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The cities, towns and villages of Ardennes listed have been awarded with one or several French tourism labels: Cities of art and history, Most beautiful villages of France, Most beautiful detours in France, Green resort, Listed resort, Towns and villages in Bloom.


The designation Ville d'art et d'histoire is a national label awarded by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication to cities and towns with a rich heritage which pursue an active policy to stimulate and develop their heritage and architecture and adopt measures to raise inhabitants' and visitors' awareness of their heritage. The following cities, towns and villages are labelled Cities of art and history in Ardennes:

Cities of art and history in Ardennes





The label Plus beau détour de France, is awarded by an association to medium-sized French towns (2,000 to 20,000 inhabitants) located away from the major trunk roads which possess all-year-round tourist facilities, a rich built heritage and an interesting environment. The following cities, towns and villages are labelled Most beautiful detours in France in Ardennes:

Most beautiful detours in France in Ardennes





The designation Station verte is a national label awarded to French nature, leisure and holiday tourist destinations located in unspoiled environments, in the countryside or in the mountains, which offer tourist and leisure facilities. The following cities, towns and villages are labelled Green resorts in Ardennes:

Green resorts in Ardennes





The label Station classée is awarded to seaside, spa, health, tourist, winter sports and mountaineering resorts which pursue a policy of high-quality tourist facilities and activities. The following cities, towns and villages are labelled Listed resorts in Ardennes:

Listed resorts in Ardennes





The label Villes et villages fleuris is awarded each year by the French National Council of Cities, Towns and Villages in Bloom following a competition which judges criteria such as landscaped and plant heritage, flowering, respect for the environment and the living environment. The following cities, towns and villages are labelled Towns and villages in Bloom in Ardennes:

Towns and villages in Bloom in Ardennes

Semide -
Aiglemont -
Balan -
Bar-lès-Buzancy -
Barby -
Bazeilles -
Charleville-Mézières -
Cheveuges -
Givet -
Hargnies -
Haybes -
Hierges -
Juniville -
Matton-et-Clémency -
Montigny-sur-Meuse -
Osnes -
Rethel -
Rilly-sur-Aisne -
Sedan -
Sury -
Tailly -
Thénorgues -
Toges -
Vaux-lès-Rubigny -
Vaux-Villaine -
Vireux-Wallerand -
Vivier-au-Court -
Vrigne-aux-Bois -
Acy-Romance -
Avaux -
Balaives-et-Butz -
Bogny-sur-Meuse -
Bossus-lès-Rumigny -
Brognon -
Carignan -
Château-Porcien -
Donchery -
Écordal -
Évigny -
Flaignes-Havys -
Fumay -
Givonne -
Grandchamp -
Ham-sur-Meuse -
Harcy -
L'Échelle -
La Neuville-aux-Joûtes -
La Neuville-en-Tourne-à-Fuy -
Les Mazures -
Montcheutin -
Montcornet -
Montcy-Notre-Dame -
Monthermé -
Mouzon -
Neufmanil -
Neuville-Day -
Prix-lès-Mézières -
Renneville -
Renwez -
Revin -
Rouvroy-sur-Audry -
Saint-Aignan -
Saint-Jean-aux-Bois -

Sault-Saint-Remy -
Signy-l'Abbaye -
This -
Villers-Semeuse -
Villers-sur-Bar -
Villy -
Vireux-Molhain -
Vouziers -
Williers -
Angecourt -
Antheny -
Arreux -
Asfeld -
Attigny -
Balham -
Bosseval-et-Briancourt -
Brieulles-sur-Bar -
Bulson -
Champigneulle -
Champlin -
Chooz -
Douzy -
Draize -
Élan -
Estrebay -
Étrépigny -
Fagnon -
Floing -
Fromelennes -
Gespunsart -
Gué-d'Hossus -
Haraucourt -
Harricourt -
La Francheville -
La Moncelle -
Lalobbe -
Le Thour -
Liart -
Lumes -
Marquigny -
Mondigny -
Nouart -
Nouzonville -
Novy-Chevrières -
Noyers-Pont-Maugis -
Poix-Terron -
Puiseux -
Remilly-Aillicourt -
Rimogne -
Rocquigny -
Saint-Germainmont -
Saint-Lambert-et-Mont-de-Jeux -
Saint-Loup-en-Champagne -
Saint-Morel -
Saint-Quentin-le-Petit -
Sorcy-Bauthémont -
Suzanne -
Tournes -
Tourteron -
Tremblois-lès-Carignan -
Vaux-Montreuil -
Wadelincourt -



The Blue Flag label is awarded to seaside resorts and marinas that take account of environmental criteria in their economic and tourist development policies, and promote behaviour that respects nature and its treasures. The following cities, towns and villages are labelled Blue Flag in Ardennes:

Blue Flag in Ardennes


Les Mazures



The Small Towns of Character label is awarded to small towns with a consistent, high-quality built heritage that undertake to maintain their heritage and promote it among residents and visitors. The following cities, towns and villages are labelled Small Towns of Character in Ardennes:

Small Towns of Character in Ardennes



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