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Insee code23069
AltitudeFrom 640 to 829 meters
Surface14.16 km²
Population427 inhabitants
Density30 inhabitants/km²


Chief townGuéret (at 64 km, 65 min)Saint-Oradoux-près-Crocq at 3.1 km (5 min)
DepartmentCreuseBasville at 3.5 km (5 min)
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  • History:
  • For Ernest Gligny, the etymology of Crocq take c (a) r cuc meaning height, stony summit. The city is actually built on a rocky outcrop overlooking a hundred meters of the valley Tardes. All around the multiple runoff dug a series of valleys which are so many natural defenses of the city. According to Father Leclerc, Crocq come from cross (nut in Auvergne), found in Crouville, name of the northern part of the hill.
  • Tradition Crocq that comes from the name of a chief named Crocus Alaman, Chrocus or Krokus. His name was given by the Alemanni to their camp, and the spelling has changed over time to become current Crocq. All historians now agree that this is certainly false.
  • Ambroise Tardieu in his Illustrated History of Auzances Crocq and in the second half of the 19th century, presented as a legend, not to reject completely, "though it seems a fable." There is divergence also with what was written Lacepède: "Captain would have left a detachment of his soldiers on the mound, then desert", but Tardieu implies that it was during his first spell.
  • Human occupation of the region dates back to Neolithic times, as evidenced by the presence of the dolmen Urbe (located on the common boundary of Basville).
  • The Roman road called "Caesar's Way" which runs from Crocq in Auvergne, and the ruins of an aqueduct show a Gallo-Roman occupation.
  • However, this is the Middle Ages that Crocq becomes important strategically. It becomes part of the country freehold, whose capital is Bellegarde. The "freehold", as its name indicates, is not part of any province.
  • As we know, William VI, Count of Auvergne, lord of Crocq, went to the crusade in 1102, returned in 1121 and died about 1136. Anne of Sicily he had a son, Robert III, Count of Auvergne, lord of Crocq from 1136 to 1145, which, in 1140, erected the castle of Herment and his church in 1145 and died in Palestine in 1145. His son William was the seventh with him and his uncle took the opportunity to take statements. By a treaty Guillaume VII took the western part of the former county. He took up arms of Dolphins Viennese, in memory of Guigues, Dauphin of Vienne, his great-grandfather, and in 1196 he supported Richard the Lionheart against Philip Augustus. He built the castle of Crocq, and is known for protecting the troubadours. Crocq was a fortified: the fortifications were built in the 12th century during the construction of the castle. It was part of a set of fortified sites that controlled the road Limoges Clermont.
  • In 1209, King Philip Augustus took away Crocq who visited him in 1229. This is the 13th century that Crocq obtained a charter franchise.
  • The Black Prince took him in 1536 after a siege of 18 months and destroying Crouville. New fortifications are permitted by 7th Charles in 1423. Jacques died in 1420 of Peschin, but Dauphine Montlaur handles Crocq, founded a vicarship in 1428, a collegiate chapter in 1444 and donated the triptych of St. Eloi.
  • The castle was razed by Richelieu in 1630 while the fortifications have fallen in ruins from the 15th century and 17th century they had been destroyed in the 14th century by the English after a siege of 18 months.
  • In 1834, the old cemetery Crocq who was around the chapel was moved to a place called the Rochat, behind the old citadel.
  • In 1793 the town was created chief-town in the district in 1801 Felletin and password in the district of Aubusson.
  • In 1836 Crocq absorbs Montel William.
  • Personalities linked to the municipality:
  • Joseph Cornudet of Chaumettes (1755-1834), Member of the Creuse (1791-1792 and 1797-1799), senator (1799-1814) and peer of France (1814-1815 and 1819-1834).
  • Etienne-Emile Cornudet of Chaumettes (1795-1870), Member of the Creuse (1831-1846) and peer of France (1846-1848).
  • Emile Cornudet of Chaumettes (1855-1921), mayor and councilor of Crocq, Member of the Creuse (1882-1902).
  • Leon Auguste Chambonnet is a French politician born May 6, 1888 at Auzances, died May 15, 1974 in Aubusson. It installs as a veterinarian in Aubusson after the First World War. Until the fifties, he held various positions in the agricultural world. He taught at the School of Agriculture and that of Crocq Ahun for several years. MP (1936-1938) and radical socialist Senator (1938-1942) of the Creuse.


  • The towers:
  • Remains of a 12th century fortress, the towers, the common data in 1988 by Mr. And Mrs. d'Indy Beauverger, family Cornudet of Chaumettes are restored by the Association for the Protection of old Crocq.
  • Visit of the building: exhibition and sale of local products, discovery of medieval architecture, etc..
  • The viewpoint at the top allows to see the volcanos and the Sancy. 360 ° panorama.
  • Discovery of a medieval garden.
  • Open: May, June and September, daily except Monday, from 10.30am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm. In July and August, daily from 10am to 12h30 and 14h30 to 19h.
  • Rates (also including a visit to the museum): € 2 per adult and € 1.50 per child.
  • The Saint Eloi:
  • The Church of St. Eloi stands alongside the towers. This building is of recent construction (late 19th century).
  • A large stone facade with its portal hosts the classic enthusiast or visitor on the west side. Its octagonal bell tower, which is the small arrow in frame and slate is drawn to the west of the monument. We pass under a closed bay tower capped then we enter the nave with side aisles with five bays with barrel vaults. To the east, you reach the flat bed.
  • The church choir retains its wooden altarpiece of this period. A painting on canvas of the 18th century depicting the crucifixion in the center and two niches where lie two wooden polychrome statues, St Joseph and St Eloi.
  • You can see also other wooden statues from the same era: the Immaculate Conception and St Eloi, a confessional of the eighteenth, a goblet round granite carved sixteenth, a canvas painting called the awarding of the rosary in St. Catherine . The Holy honored in this church is St. Eligius, the patron of crafts metals originating in Limousin Chaptelat born in 588 and died in 660.
  • The Chapel of Our Lady of Visitation:
  • It was built in the late 12th century and restored in the 15th and 19th centuries. Its bell tower with triangular pediment is topped with a lantern of the dead.
  • A remarkable wooden triptych of the 16th century, depicting the life of St. Eligius, patron saint of goldsmiths is installed indoors. It is a major element of heritage Limousin and Auvergne.
  • The museum:
  • Town hall of the 17th century, restored, showcasing machinery and tools on the history of Furskins (fur skins and work), old maps and parchments, religious objects. It also hosts seasonal exhibitions.
  • Open: May, June and September, daily except Monday, from 10.30am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm. In July and August, daily from 10am to 12h30 and 14h30 to 19h.
  • Rates (also including the visit of laps): 2 € per adult and € 1.50 per child.
  • Information on +33 5 55 67 42 36.
  • The dolmen Urbe:
  • It dates from about 4000 years, that is to say the last time the civilization of the megaliths. His table three meters long, eight feet wide, thick, almost a meter is granulite. Its weight is estimated to twelve tons. It rests on five supports with a height of four feet. It is located on a height known as "Peter Levade" Urbe near the wood of a Roman road that passes through.
  • Excavations fast in the 19th century, would have delivered a few bones and funerary material in very small quantities. Grave robbers had perhaps already made in the burial chamber. Tradition tells us that formerly the girls climbed on the table and jumped down to be certain of finding a husband in the year. The full moon, elves were round about these stones that force veneration.
  • The castle Cornudet:
  • Castle built by the family Cornudet in the 2nd half of the 19th century.
  • Private property not open to the public.
  • The road to Crocus the Hedgehog:
  • From 1 July 2011, the Tourist Office of the High Country Marchois has established a circuit fun, for children age 5 and older. The latter aims to enable more young people to discover the town of Crocq following "the path of the Hedgehog Crocus" with a booklet illustrated by Marc Pouyet discovery. It consists of ten stations distributed in the village games and allows children to discover the history and heritage of Crocq and its surroundings, having fun and using their senses.
  • After finding the indices of each station, the children must solve the final riddle to find the gourmet surprise awaits them when they return to the Tourist Office. This activity, which is a real success since its launch, the device is part of the departmental "The Hollow Family". It is an asset for tourism development of the territory but also an educational tool that you can include in your annual program.
  • The circuit Crocus opens every year for the Easter holidays and closes at the end of autumn holidays. Booklet available at the Tourist Office (Office Crocq) during opening hours. The booklet € 2 - € 1.50 from the second book.
  • Report cards walk away from Crocq are available at the Tourist Office of the High Country Marchois (Crocq office).
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