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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Aube

Essoyes - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Aube

Located 45 km south of Troyes, 15 km from Bar-sur-Seine, this large village has more than 700 inhabitants. The best view is from Essoyes Fontette: a valley surrounded by greenery in a single glance we embrace this village at the bottom. Tributary of the Seine, Ource cut the town in two. A location away from major thoroughfares that invites you to relax and rest.

One can not speak of Essoyes without mentioning Pierre-Auguste Renoir and his son Jean Renoir, the director, Pierre Renoir, actor, Claude Renoir, ceramist, all buried in the village cemetery. Essoyes, it is also the birthplace of other famous men: Auguste Heriot, founder of the Grands Magasins du Louvre in the 19th century became the hero of the novel by Emile Zola "Au bonheur des dames" Louis Morel, sculptor, the Renoir hand.

Geographical information

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Latitude48.0575970 (N 48° 3’ 27”)
Longitude4.5364860 (E 4° 32’ 11”)
Surface area35.57 km²
Population763 inhabitants
Density21 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureTroyes (49 km, 51 min)
Insee code10141
IntercommunalityCC de l'Arce et de l'Ource

Nearest cities & towns

Loches-sur-Ource3.2 km (6 min)
Verpillières-sur-Ource3.9 km (5 min)
Landreville5.8 km (10 min)
Fontette6.7 km (9 min)
Noé-les-Mallets6.8 km (11 min)
Grancey-sur-Ource7.1 km (9 min)
Chacenay8 km (13 min)
Saint-Usage8.8 km (12 min)
Viviers-sur-Artaut9.1 km (14 min)
Autricourt10 km (14 min)
Courteron10 km (11 min)
Gyé-sur-Seine10.4 km (14 min)
Éguilly-sous-Bois10.5 km (14 min)

Things to see and do

To see in the village: the cultural center Renoir on the side of Renoir, the painter, the family castle Heriot and the cemetery are buried all Renoir Pierre-Auguste and his wife Aline and her 3 Charigot son, John, Peter and Claude and sculptor Louis Morel, Auguste Heriot.

Places of interest

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Natural sites

Events and festivities

The third weekend of May Essoyes organizes several years, the wine fair where about 50 winemakers from all over France present their productions. This event attracts more and more people, especially the Belgians who love the region and good French wines.

The first Saturday in June, you can participate in the walk with Generations Movement "Together to the roads to Santiago."


Former stables of the Castle
Former stables of the Castle
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Castle Hériot
Castle Hériot
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Heriot House
Heriot House
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The Ource
The Ource
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The bust of Renoir
The bust of Renoir
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The bust Aline Renoir
The bust Aline Renoir
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Path Geoffroy Sifferlen between Essoyes and Noah-les-Mallets - Marking orange CNTE
Path Geoffroy Sifferlen between Essoyes and Noah-les-Mallets - Marking orange CNTE
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panels on Essoyes - Path Geoffroy Sifferlen
panels on Essoyes - Path Geoffroy Sifferlen
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panels on the flora and fauna - Geoffroy Sifferlen Path
panels on the flora and fauna - Geoffroy Sifferlen Path
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Path Remember Geoffroy Sifferlen
Path Remember Geoffroy Sifferlen
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Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Dawn is rich in historical places. Some towns and villages must see:

Avalleur: the chapel of the Commandery of Knights Templar.

Brienne Napoleon Museum.

Chaource: the church of Saint John the Baptist and the Entombment.

Châtillon-sur-Seine: the Museum of the Lady of Vix.

Clairvaux Abbey founded by Bernard of Clairvaux in the 12th century.

Colombey-les-Deux-churches: the village of General de Gaulle and the new Memorial.

Isle-Aumont: the church with three shrines. The Isle-Aumont mound concealed 4,000 years of history, it was still necessary that we be told. It is this work that the archaeologist Jean Scapula devoted fifty years of his life.

Mussy: St. Peter's Church Bachelor links the 13th century, the Museum of the Resistance.

The Riceys: This ancient fortified city stands on a land of vineyards. Only common to have 3 Controlled Appellations d'Origine (AOC) with Champagne, Coteaux Champenois and Rosé des Riceys.

Rumilly-lès-Vaudes: the 16th century manor house and the church of Saint Martin in the same time.

Troyes, undeniably beautiful city. Its historic center is full of cobbled, the charming half-timbered houses often slightly askew streets. Troyes is a city rich in art churches with beautiful stained glass windows, in museums, in mansions.

Noe-les-Mallets: "Walk for Jo" the last Sunday of June on foot, horseback, mountain bike or hitch a 5 circuits from 5 to 25 km on the road Geoffroy Sifferlen and GRP orange markup (CNTE) with panels on the local fauna and flora between vineyards and woods.

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Museum of Old Bottles
Culture and educationFreeCelles-sur-Ource (10.2 km)
Taste and buy local wine at the Caveau des Riceys
Local flavoursFreeLes Riceys (15.1 km)
Vine and Wine Museum (for groups)
Local flavours350 € Colombey-les-Deux-Églises (33 km)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Walk for Jo - Geoffroy Sifferlen Path
HikeEasy3h00Noé-les-Mallets (5.4 km)
Giffaumont-Champaubert - Droyes
Cycling itineraryEasy3h00Giffaumont-Champaubert (57 km)


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