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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Tarn-et-Garonne

Montauban - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Tarn-et-Garonne

Location: Montauban, located in the heart of southwestern France, the second city of the Midi-Pyrenees, is the prefecture of Tarn-et-Garonne. She is highly regarded for his "lifestyle" in the land of "soft adventure". The city has about 60,000 inhabitants in the last census. It is 45 km from Toulouse with direct access from the highway of the Two Seas (A62), less than 5 hours from Paris by TGV and 30 minutes from Toulouse International Airport.

Brief History: Founded in the 12th century by the Count of Toulouse, the city of Montauban is the first new cities of medieval south. From the 13th century, the city entered a prosperous period, the Old Bridge and the Saint-Jacques are built. The Black Death and the Hundred Years' War put an end to this period. The mid-16th century until its surrender to the royal troops in 1629, Montauban itself as a stronghold of Protestantism, alongside La Rochelle and Nîmes. Revenue in the Catholic fold Royal, the city becomes a true regional capital, seat of a stewardship from 1735. "Fallen" to the French Revolution, Montauban is "reinstated in his rights" in 1808 with the creation of the Tarn-et-Garonne, where she became the prefecture. If the city lacks the shift of the Industrial Revolution, however, she knows in the 19th century an intense cultural life, including the painter Ingres and the sculptor Bourdelle are two of the most illustrious representatives.

Specialties: The table combines products Montalbanaise a varied terroir. Take the time to taste the apple crisps, the Jacquou, the balls and Montauban Montauriols respectively hazelnuts and chocolate covered cherries.

Geographical information

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Latitude44.0160790 (N 44° 0’ 58”)
Longitude1.3529500 (E 1° 21’ 11”)
AltitudeFrom 72m to 207m
Surface area135.17 km²
Population58566 inhabitants
Density433 inhabitants/km²
Insee code82121
IntercommunalityCA Grand Montauban
TerritoryMidi-Pyrénées, Quercy

Nearest cities & towns

Montbeton6.5 km (12 min)
Bressols6.9 km (10 min)
Lamothe-Capdeville8.1 km (12 min)
Corbarieu8.7 km (10 min)
Saint-Nauphary9.1 km (11 min)
Villemade9.5 km (12 min)
Albefeuille-Lagarde9.7 km (13 min)
Lacourt-Saint-Pierre10 km (12 min)
Léojac10.2 km (17 min)
La Ville-Dieu-du-Temple12.2 km (13 min)
Reyniès12.6 km (14 min)
Montech13.2 km (15 min)
Saint-Étienne-de-Tulmont13.5 km (13 min)
Barry-d'Islemade13.6 km (22 min)

Things to see and do

City of Art and History, Montauban has a rich architectural and artistic heritage. At the heart of the city, the National remains the essential element of the grid plan of the medieval city.

Through the streets, discover mansions such as those of Pompignan Lefranc and the hotel bar. We arrive at the Old Bridge at the foot of the Musée Ingres, Montauban dedicated to artists Ingres and Bourdelle. We have a panoramic view of the Tarn and the embankment to the left. Finish the ride by a cool break in the Jardin des Plantes.

Guided tours of the city (on foot), the Ingres museum, theme (the Cathedral, the Church of St. Jacques, the Place Nationale, Montauban the 19th century, Montauban over the Tarn, the Protestant Montauban, sculptures Bourdelle to Montauban ...) are proposed. For more information, contact the Tourist Office at Montauban +33 5 63 63 60 60 or by email:

Places of interest

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Events and festivities

The city enjoys a calendar of festivals and events throughout the year.

January: "So Tell Festival" which helps develop reading as various animations.

February: Forum of marriage, the second night of Culture.

March: The Olympe de Gouges Days at Olympus Theatre de Gouges.

April: Marathon.

May: Book Fair Youth Eurythmie, Triathlon Montauban.

July: Montauban Festival Scenes - Jardin des Plantes / Eurythmie / Esplanade des Fontaines / Place Nationale... Day of tastes and flavors Farm Ramier.

August: Welcome to the countryside to farm Bexianis in Montbeton.

September: Day 400 shots on the Esplanade des Fontaines. The European Heritage Days.

October: Festival of Magic and illusions Large Eurythmie.

October / November: Days Manuel Azana to Olympe de Gouges Theatre.

November: Autumn Arts Festival at Olympe de Gouges theater.


Cabarieu Mila Court
Cabarieu Mila Court
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Gouges Olympe Theater
Gouges Olympe Theater
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Ingres Museum Bourdelle Room
Ingres Museum Bourdelle Room
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National Place during the 400 Coups
National Place during the 400 Coups
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Place Nationale
Place Nationale
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View of the Old Bridge and the Ingres Museum
View of the Old Bridge and the Ingres Museum
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Place Nationale
Place Nationale
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L. Court of Pompignan
L. Court of Pompignan
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Jardin des Plantes
Jardin des Plantes
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Old School
Old School
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Museum Ingres
Museum Ingres
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Wednesday 29 march
Min. 4°C - Max. 23°C
Thursday 30 march
Min. 6°C - Max. 24°C
Friday 31 march
Min. 8°C - Max. 17°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

The Service Groups of Montauban Tourist Office offers tours through Montauban and Tarn-et-Garonne (by reservation). Whether day or over several days, all groups are welcome!

Individual side, the Tourist Office and Heritage Centre offer a program guided tours throughout the year. For more information, please contact the Group by phone at +33 5 63 63 60 60 or by email:

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Horseback riding in the equestrian center Le Cerf
Sports sensations25 € Fronton (18.1 km)
Quad biking in the Fronton vineyards
Sports sensations125 € to 209 € Fronton (18.6 km)
Canoe or kayak on the Tarn
Nature and the great outdoors8 € to 30 € Moissac (23 km)
Walk at La Colline aux Chevaux
Nature and the great outdoors15 € to 35 € Coutures (30 km)
Maiden pendular microlight flight
Sports sensations40 € to 84 € Coufouleux (38 km)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Tescounet Circuit
HikeEasy2h30La Salvetat-Belmontet (15.4 km)
Pech Aguze
HikeEasy1h00Vaour (36 km)
Rogations Path
HikeEasy40 minRoussayrolles (40 km)
Labarthe Loop
HikeEasy1h30Caylus (41 km)
Village of Arcambal along the Lot
HikeEasy1h00Arcambal (51 km)


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