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TownMarolles-en-HurepoixGuibeville at 2.7 km (6 min)
Insee code91376Cheptainville at 3.4 km (9 min)
Postcode91630Leudeville at 4.5 km (8 min)
Latitude48.5640840Saint-Vrain at 4.6 km (9 min)
Longitude2.2991430Avrainville at 4.7 km (7 min)
AltitudeFrom 77 to 89 metersLa Norville at 6.2 km (10 min)
Surface6.47 km²Arpajon at 6.8 km (11 min)
Population4925 inhabitantsLardy at 6.9 km (13 min)
Density761 inhabitants/km²Le Plessis-Pâté at 7.4 km (10 min)
Chief townEvry (at 15.7 km, 19 min)Vert-le-Grand at 7.6 km (11 min)
DepartmentEssonneBouray-sur-Juine at 7.7 km (11 min)
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  • Marolles-en-Hurepoix covers 647 hectares, is located on the plateau Hurepoix between Juine Valley, the valleys of the Barley, the Vixen and Rémarde near the valley of the Essonne. It is located in the outer suburbs of the Paris region at the interface between town and countryside.
  • Its territory is divided between:
  • An urbanized area dominated habitat individually.
  • The urbanized oriented activities along the railway.
  • Significant natural areas, composed by agricultural land and green spaces (parks and wood, remains of large parks set up around the castles now extinct).
  • From rural roads to beautiful walks and easy access to the regional forest.
  • Marolles-en-Hurepoix is characterized by its axis perpendicular to the road that crosses from the past, to find today: a stage-by side with a home for elderly housing, schools and school restaurant, City Hall and a Esplanade promoting meetings and other events, a lined street to access the village hall, sports complex, tennis courts, etc. ... all arriving at the door of the castle which gives access to a fleet of a hundred acres fenced.
  • A bit of history, the origins:
  • The construction of the early church in the 11th century marks the origin of the town. The name "Marolles-en-Hurepoix" found in the cartulary of the Yonne published in 1132 which quotes the word "materiolae" as derived from the Latin "materiola" itself a diminutive of material, timber. A definition that could find its roots in the fact that originally, the municipality was covered with forests and that they were exploited and then cleared.
  • In his history of the city and throughout the diocese of Paris, Father Leboeuf gives another meaning, calling into Latin "Merroloe" which means "small pond" because, in the neighboring places, there would be small ponds of the nature of those so-called ponds.
  • This is the 12th century that we encounter the first traces of Marolles, when the monks there had Longpont a land fee simple. The title refers to is called in Latin "Merolide.
  • Another explanation found in Pouillé, about three centuries old, and kept in the archives of Saint-Germain-des-Pres in Paris, gave him the name of Marolles-en-Josas, because it was then included in the Archdeaconry of Josas.
  • In 1711 (when the papers of the church is mentioned for the first time) that the name is given Marolles-en-Hurepoix. During the Revolution, the village will abandon the name of the province and become Marolles-les-Arpajon. In 1849 a decree of the Second Republic gave him his original name.
  • In the 15th century, the village will suffer the consequences of the Hundred Years War, mostly in clashes around Montlhery and the population decimated, it will call on the provinces.
  • Between 1444 and 1471, approximately 30 people who swell the parish of 150 inhabitants. They are mostly laborers and arrived in Normandy, or Picardy Centre. The story continues marked by wars, disease, major epidemics of plague which ravaged the population.
  • Celebrities:
  • Emile Levassor: Son of a farmer, he became an engineer from the Ecole Centrale. In 1866, he would replace Mr. Perrin alongside René Panhard and found it with the Company Levassor. In 1891 two engineers launched the first mass production involving 30 cars equipped with a Daimler engine. They come by this decision, in the legend of the car and ensure France a pioneering role in this industry. Thanks to his inventive genius, Emile Levassor was called "The Father of the car. Since 1970, a Panhard Levassor Citroën is located at a place called "The Pond Water".
  • Teresa Estrees: Born at the Chateau de Ravenel, Mirecourt common in the Vosges, Mary Louise Fernande Therese Houdaille, married the Marquis Georges Jules Estrées, who bought the castle in 1905 Gaillon. Widowed in 1916, she was a student of Sain, Boutigny and Fournier. The artist began at the Paris Salon of French Artists in 1909. Ed Joseph cites his hunting scenes. She also practiced engraving. She died in Arpajon December 4, 1938.


A story that relates to his church and its properties:

  • The church
  • The church is a synthesis of different architectural types. Towards the end of the 12th century, early 13th century nave vaulted bays on two intersecting ribs was juxtaposed to spire, dating from the late 11th early 12th century. This operation required for aesthetic reasons, of screed three foothills from the top of the vaults. The remains of this first church are still visible. In the late 15th century, after the Hundred Years War, an extension of the nave, necessitated by the increase in population, bringing the number of bays to five. This building is well proportioned and deserves a thorough visit.
  • A look inside the church, the lectern, the statues, Our Lady, Sacred Heart, St. Joseph, St. George, the Via Crucis, tables.
  • The castles of Marolles:
  • Chateau de Beaulieu and Appointed by King Henry the fourth, who stayed there while walking in Paris, was owned in 1480 by Jacques de Saint-Benoit, chamberlain of Louis XI. In 1520, Noble Master Morellet, secretary of the King. In 1750 he moved to Philibert of Thiroux Chammeville, Knight, Farmer-General of Posts, director of the Hotel-Dieu, which will demolish part. On January 21, 1843, it is classified as a farm when Emile Levassor was born here.
  • Chateau de Marolles: Heritage Family Mesmes from 1481 to 1680, the castle of Beaulieu in 1788 was owned by Louis Alexandre de Montmorency, Prince Robecq and Alexandrine Emilie de La Rochefoucauld. In 1881 he became the property of Count and Countess Treilhard who made the castle rebuilt on its old location (descendants of Count Treilhard, one of the drafters of the Civil Code). In 1935, he was bought by the town with seven acres to build them a group: Hall School. It was burned by German troops on 16 and 17 August 1944.
  • Tournelles Castle: Located on Highway Leudeville, this mansion was acquired in 1765 by Little Caesar's Wife Chevalier de la Borde, a former Navy officer with the East India Company in which he committed at age 14. The nephew of one, Alexander Petit de la Borde in 1868 married Pauline Marie Felicite des Garets. The family still owns Garets. It is common today that the Castle and a beautiful barn, occupied by the Germans, having suffered the same fate as the castle of Marolles.
  • Castle Gaillon It Baugy Miss Madeleine, who took possession of 17 November 1588, which must be his elevation to the fief, the fief of Gaillon. It consisted of a 4-hectare park, surrounded by walls and where was the castle, chapel, home guards, fulling, the sheepfold, stables, a very large and deep pond used for watering and many parcels of land. In 1619 he had belonged to Charles de Valois, Duke of Angoulême, he lasted until 1969 and became very dilapidated, its owners sold it to a subsidiary of SNCF, after demolition, will carry a rental significant (group and suburban) .
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