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Drawing its name from an aquatic animal, the Lamentin is a commune of importance located in the center of Martinique. Long uninhabited because of its maritime marshy area, the mangrove, the city is now an important industrial and economic zone of the island. With nearly 40,000 inhabitants, it has no fewer than five industrial zones, two BIAs and one oil refinery. It is also home to the largest shopping centers on the island. This lively town is crossed by the River Lizarde, the longest of the Martinique with its 33 kilometers. It is in this river that many manatees of the Lesser Antilles swam peacefully in the past. Considered sacred animals, they gave their name to the city after one of them washed up on the shores. The first settlers hunted them for their meat, skin and fat, and exterminated them in less than a century.

Geographical information

Tourism label
Latitude16.2689865 (N 16° 16’ 8”)
Longitude-61.6391954 (W 61° 38’ 21”)
Surface area65.00 km²
Population15824 inhabitants
Density243 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureBasse-Terre (57 km, 49 min)
Insee code97115
IntercommunalityCA du Nord Basse-Terre

Nearest cities & towns

Baie-Mahault7.4 km (12 min)
Sainte-Rose11.8 km (14 min)
Pointe-à-Pitre14.1 km (16 min)
Petit-Bourg15.1 km (19 min)
Les Abymes17.7 km (20 min)
Goyave22 km (25 min)
Le Gosier22 km (22 min)
Deshaies26 km (24 min)
Morne-à-l'Eau27 km (30 min)
Capesterre-Belle-Eau32 km (29 min)
Petit-Canal35 km (37 min)
Bouillante35 km (29 min)
Sainte-Anne36 km (34 min)

Things to see and do

The Lamentin offers a charming mix between places full of history and exceptional vegetation. The visit begins with the Saint-Laurent church, whose stained-glass windows are inscribed on the national inventory. They accompany the remarkable altars of St. Joseph and the Virgin visible in the interior. To the right of the church is the Notre-Dame-de-la-Miséricorde Oratory dating from 1938. On the square you can admire two fountains listed in the supplementary inventory of Historic Monuments. The fountain with the nymph and the fountain to the children are both cast iron. The first is the replica of another fountain located in Sarthe. Both are located on the Place du Calebassier, formerly lined with warehouses housing barrels of rum and sugarcane brought by sea transport. It is in the adjacent streets that the City Hall is installed today. The old city hall dating from 1935, which had become too small, was replaced by a new, more recent, but also more picturesque building. Indeed, its roof is in the shape of bakoua, the traditional hat of the Lamentin. Very typical of the Lamentin also, the lime kilns of the district California attract the curious ones. Testimony of the construction of yesteryear, lime is always produced artisanally from Queen Conch shells in this corner of the city. A must-see place for your visit, the statue of the Neg Mawon awaits you on the place of the same name. This statue, halfway between a tree and a man, is a strong symbol of the abolition of slavery. It was also registered by UNESCO under the title "Project associated with the Route of Slavery". A little further on, in the Sainte-Croix district, stands the Croix-Mission erected by the Capuchin fathers in 1941, who came to evangelise the commune. As you stroll through the streets of Lamentin, you can also see the remains of the Larenty factory, the former sugar cane factory, the house of the house of the Favorite house and its distillery or Still the blue house, one of the oldest houses in the city.

The vegetation is also remarkable in Lamentin, especially the mangrove. These marine marshes advance each year more on the sea, shelters an exceptional natural reserve of fish and shellfish. To visit by land or sea, the view is always surprising, especially when you see the Red and Black Mangles. These are trees growing in sea water or marshy. The Morne Cabri is also home to several sites to see absolutely. Its hot springs attract more and more curious people, just like the vestiges of the former sugar harbor. It is also where you can enjoy water sports thanks to its nautical base. A health course completes the set for the more athletic.

Events and festivities

Every Sunday, the covered market of the street Ernest André welcomes the traders. The place is capped by a huge metal structure dating from the nineteenth century, intended to improve the comfort of sellers and buyers. It is in the center of the city that a good part of the population and that of the surrounding cities are found in this warm and friendly place, in order to make their race and share a friendly moment between merchants and barges. The local products are displayed on the stalls and you will necessarily find enough to fill your basket while immersing yourself in the typical atmosphere of this city with many facets.


Saturday 29 april
Min. 25°C - Max. 30°C
Sunday 30 april
Min. 27°C - Max. 30°C
Monday 1 may
Min. 27°C - Max. 30°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Guided tour with flippers in the Cousteau reserve
Nature and the great outdoors20 € to 100 € Pointe-Noire (17.3 km)
Sea diving at the Cousteau Reserve
Sports sensations40 € Bouillante (17.9 km)
Game fishing in Côte-sous-le-vent
Sports sensations160 € Bouillante (18.2 km)
Diving and snorkelling at the Cousteau Reserve
Sports sensations35 € Bouillante (18.2 km)
Mangrove sightseeing or leisure fishing
Nature and the great outdoors75 € Morne-à-l'Eau (18.4 km)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Gate of Hell of the Moule by cove Conchou and cove Salabouelle
HikeEasy2h00Le Moule (34 km)
Pointe des Châteaux
HikeEasy1h00Saint-François (38 km)


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