné13.3 km (21 min)
Aubiet13.7 km (18 min)

Things to see and do

Castle Montégut, even if he did not visit, is seeing its promontory.

The church and tower of fairies.

Take the Road to Santiago.

Chapel Roquetaillade.


Castle Montégut
Castle Montégut
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See photo

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Walk to the Hill Horses
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Lake Aignan
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