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Insee code77122
Surface14.48 km²
Population22194 inhabitants
Density1532 inhabitants/km²
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Chief townMelun (at 21 km, 20 min)Quincy-sous-Sénart at 1.8 km (5 min)
DepartmentSeine-et-MarneVarennes-Jarcy at 2.1 km (5 min)
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Heir to a rich past, Combs-la-Ville has a heritage that reflects its history, farms medieval manor house with 18th century.

Located southeast of the Seine-et-Marne, bordering Essonne, Combs-la-Ville belongs to the Union of New Community Sénart.

Writings argue for the antiquity of Cumberland Villa whose territory seems to have been occupied and cultivated since the Gallo-Roman. Combs-la-Ville has a rich past, it has a heritage that reflects its history, farms medieval manor house with 18th century as the castle of Fresnaye. Its edges of Yerres have also inspired many painters like Caillebotte. Mainly agricultural, it also hosts the famous Lalique glass until the 1960s.

Today, she leads the life of a developing city tour to the welfare of its people and welcoming newcomers. Development course, but who knows his term: the present limits of the town and a number of people set up to 23 000. The strong axis of the town remains its advanced environmental policy as reflected in particular the two flowers, the 1st Prize Trophy Eco-Mayors 2001, received numerous awards at the Grand Prix of the Environment 2004, its policy development sustainable, the fight against the plastic bag?

Its cultural events (exhibitions, celebration of the city, library, music school?), Sports (Sénart Marathon, Festival of Sport, swimming pool, Municipal School Sports?), Commercial (a lot of work is done with associations traders for the local shops) make it a warm and vibrant city.

In the population combs-la-villaise, the share of young people is roughly equal to that of senior citizens, the town has two colleges and two high schools and several structures for youth. It also has several homes for the elderly and many have dedicated their services.

Combs-la-Ville: birthplace of Rene Lalique. The famous jeweler Rene Lalique began to Combs-la-Ville! In 1909, Rene Lalique rents in the district of Vaux-la-Reine in Combs-la-Ville, a glass factory, owned by Compagnie Generale d'Electricite. It produces movable objects such as lamps and vases and also at the request of François Coty, the famous perfume, bottles that will revolutionize their original design, the presentation of perfumes.


  • The City Hall:
  • The town hall occupies the site of an important stronghold of Combs-la-Ville: the lordship of Menchy. The first act found on this manor is? Admission count? Record September 20, 1508 to the Bishop of Paris, lord of Combs-la-Ville by Charles Le Cocq. Le Cocq family has occupied an important place in local history. Indeed, its members, lords of Egrenay since the mid 14th century, bought the manors of Menchy, part of Combs-la-Ville, Vaux-la-Reine and Paloisel, becoming large landowners of the parish. After passing into the hands of several owners, the manor became the property of Menchy in 1775 of Monsieur, brother of King Louis XVI, Count of Provence and future Louis XVIII.
  • Many years later, after numerous ownership changes, the property is purchased by Philippine Savoet Cecilia, wife of Alexander Ceas October 12, 1804. Immediately, she began the demolition of the mansion, then build the city we know today. The work will last five years and be completed in 1809. The facade is decorated with two busts in which it is recognized Racine and Molière. Madame Ceas subsequently bought small houses and land near the field, so that in 1810, much of the current property in its possession. But the cases of Ms. Ceas are not brilliant. It is pressed by the need for money and mortgages are a burden Menchy. Also September 27, 1817, Baron Pappenheim, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Grand Duke of Hesse to King Louis XVIII, buys Madame CEAS Menchy the field.
  • Baron has commissioned many plantations in the park, according to the review, is:? Well designed, planted in the English and the most beautiful state. The latter, whose range is twenty-three acres, is renowned for the beauty of trees it contains.? Some of them still exist, especially the beautiful row of bald cypress, from Mexico, we can see the edge of the Yerres which, unfortunately, some have been killed by the wind. In addition, he dug near the house, a pond stocked with fish fed by numerous springs flowing in the park. This is the pool that we can still admire today.
  • In 1875, the property comes after yet been enlarged by the purchase of land, Gregorini Benier, wife of Henry Chardin, associate broker and to be elected mayor of the town for two terms from 1888 to 1900. Republican convinced his advocacy has been particularly estimate of his contemporaries. Upon his death, December 5, 1903, the council decided unanimously to give its name to the street that links the streets and Sommeville Sermonoise. The domain name then? Villa Chardin?. His widow lived until his death Menchy to Combs-la-Ville, November 11, 1919.
  • After several write-inheritance, property is given by Miss Marquis Society Mutualiste? Lutece? dependent on the bishopric of Paris. The donor precluded the donee corporation to sell, alienate and mortgage for thirty years after the extinction of the usufruct it had reserved until his death, the whole subject the donation. This prohibition does not apply to garden located across the street Sommeville which are now built buildings? Villa Chardin?. Miss Marquis died February 5, 1928. So until 1982 the diocese of Paris Menchy used as a retirement home for priests? Elderly, sick or tired?. The property takes the name? Villa Notre Dame?. Today, bought by the town, the whole area has been transformed into a city hotel worthy of a town of 22 000 inhabitants.
  • The City Hall opened its doors on this site November 14 2005 and was inaugu May 29, 2006 by Deputy Mayor Guy Geoffroy, in the presence of Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and the Minister for Social Security , People, Seniors, the Disabled and the Family, Philippe Bas.
  • La Coupole:
  • It houses two theaters labeled Scene and the National School of music, dance and art of plastic art and the media.
  • It takes its name from the black dome that crowns.
  • Built in the early 1980s by the architect Jean Nouvel (Institut du Monde Arabe, Lyon Opera ...), it was inaugurated by Danielle Mitterrand November 15, 1989.
  • Le Château de la Fresnaye:
  • Le Chateau de la Fresnaye is a fine example of "campaign" sought because of the proximity of Paris, the 18th century transformed and converted into a castle in the 19th century bourgeois. Indeed, from the late 18th century, new buildings appear to Combs-la-Ville. These are the "castles", truly large houses, built mostly on the location of medieval ruins or buildings of the 16th century. This is where the castle of Fresnaye but also castles Breuil of Mennechy (Villa Notre Dame current Town Hall), chestnut (old City Hall) of Cagny (in ruins, razed in 1980) and the Little Oak (Park Arthur Chaussy).
  • Under the Revolution and the Empire, the castle of Fresnaye belongs to the playwright Alexandre Duval, a member of the French Academy. His comedies were on show at the French Theater, which at that time, played 1444 performances of his plays. Opponent of the Romantics the star of Alexander Duval quickly ceases to shine. He then sold his castle. The land is divided in the late 1920s to allow construction of villas.
  • Considering the interest of the castle because of its location in the heart of the city and across schools, the town acquired the property in 1946 to 700 000 francs. A commission to study the use of the castle then made the following proposals: entrance pavilion, housing authority employees, rented garages, public showers, technical courses and village hall.
  • In June 1946, a contract is to install four booths and public showers August 27 of that year, it was decided to create two kindergarten classes at the castle.
  • In 1966, the park is fragmented Fresnaye.
  • In 1971, the castle rooms are available to local companies.
  • In 1999, the renovation of the castle of Fresnaye are jointly committed to building buildings instead.
  • The castle now houses the ground floor, two very beautiful exhibition halls, and its floors, the municipal Youth, Sports and Cultural activities and festive.
  • The Monument to the Dead: It dates from 1921 and was built for 59 Combs-la-Ville fallen in battle.
  • The statue "The Watcher" is by Paul Landowski, sculptor among others: the "Christ" from the bay of Rio de Janeiro's "Montaigne" opposite the Sorbonne, the tomb of Marshal Foch at the Invalides.
  • The Castle Marronniers:
  • Built in the mid 19th century by M. Wahl, engineer railway, the castle Marronniers was purchased February 23, 1930 decision by the council to house the town hall until November 14, 2005.
  • Following the installation of municipal services in the new City Hall, questions arose about the future of the castle Marronniers.
  • Exposures to Meilleur Ouvrier de France held at the Chateau de la Fresnaye, inspired her to become. His new vocation? The audience curious to learn more about the Meilleur Ouvrier de France. Far from turning the building into a museum, it is to make permanent exhibition of their masterpieces. The linking of the city and the Meilleur Ouvrier de France has been facilitated by the Association for the Protection and Promotion of Heritage Combs-la-Ville. The stakes are high. For visitors can actually relish objects to be displayed. But it is also giving way to the demonstration and manufacturing process and implementation of these famous pieces. While restoring and rehabilitating the building.
  • School Sommeville: Built in 1886, it is valuable in the heritage of Combs-la-Ville very representative because the school ferry.
  • Park Arthur Chaussy:
  • Until the early 20th century, this mansion of 6 hectares is called "The Little Oak.
  • At the end of the 18th century, "Le Petit Chêne is owned by Jean-Marie Paillard. Priest and professor of theology at the Sorbonne, Jean-Marie Paillard also owned the farm of chips and a large part of the plain of Breuil.
  • For the record: the property belonged to the 19th century Dr. Joseph Paban, surgeon of the Grand Army. There would be retained for ten years, the embalmed body of his son, who died at the age of 15.
  • The property is now complemented by a park containing species Eastern. Its current name comes from Arthur Chaussy, deputy mayor of Brie-Comte-Robert before the Second World War.
  • Park Arthur Chaussy is communal property and is a promenade open to the public May 6, 1978. In 1988, the Brotherhood Fellowship of Irminones planted 600 vines (of Sauvignon and Semillon) in the orchard. Each year, the harvest produce some 500 liters of white wine. The press used by the Brotherhood was created by students of the college Erl.
  • Regarding the future of the park remains Chaussy, consideration is underway. In fact, this site requires a study and serious analysis of its architectural features. Fate is not yet determined but one thing is certain, the remains will not be sold by the municipality. It is also the local heritage.
Detailed information
TransportRER station Combs-la-Ville - Quincy,   Train station of Combs-la-Ville - Quincy
Performance hallsLa Coupole


  • Torchlight & Fireworks: July 13.
  • Forum des associations: in September.


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Castle MarronniersCastle Marronniers
City Hall Combs-la-VilleCity Hall Combs-la-Ville
Château de la FresnayeChâteau de la Fresnaye
Park Arthur ChaussyPark Arthur Chaussy
The War MemorialThe War Memorial
La CoupoleLa Coupole
School SommevilleSchool Sommeville
Logo of the town of Combs-la-VilleLogo of the town of Combs-la-Ville



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