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Insee code76259
AltitudeFrom 0 to 125 meters
Surface15.07 km²
Population19674 inhabitants
Density1305 inhabitants/km²


National labelsSaint-Léonard at 2.8 km (8 min)
Chief townRouen (at 87 km, 70 min)Senneville-sur-Fécamp at 4 km (10 min)
DepartmentSeine-MaritimeToussaint at 4.1 km (6 min)
RegionUpper NormandySearch another town


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In Normandy, the Alabaster Coast, 2 hours from Paris, Fécamp seduced by its authenticity. At the junction of four roads historical and heiress of a great past, she has witnessed the greatest period of industrial fishing.

Former capital of the Dukes of Normandy, the birthplace of the Benedictine liqueur, a leading center of radar during the 2nd World War, the city just waiting to reveal its riches. The fishing port and marina in the heart of the city, the pace of life of this seaside resort with many facets. Two-step, the Pays de Caux to go for hikes and discovery of land in an unspoiled landscape where green chips enhance the charm of old stone and thatched cottages. Led all year with its shops, restaurants, Casino and major appointments, Fécamp is a genuine call and promise an unforgettable stay.


  • Abbey of the Holy Trinity:
  • The parish church of the Holy Trinity Abbey Church was dependent Abbey Fécamp 1001, date of the first arrival of Abbot William of Volpiano until 1792. Its imposing dimensions are explained by the importance of the abbey, founded by Richard II, Duke of Normandy, and the pilgrimage of the Precious Blood of Christ, whose relic is preserved in the church.
  • Amazing with its size, its length of 127 m (as long as Notre-Dame de Paris) and its light, the church has a nave and a Gothic age first lantern tower typical of the Norman Gothic architecture.
  • Member of the Norman Abbeys Road History. Abbey organ and classified as Historical Monuments.
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Hi:
  • Nestled on the Cap Fagnet and serving as bitter (landmark maritime) vessels, the sailors' chapel has a special atmosphere.
  • It is home to many ex-voto offerings of sailors following a wish granted and backup memory perished at sea
  • Once pilgrimage route, the "feel the sailors" connects the port to the chapel (ex quay Maupassant).
  • Église Saint-Etienne:
  • The church of Saint-Etienne, built in the 16th century, remained unfinished until the 19th century, has a Renaissance portal Historical Monument.
  • Built on a hill, it overlooks the harbor and is especially privileged church sailors who annually celebrate the Saint-Pierre (1st Sunday in February).
  • Cap Fagnet:
  • From its 110 meters, Cape Fagnet offers a breathtaking panorama of the sea, the cliffs, the harbor and the city Fécamp.
  • Site strategically throughout the ages - Gallic oppidum (ditch still visible), Baudouin fort during the wars of religion (destroyed in the 16th century), blockhouse Atlantic Wall (accessible tours) - it is characterized in the landscape profile of the sailors' chapel, and since 2006, the wind farm.
  • Site major tourist city, it also houses a bird sanctuary and leaves through the GR 21 which overlooks the cliffs.
  • Blockhaus the Atlantic Wall: Occupied by German troops from June 1940 to September 1944, Fécamp is endowed in 1942 a large radar station built into the wall of the Atlantic. The seaside villas and the casino are dynamited to facilitate the shooting, as well as houses present on the route anti-tank ditches. Located on the Cap Fagnet these bunkers are accessible during guided tours organized by the Heritage Service.
  • Wind Park: Housing service in 2006, the five turbines Cape Fagnet, called Alcion, Zephyr, Alizé, Tourbillon and Mistral, produce the equivalent of the domestic consumption of 10,000 people, nearly half the population Fécamp . At a height of 49 m and equipped with blades 27 meters long made of fiberglass, they resist winds up to 250 km / h.
  • Benedictine Palace:
  • Unusual, magical, eclectic architecture of Gothic inspiration - Renaissance, the Benedictine Palace invites you to discover a story and a product.
  • This is what this exceptional site developed for over a century Benedictine liqueur, 95% exported worldwide.
  • This monument was inaugurated in 1900, offers five themes to explore: a palace out of the ordinary, a unique collection of ancient art, plants and spices from around the world, the distillery and cellars of the Benedictine liqueur, exhibitions modern art.
  • The Firm manuscripts on the circuit tour of the museum. In this study, presents the finest collection of ancient manuscripts Benedictine Palace: Book of Hours, illuminated manuscripts from the 15th and 16th centuries, as well as charters of the abbey of Fécamp 11th and 12th centuries.
  • Ducal Palace:
  • Richard 1st and 2nd Richard Fécamp make one of the capitals of the Duchy of Normandy. First modest foothold in wood, stone palace was rebuilt by Richard II. In 1067, William the Conqueror celebrated Easter lavishly after his victory at Hastings who made King of England.
  • The present remains date from the 12th century, the rebuilding of the Palace by Henry Plantagenet second.
  • Museum of Earth Neuva and fisheries: Facing the sea, this museum presents the great adventure of Fécamp sailors who went for months cod fishing in the icy waters of Newfoundland. Part of the museum is dedicated to the herring fishery, which made the fortune of the port since the Middle Ages and the transformation of this fish in boucanés. A beautiful collection of models provides a broad overview of the last century sailing trawlers of our time. The museum also discusses other activities related to the sea: shipbuilding, rescue, sea bathing, port development ...
  • Museum Discovery of Chocolate: A gourmet invitation to discover the history, the culture, the transformation of the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar. Visit free video and tasting.
  • Louanne Garden: Discover, rediscover, awaken your senses, be in harmony with nature: 15 000 m² of gardens to visit theme: rock garden, water garden ...
  • Woody Park: Woody Park is an amusement park that many activities you proposed 5 minutes from the beach and the city center! Adventure courses, paintball, urban games interactive GPS, fighting sumo, human table football ...
Detailed information
TransportTrain station of Fécamp
Information pointsTourist Office of Fécamp
Leisure centresBeach of Fécamp,   Casino of Fécamp,   Marina of Fécamp,   Museum of the Arts et Enfance,   Museum of the Terre-Neuvas et de la Pêche
MonumentsAbbey of La Trinité,   Castle of Fécamp,   Church Saint-Étienne,   Lighthouse of Fécamp
Performance hallsTheatre le Passage
Natural sitesCape Fagnet


  • Early February: Saint Pierre des Marins.
  • In May: Sailing Festival.
  • In June Estivoiles (Feast of the sea and music).
  • In September: Salon Nautique de Normandie.
  • Late November: Herring Day.
  • Throughout the year: Concerts under Rivage Musical.


  • A Maniquerville:
  • Visit a snail farm (discovery workshops breeding, hatchery, nursery, the feedlot and laboratory).
  • Museum of Agriculture Au Fil du Temps: This exhibition brings together more than 1200 pieces stored in a traditional farmhouse from the 19th century brick and flint. The museum welcomes you to discover or rediscover the development of agriculture of the time manual today. Normand taste for groups.
  • A Bretteville-du-Grand-Caux
  • Ecomuseum Apple and Cider: Drink a glass of cider, not only to drink, but also to capture the taste of a land, its apples, its presses, its storerooms, its barrels and the history of men ... Side Normandy museum, a building of brick and flint 16th century, in which a collection of 1000 pieces is presented. Capper, still, and a tour of the winery and orchard with stirring to the press will tell the journey of making cider. Information +33 2 35 27 41 09. Address: 1315 Highway Goderville.
  • Exhibition flax: It ended in a hovel cauchois typically, in a 18th century house, you can follow the history of linen, the garment field in a free exhibition. For the eyes and ears, a video, photographic and text can familiarize themselves with the cultivation of flax. Finger, samples (tow, tow, seeds, anas) are available to compare the different qualities of linen with their names and also discover its many uses (inside car doors, chipboard, oil ...) .
  • Routes Impressionists: They let you discover through reading tables in the main themes impressionist painting on the same sites that were painted works reproduced. The route "Sea" illustrates the country: Fécamp with "crinoline" by Jules Christmas and a version of the pebble beach and painted by Claude Monet. At Yport, "rocks" Claude Emile Schuffenecker. At Etretat, "door Downstream vessels leaving" and "fishing boats" by Claude Monet.
  • Norman Abbey Road history: The Norman abbeys are an important part of the heritage of Normandy. Steeped in history and legends, they are now protected sites. Some have retained their original destination and home to a monastic community. Most public or private property, enjoy a cultural reuse often allowed their preservation. The historic route of Norman abbeys to discover this heritage, as well as various surrounding sites (churches, castles, gardens, museums ...). High level concerts are also given in the magnificent architectural Norman abbeys. In the Land of High Cliffs, the Abbey of the Holy Trinity Fécamp and the Notre-Dame du Pré de Valmont part of this historic road.
  • Road William the Conqueror William the Conqueror is the crossroads between English history and French history. Through these two countries, William the Conqueror Road connects the buildings and battlefields where he left his mark. In Normandy, it follows his rise to power, his political intrigues, his marriage, Invasion and Conquest. In East Sussex, she recounts the events of the autumn of 1066 and highlights the imprint left by the Normans in the landscape and the Anglo-Saxon civilization. Fécamp, the former capital of the Dukes of Normandy, William the Conqueror received repeatedly. As such, it is an essential step in this historic road.
  • The road of ivory and spices: The idea that the earth was round and there was possibility of opening new routes, traders and shipowners Normandy in the 16th century took adventurous initiatives. They had brought back by ship valuable goods, silks, ivory and spices that far, came through a long earthly journey. On the coast of the Pays de Caux then create shipyards and ports all get rich through this trade commodities distant. This is the story of this extraordinary economic development that recounts the historic route of ivory and spices. This tour brings together the most representative places of the region: castles, abbeys, churches, parks and gardens, museums ... (27 remarkable sites including the magnificent Palais Benedictine Fécamp).


Seawall promenade Fécamp (© City of Fécamp)Seawall promenade Fécamp (© City of Fécamp)
Entrance to the Port (© City of Fécamp)Entrance to the Port (© City of Fécamp)
Lighthouse Fécamp (© City of Fécamp)Lighthouse Fécamp (© City of Fécamp)
Harbour ViewHarbour View
The Benedictine PalaceThe Benedictine Palace
The Chapel of Our Lady of HiThe Chapel of Our Lady of Hi
The dam the harbor entranceThe dam the harbor entrance
Wind Turbines FécampWind Turbines Fécamp



A series of high white cliffs
A harbour, Benedictine palace and abbey church to wander around
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Saturday 31 January
Min. 6°C - Max. 8°C
Sunday 1 February
Min. 6°C - Max. 7°C
Monday 2 February
Min. 4°C - Max. 6°C


French cuisine restaurantLa Croisette  
Input / main course / dessert. Here is the winning combination of the casino restaurant Emerald Fécamp La Croisette. This is the end of the promenade, close to the famous cliffs of...
Located in Fécamp29 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantLes Terre-Neuvas  
Located on the first floor, the restaurant offers a Les Terre-Neuvas panoramic views of the waterfront Enjoy the great hall, light and airy with a capacity of 80 seats. The decoration...
Located in Fécamp34 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantLe bec au cauchois  
Located in the heart of the country of Caux, near the cliffs of Etretat and Fecamp port, our establishment is open for a moment of gastronomy and refinement. One word for our team and...
Located 8.1 km from FécampFrom 35 € to 85 € per person 

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Manor house with 3 bedroomsLa Grande Maison    
In this historic sixteenth sciècle, renovated old house owner, the owners welcome you in a frame's typical of the art of living 'French': the dice charm is the entrance, the story will...
Located in Fécamp150 € the double room 
House with 2 bedroomsChambre Marine et Chambre Romantique    
Located in a large maison de maitre, the bedrooms have sea views over the rooftops. Each room the decoration has its own bathroom and toilet. You can enjoy the flower garden or in winter...
Located in Fécamp62 € the double room 
House with 1 bedroomHouse with 1 bedroom    
Guest Houses (2 people) with kitchen. In a quiet location, 2 km from the sea and Fécamp, 15 km from Etretat. Sea view in the distance. Separate entrance with terrace and garden furniture,...
Located 1.7 km from Fécamp63 € the double room 

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House for 3 personsMaison de pecheur normande  
Fisherman's house of brick and flint on two floors, with a courtyard, situated in a quiet area of ​​the old town of Fécamp. Quiet neighborhood, close to shops, 20 minutes walk from...
Located in FécampFrom 380 € to 480 € per week 
Apartment for 4 personsL' Echo des Vagues 3***  
For 2 to 4 people, the echo waves welcomes you throughout the year to 50 m from the port and the city center, 150 m from the beach, rent for weekend, week... Quiet one way street, Gare...
Located in FécampFrom 395 € to 445 € per week 
Apartment for 4 personsLocation vacances fecamp f1 étoilé **  
Come and meet the citizenship Fécampois! Quiet, environmentally and people. The 2nd floor of a quiet fitted separate, large separate lounge with flat screen TV on arms residence with...
Located in FécampFrom 250 € to 390 € per week 

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Vent d'Ouest - Hotel in FécampVent d'Ouest    
Vent-d’Ouest Hotel is located in the town of Fecamp in the Normandy region. It is beside the harbour and just 800 metres from the beach. The guest rooms at Vent-d’Ouest Hotel are equipped...
Located in FécampRoom from 57 €
Relais du Silence Le Grand Pavois - Hotel in FécampRelais du Silence Le Grand Pavois     
Located opposite Fécamp Port, just 200 metres from the beach, this hotel offers a piano bar and air-conditioned rooms with balconies and free Wi-Fi access. Rooms are elegantly decorated...
Located in FécampRoom from 89 €
Hôtel Du Commerce - Hotel in FécampHôtel Du Commerce     
The Commerce is located in the Normandy coastal town of Fécamp, within 500 metres of the port and beach. It has rooms with a private bathroom, TV and free Wi-Fi. The Commerce’s Le Bouchon...
Located in FécampRoom from 51 €

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Hotel Le Rayon Vert
Hotel Le Rayon Vert is the only hotel located on Etretat Beach in Normandy. It offers free Wi-Fi and some of its rooms have a view of the sea and cliffs....
Hotel Le Rayon Vert
Hotel Le Rayon Vert is the only hotel located on Etretat Beach in Normandy. It offers free Wi-Fi and some of its rooms have...
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