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Lescar - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Lescar is a city with strong cultural identity and heritage with its historic monuments like the 12th century cathedral in the heart of the medieval city surrounded by ramparts. Lescar also stop on the way to Saint Jacques de Compostela and as such receives many pilgrims visit.

Rich in history and culture, Lescar is a dynamic city, resolutely turned towards the future. Services for the lives of children, a full course of study, a home-school, a major economic center around three business areas involving large retail chains and more than 500 companies in all sectors. Lescar also offers many leisure through a strong network of associations and groups of 95 clubs, sports facilities including 3 new and innovative sports, a municipal school of circus, a stadium golf, swimming, tennis, shooting complex at the arc complex and trinquet ball or artificial climbing structure.

In the beginning ... From early history, the population of Lescar seems to fit in a pastoral setting. During the Roman invasions, the Beneharnenses, pastoral people and farmers living in hamlets and villages. "Lascurris Beneharnensium" was a Gallo-Roman city from the first century AD, then capital of the tribe of Beneharnenses the 4th century. Located in the lower town, the city, more commonly known Beneharnum, was razed by the Normans in 841. It was not until the 10th century, under William Sancho Duke of Gascony, the city began a new life as the Lascurris. Lescar, old fortified episcopal city, stands on the foundations of Beneharnum. All that remains of the past only a small furniture and early history of the Gallo-Roman times, the belt of ancient walls, the remains of the medieval ramparts: Door / Esquirette tower, tower of the Cathedral and Diocese Notre Dame.

Original name ... Legend has it that after the Norman invasions of 841, Beneharnum reborn from the ashes as the Lascurris, named after the creek that runs through the Lescourre. However, the arrival of the Romans, a hamlet called Lascurris probably existed near the site. Upon appointment of the City Administrative Venarni, one of the tribes Novempopulania, the city has certainly called Civitas Lascurris Beneharnensium or Beneharnensium. At its reconstruction, would Lescar regained its original name.

Patrons of the city ... This is St. Julien, the legend place as the first bishop of Beneharnum and Galactoire Saint, Bishop of authentic Beneharnum, martyred by the Visigoths in Mimizan (Landes) in 507. Only Saint Julien is celebrated today, in late August on the occasion of festivals.

Legend ... In the Middle Ages, was a city Lescar "sevenfold" search on: 7 Churches, 7 doors, 7 fountains, 7 rounds, seven mills, seven vineyards, 7 wood.

The bishopric existed from the 5th century with a cathedral, Saint-Julien, in the Lower Town. Destroyed by the Normans rebuilt in the 13th century it was again destroyed in 1569 by the Protestant troops of Montgomery. Rebuilt a third and final time in the 17th century, only the bell gable of the Romanesque church has apparently survived it. Saint-Julien Cathedral was therefore only during the second half of the first millennium. In the 10th century, it remained in the Upper Town a baptistery dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. A soldier repented, "Wolf-Fort", built in its place a chapel and a monastery under the name "Santa Maria". In 1062, the chapel was consecrated cathedral and became Bishop Lescar. During the Revolution, in 1791, he was removed and attached to that of Bayonne at the same time as that of Oloron Sainte-Marie.

Geographical information

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Latitude43.3331770 (N 43° 19’ 59”)
Longitude-0.4344020 (W 0° 26’ 4”)
AltitudeFrom 142m to 203m
Surface area26.50 km²
Population10304 inhabitants
Density388 inhabitants/km²
PrefecturePau (8.4 km, 14 min)
Insee code64335
IntercommunalityCA Pau-Pyrénées

Nearest cities & towns

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Artiguelouve4.6 km (8 min)
Poey-de-Lescar4.7 km (7 min)
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Bizanos9.4 km (16 min)

Things to see and do

Romanesque building from the 12th century Notre Dame Cathedral. Check out his bedside since the cemetery on the inside, its sculpted, its mosaic of the twelfth ...

The route of St Jacques: Lescar is located on the Route d'Arles following the route of the GR 653 and crossed the Pyrenees to the Somport pass. Lescar is his refuge at the disposal of the Pilgrims.

In the footsteps of the Gallo-Roman Lescar discovered in the Gallo-Roman form of a 5.5 km hike through the city.

Hiking around the city "sevenfold" seven churches, seven rounds, seven fountains ...

Municipal swimming pool discovered in July and August.

Activities and trips for youth and adolescents.

Social space of creative play.

90 cultural associations, sports and leisure.

Baby sport.

Places of interest

Performance halls

Events and festivities

Market every Wednesday afternoon 15h to 19h and Sunday morning from 9am to 13pm.

The Mysteries of the city in early September.

Music Festival in October Lescar.

Get active in late June.

Path of the heart.

July 14.

Day Lescariens: communal celebrations.

Amateur Theatre Festival.


The Notre Dame Cathedral
The Notre Dame Cathedral
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The plain at the foot of the ramparts of the city
The plain at the foot of the ramparts of the city
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The historic city of night
The historic city of night
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The Lake Carolina fishing, walking, relaxing, picnics
The Lake Carolina fishing, walking, relaxing, picnics
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The city from the ramparts of Lescar
The city from the ramparts of Lescar
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A city harmonious and supportive
A city harmonious and supportive
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Thursday 26 march
Min. 2°C - Max. 8°C
Friday 27 march
Min. 4°C - Max. 8°C
Saturday 28 march
Min. 3°C - Max. 10°C

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