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Le François

Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Martinique

Le François - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Martinique

The town is conveniently located: just minutes from the airport and twenty minutes from the nearest beaches in North and South.

The road network, widely developed in recent years, can reach the capital in less than 30 minutes even at peak times. The North, its forest, its heritage and its beaches are within reach in less than an hour.

Did you know that Le François hosted the second summit in 1991 Franco-American, following the Gulf War, between George Bush and Francois Mitterrand. The two statesmen met at the Habitation Clement. Guests at the Francis, you can not miss the visit of the Habitation Clement and the Domaine de l'Acajou surroundings. This area of ​​300 acres was bought in 1887 by Homer Clement, a leading figure of the town, elected mayor of François in 1886. Rum Clement, known beyond the island, in the four ages of the Habitation Clement winery.

Geographical information

MunicipalityLe François
Tourism label
Latitude14.6126740 (N 14° 36’ 46”)
Longitude-60.8877270 (W 60° 53’ 16”)
Population19182 inhabitants
PrefectureFort-de-France (26 km, 32 min)
Insee code97210
IntercommunalityCA de l'Espace Sud de la Martinique

Nearest cities & towns

Le Vauclin11.8 km (16 min)
Saint-Esprit14.4 km (21 min)
Le Robert15 km (25 min)
Ducos15.7 km (26 min)
Le Lamentin17.3 km (25 min)
Rivière-Salée22 km (33 min)
Le Marin22 km (21 min)
Gros-Morne23 km (39 min)
Saint-Joseph26 km (38 min)
Rivière-Pilote26 km (35 min)
La Trinité26 km (40 min)

Things to see and do

Most water activities are available in the bay of Francis, one of the most beautiful on the island, with its high white backgrounds, which form true lagoon, accessible by boat. You can go to fishermen, you will discover some passion with the Franciscan coast and especially his eight islets, with such evocative names: Anonymous, Oscar, Thierry, Pele, Long, Frigate, Rabbit and Lavigne. This is where lies the " bathtub Josephine."

As most coastlines, wildlife and flora of the islets are protected: bring your waste, photograph without leaving your memories with bits of nature, observe the areas and periods of peaches... preserve these treasures!

Le François regular stop of the tour gigs held in late July- early August. François teams are often well placed in the charts, in constant competition with the neighboring town, Le Robert. Common fishermen, they have developed an expertise in handling the gig, this wooden boat that holds in balance with the address of " yoleurs " hanging from " prepared wood."

Cap François is an association law 1901, which includes tourism stakeholders of François (accommodation, heritage, cultural and sports activities, agri- tourism, crafts...) to offer visitors, from here and elsewhere, go to discover the natural and cultural heritage Francis on horseback, on foot, by boat, kayak...

Places of interest

Information points

Events and festivities

The festival begins Sept. 29 at St. Michael's, named after the patron saint of the town.


Panoramic view of François
Panoramic view of François
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Xylophone gourd
Xylophone gourd
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Enjoy with moderation
Enjoy with moderation
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Martinique Island Flower : hibiscus
Martinique Island Flower : hibiscus
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Martinique, Island of Flowers : pink porcelain
Martinique, Island of Flowers : pink porcelain
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Martinique, naturally rich : achiote
Martinique, naturally rich : achiote
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Martinique, Island of Flowers
Martinique, Island of Flowers
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Tuesday 25 october
Min. 28°C - Max. 28°C
Wednesday 26 october
Min. 28°C - Max. 28°C
Thursday 27 october
Min. 29°C - Max. 29°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Beside swimming, lots of variety: the South, you have to swim across the Robert (the white backgrounds and islets in the Bays of Robert and Francis, in Pointe Faula and Macabou Vauclin) in Sainte-Anne (Cape Macré , Anse Chevalier, Les Salines) for Robinson Crusoe, beautiful beaches, some accessible after a few minutes of walking, kept on one side "desert island". Note: the east coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, where the danger of the waves on the beaches closed to swimming in the north of the island. West Coast Caribbean side is more quiet with black sand beaches (North, especially).

Side vegetation, the difference is more North-South: North, very green with the rain forest and plantations specific (pineapple, chayotes, yams ...) South drier with less abundant vegetation and plantations that can not be found little or north (melon). Cane and bananas are found in North and South.

Discover the four corners of the island:

In the North Caribbean, the beach of Anse Snake Preacher in at the end of the island, at the end of the road just before the forest: a little paradise, a black sand, crystal clear water ...

To the south south to the tip of the island, Les Salines, one of the most beautiful beaches, the best known, most tourism: a postcard before 10 am, the beach is yours ...

To the south Caribbean, the beaches of Anse Noire (black sand) and Anse Dufour (white sand), separated by a single advanced land and so different: Anse Dufour, a small fishing port, cute, crystal clear water and fish at the beach ...

In the North Caribbean, the islet to Robert Chancel, accessible by boat and kayak: a true lagoon ...

Do not miss the museums also to discover the history of the island (Museum of Rum and Banana Museum in Sainte-Marie in the North Atlantic Museum in Trois-Ilets cane in the South Caribbean) and hiking to discover the wildlife or go hiking, jogging or search for a deserted beach (la Trace des Caps, by segment of Macabou / Vauclin at Anse Caritan / Sainte-Anne in the South Atlantic and Preacher-Grand River to connect the two most common in the north of the island through the rain forest).

Enjoy your visit ...

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Discover the Robert islets and Fonds Blancs
Nature and the great outdoors40 € to 68 € Le Robert (9.1 km)
Visit the islets of Robert sail in small groups
Nature and the great outdoors60 € to 500 € Le Robert (9.5 km)
Tree and flower garden tour
Nature and the great outdoors6 € to 8 € La Trinité (16.5 km)
Excursion to the Diamant Rock or along the dolphin route
Nature and the great outdoors45 € to 80 € Les Trois-Îlets (18.8 km)
Upward parachuting at Anse Mitan beach
Sports sensations39 € Les Trois-Îlets (18.8 km)


Bed & breakfasts

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