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Le Saix

Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Hautes-Alpes

Le Saix - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Hautes-Alpes

10 km from Veynes (chief town of the district) at the foot of Lake Peyssier in an area arboreal many and varied attractions, Le Saix village character awards at competitions for the flowering of France, is visited for its houses flowering stone, its part of the valley floor, and is known for its atmosphere and entertainment.

Location: With its grand geological formation, the site opens from the throats of Gouravour on the cliffs of Fai, rising by the torrent of waterfalls and basins Maraize to reach the plateau and Lake Peyssier.

Climate, strong Mediterranean influence in the Alps medium altitude (800 - 1800 m) very rugged, promotes the development of flora and fauna of great diversity through the existing number of different habitats.

Configuration steep and the access to the site has helped its preservation.

The General Council of Hautes-Alpes area classified "Sensitive Natural Area" in 1987.

The inventory ZNIEFF reveals the presence of plant species quality.

A study has revealed the existence of "the blessed fruit" which is the only French resort on this website, and rich fauna.

Its designation as SACs Natura 2000 network must be examined shortly.

The common Saix is ​​included in the scope of the Regional Park Baronnies.

The town is inhabited for 4000 years before Christ, and many prehistoric sites exist on its territory. There was a villa built near the current cemetery, the Gallo-Roman period.

In the Middle Ages, a castle was built on the Citadel is an important stronghold of the Barony of Val d'Oze. In 1424 the lord of Saix John Gruel was killed at the Battle of Verneuil against the English.

At the time of the Wars of Religion, the lord of Saix is ​​military governor of the place of Gap, and leader of the Catholic in 1573 that earned him being beaten by Montbrun Lesdiguieres, destroying his castle Saix, then the Abbey Clausonne above the mountain.

The village is built at that time under the ruins of the old castle. It will still be looted during the war of Savoy in 1692.

Le Saix hosted the "maquis", resistant during the last World War, especially in the former village of Clausonne. François Mitterrand there come several times to meet them. A "raid" in January 1944 deportation will send a son of the village, who will not turn ...

Geographical information

MunicipalityLe Saix
Tourism label
Latitude44.4750140 (N 44° 28’ 30”)
Longitude5.8243859 (E 5° 49’ 28”)
AltitudeFrom 774m to 1830m
Surface area22.15 km²
Population104 inhabitants
Density4 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureGap (34 km, 35 min)
Insee code05158
IntercommunalityCC Buëch Dévoluy

Nearest cities & towns

Chabestan3.6 km (6 min)
Saint-Auban-d'Oze3.9 km (7 min)
Châteauneuf-d'Oze6.5 km (11 min)
Oze7.8 km (12 min)
La Bâtie-Montsaléon9.3 km (14 min)
Aspremont9.4 km (15 min)
Veynes10.4 km (18 min)
Savournon11.3 km (18 min)
Saint-Pierre-d'Argençon13.2 km (18 min)
Aspres-sur-Buëch13.4 km (17 min)
Serres13.7 km (17 min)
Furmeyer13.8 km (24 min)
Le Bersac15.2 km (24 min)
Sigottier16.4 km (21 min)

Things to see and do

The Upper Valley Maraize

The Upper Valley Maraize, site of 2000 hectares has been classified "Sensitive Natural Area" by the Conseil Général des Hautes-Alpes in 1987 because of the magnificence of its landscape and its geological qualities and flora in particular. Access by Road Departmental 249T, difficult, lets keep this area a nature preserve. Moreover, this space offers a variety of attractions to tourists at the attractive hiking through the torrent of Maraize.

Gorges Gouravour at the entrance of the sensitive natural areas, shortly after leaving the village of Saix. They are impressive in their narrowness and their height, they offer a fairly unique geological landscape, and pairs of eagles and chamois, clearly visible from the road departmental accompany visitors during their climb.

At the top of the gorge, the center of international ISP is at the center of a circus closed to the amazing nature. This structure participates actively in the economic and social Valley Buëch its work camps, cultural activities, themed evenings, the international meeting, its insertion actions ... Will there be developed an area of "eco-discovery" that would demonstrate what could be self-sufficient life of a small mountain farm in past centuries, and interpretive trails teaching of geology and flora place. The center combines culture and nature in a holistic approach. He also created a unique experimental music site in the world: huge "tubes" (directional loudspeakers) were built by young people from around the world, and distribute music (created live, or CD playback) dishes on the cliffs that affect a cathedral effect of the melodies, making a very moving "singing mountain" ...

After the field of Fai, leads the hiker in the circus Clausonne, now abandoned old town, and houses the remains of the Abbey of the 12th century. Today these ruins are being restored (the Department participates financially), and present in this isolated valley a note of emotion in a site of great beauty.

Ending his ascension, the 249T CD opens with a tunnel of beech on Lake Peyssiers, important and wild time. All around, pastures which are reminiscent of manicured lawns overlooking the Durance valley and offer a splendid view to Sisteron.

Finally, the trails that ascend the summit of Mount To-day (1850 m) across sites of a beauty sometimes comparable to that of the great American park, with groves of trees surrounded by boulders and rock bars. The view from the top allows to understand the geography of Mont Ventoux and white to Provence, in a plant to both Alpine and Mediterranean, perfectly enchanting.

Places of interest


Events and festivities

Le Saix attracted by its location and its magnificent environment? But he is best known for its atmosphere, the joy of living of its people and the warm welcome they know aside. "Le Saix is not a village, is a tribe," one hears in the neighborhood. It has, for its fantastic atmosphere, deliver exceptional festivities, which gave him a reputation throughout the south of the department. The pyro-melodic shows designed and constructed on site attracted over 5 000 spectators, who sometimes came from afar to the occasion. Jacques Higelin, the heads or other Raides Arthur H came to entertain the crowd during the festival "Pay'z in Music" which is held every year at Pentecost. Animate international sites by meeting the cultural village and the gigantic trunks they have made impressive gorges in the ISP, are "singing mountain".


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Payz'en Music Festival in the village
Payz'en Music Festival in the village
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Concert Heads Stiff - Payz'en Music
Concert Heads Stiff - Payz'en Music
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The mistake that is singing the Mountains - Fai Le Saix
The mistake that is singing the Mountains - Fai Le Saix
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International Work camps - The Fai Le Saix
International Work camps - The Fai Le Saix
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Remains of the Abbey of Clausonne - Le Saix
Remains of the Abbey of Clausonne - Le Saix
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Le Saix in the snow at Christmas ...
Le Saix in the snow at Christmas ...
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Day August 15
Day August 15
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Cascade Clausonne
Cascade Clausonne
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Visits, leisure and activities nearby

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Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Canyoning or via ferrata in the Buëch Valley
Sports sensations30 € La Faurie (12.7 km)
Horse ride or trek in the mountains
Nature and the great outdoors17 € to 68 € La Roche-des-Arnauds (14.5 km)
Donkey trek in Hautes Alpes
Nature and the great outdoors40 € to 330 € Éourres (31 km)
Maiden Two-seater paraglider flight in Proven‡ale Dr“me
Nature and the great outdoors70 € to 120 € Mévouillon (39 km)
Two-seat paraglider flight in Provençale Drôme
Sports sensations70 € to 120 € Mévouillon (39 km)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Marmites du Diable loop
HikeIntermediate2h15La Faurie (12.2 km)
Notre-Dame du Laus
HikeIntermediate5h00La Bâtie-Vieille (28 km)
La Bâtie-Vieille - Rambaud
HikeEasy3h00La Bâtie-Vieille (28 km)
The white bridge trail
HikeEasy3h00Saint-Laurent-du-Cros (29 km)
Tour of Moissière
HikeEasy2h30Ancelle (34 km)


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