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Insee code86066
AltitudeFrom 42 to 134 meters
Surface51.93 km²
Population32709 inhabitants
Density629 inhabitants/km²


National labelAntran at 6.2 km (13 min)
Chief townPoitiers (at 40 km, 33 min)Cenon-sur-Vienne at 6.6 km (12 min)
DepartmentVienneSaint-Sauveur at 7.2 km (11 min)
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Between Futuroscope and the Loire castles, Country Châtelleraudais offers a wealth of treasures to discover. Since Gallo-Roman times to the Acadian epic, to Cistercian life and the industrial revolution, this area is shaped by centuries of history. For this reason and many others, the Châtelleraudais Country was recently ranked Country of Art and History.

Second city of the department of Vienne Poitiers behind, she has a little more than 35 000 inhabitants. It is the fifth largest regional behind Poitiers, La Rochelle, Angouleme and Niort. This is one of the two sub-prefecture of the department. Important economic and administrative center, despite the closure of the arms factory in 1968, the city, now specializing in high-tech industries (aerospace and automotive) is a tertiary care center.

The Châtellerault basin is one of the major industrial areas of the Poitou-Charentes region: it hosts companies such as Thales Avionics, Fenwick-Linde or Snecma (aerospace engine).

City Châtellerault is also a popular tourist destination rich of monuments such as the Henri IV bridge, completed in 1611, the castle Targé or the Saint-Jacques, located on the way to Saint Jacques de Compostela church.

Travel to the heart of an area to eat in peace.


  • Free architectural course: since the Middle Ages, each era has left its mark. It is this plurality of styles, the result of the multiplicity of monuments from different centuries, and which is best represents the architectural quality of the city. You will be able to discover other:
  • Hotel Sully rated: built between 1596 and 1600 by Charles Androuet. Modified in the 18th century, the hotel has regained late 19th century, a sumptuous setting that characterize Renaissance paneling and painted ceilings. You can also admire the façade of the hotel Sully recently restored.
  • The hotel Alamant rated: built in the 16th century by Nicolas Alamant, Ambassador François 1er in Italy, this building originally belongs to a broad set of four wings that stood for many years near the gate St. Catherine, north of the walled city to date on the site of the old hospital.
  • The Descartes listed house: built in the 16th century, this town house would have allowed the philosopher René Descartes.
  • Throughout the year, enjoy tours and activities organized by the Service Country Art and History Châtelleraudais Country.
  • Auto Motocycle Museum, located at 3 rue Clement Krebs, on the site of the Manu Châtellerault, open from February 1 to June 30 and from September 16 to December 31: Wednesday to Sunday from 14h to 18h. But as of July 1 to September 15: daily except Tuesday. Hours: 10h-12h and 14h-18h. Two collections are waiting for you. First bikes, cars, motorcycles as well as posters, accessories ... you have the evolution of transport from the 19th century to the present day. The exhibition is the hyphen between two spaces, the museum Auto Moto Bike and collection history Châtelleraudais Country.
  • Come watch the site of the weapons factory, through a route discovery that you remove the Tourist Office Châtelleraudais. You can expand your knowledge of the history of the city routes "cutlery Châtellerault" but "Châtellerault the Russian Time" and freely discover its architecture with the booklet "architectural career." The Manufacture has continued to grow since 1819 to become the early 20th century, one of the largest weapons manufacturing plants in Europe. During the First World War, more than 8,000 workers are working with, for the first time, women have replaced men went to war.
  • The Henri IV Bridge, Renaissance, is the emblem of the city. There is also a route discovery "Bridges in Châtelleraudais Country".
  • The castle, built in 1423 by Jean 7th Harcourt, was the official residence of the Dukes of Châtellerault. Today, the castle houses the community library.
  • Discover the boulevard Blossac, built from the 18th century on the site of the old fortifications. Boulevard has become the bustling center of the city. Initiated from 1842 by the construction of the theater, city hall and the courthouse. Bourgeois residences feature large facades, symmetrical and orderly, enhanced electrical decorations popular until 1930. They have one or two floors with large open windows, and under roofs, attic rooms reserved for servants who still represent 8% of the workforce in the early 19th century. Between traffic lanes, walk the boulevard with its bandstand and newspapers, is a busy place.
  • The Gambetta Square is a popular place of Châtelleraudais who come to take the air. It is dominated by the monument to the glory of the revolution, installed in 1890 to celebrate the triumph of the republic. At the foot of the latter is the memorial statue of the 1914-1918 war, directed by Aimé October 1926. This public garden is very pleasant.
  • Walk in the park as the Orchard which inspired Jean de la Fontaine, on the site of the factory, the Garden Manager, which is part of an amazing industrial setting, between Vienna and lined with plane channel.
  • The archives of the weapons: installed since 1969 in the premises of the Manufacture, the center archives Armament retains its archives since 1820 and records of civilian employees of the Department of Defense since 1870. The archive center is the place to discover local history. A reading room is open to all open access or by appointment.
  • Former theater currently under restoration, this is a historic Italian theater of about 400 seats, it is part of Châtellerault heritage as its history. Guided tours of the old theater is by appointment with the association of the ancient theater of Châtellerault and Virginia Tostain, host Heritage city.
  • The new theater, entertainment venue, theater ...
  • The Angelarde, a theater where you can watch theatrical performances.
  • The Dupleix has kept up since the Middle Ages, its traditional market function. In 1902, we began construction of new halls. Rise buildings around the square, their facades are inspired by the Art Nouveau style then in vogue, drawing on the plant and animal directory.
  • Camille Hogues The bridge, built in 1900, should facilitate access to the Manufacture and allow the expansion of the working-class neighborhood on the right bank. The book is a bold project. Reinforced concrete is used here for the first time in France in a book of a long range (144 meters).
  • The Grand Street Châteauneuf, which stretches until Estrées bridge is the main artery of the suburb. Shopping street, it is home to many small shops are increasing to meet the growing needs arising from the extension of the city.
  • On the banks of the Vienne, many leisure activities are practiced: bathroom, regattas Water Company, fishing competition but also taverns that are extremely successful.
  • Churches Châtellerault to reflect this period of great religious building that was the 11th century, when the West was covered with a "white mantle of churches." Visit the church of Saint-Jacques Châtellerault and Saint-Jean-Baptiste church.
  • The Cognet island, born of a natural disaster: admire and go on the island near the Henri IV bridge.
  • School of Visual Arts offers year-round exhibitions, conferences, workshops, a specialized library, as well as meetings with contemporary artists. It is open to all youth, workers, retirees, willing to learn and practice the arts.
  • The animations by the Service City and art and history Country: animations, guided tours, archi coffee ... throughout the year.
  • The National Circus School is the only school in France in which the circus arts option is taught in high school as part of a national resource center and circus arts to this degree. Many performances take place under the tent school in the grounds of the Manufacture.
  • The swimming pool area: The pool is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. Three basins are dedicated to specific activities.
Detailed information
TransportTrain station of Châtellerault
Information pointsInter-communal Tourist Office of the Châtelleraudais
Leisure centresMunicipal Museum of Châtellerault,   Museum of L'auto, la moto et la vélo
MonumentsCastle of Targé
Performance hallsL'Angelarde - Complexe Culturel,   Theatre Nouveau Théâtre,   Theatre Populaire de Chatellerault
Natural sitesForest of Châtellerault


  • Annual flea market: the last weekend of April, District Three Pigeons.
  • 1st Sunday of the month flea Boulevard Blossac.
  • Jazzellerault: in June.
  • Music Festival: June 21
  • Visit the architectural route: from July to August, every Saturday morning.
  • Heritage Day Small Country: mid-June.
  • Ancient Love: late July.
  • Feast of Moussais: late July.
  • Great flea market: early July.
  • Acadian Festival: August 15.
  • The Romance Nights.
  • Bistrot Guinguettes: Thursdays in July and August.
  • Race donkeys in Availles Châtellerault in August.
  • Days Vienna 3 themed events including a major event, June-July-August.
  • Heritage Days: mid-September, architectural career.
  • Chocolate Fair in October.
  • Wedding Exhibition: in November.
  • Christmas Activities: outdoor rink is installed on the central plaza.


  • The discovery routes can highlight a rich heritage and secular oriented around people and their activities:
  • Route des Acadiens.
  • Route Skippers.
  • Itinerary cutlery.
  • Route of Saint-Jacques de Compostela.
  • Itinerary Manufacture of weapons Châtellerault.
  • Châtellerault of the Belle Epoque.
  • Châtellerault the Russian time.
  • Route mills and milling.
  • Itinerary millstone.
  • Bridges.
  • The windows.
  • Famous People.
  • Parks and gardens.
  • The crafts.
  • All these routes are available at the Tourist Office free for you to accompany your walks and visits.
  • Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela towards Tours, Châtellerault is located on one of the main French roads leading to Saint-Jacques de Compostela in Spain. Like other pilgrimages, rich and poor pilgrims journeyed and worshiped the Apostle. The symbolic St Jacques is very present in the city: Porte Saint-Jacques Rue du Cygne Saint-Jacques church Saint-Jacques, commander of Ozon.
  • Circuits bike: cycling tour of Cenon-sur-Vienne Bonnauil-Matours, 4 circuits Colombiers 4 circuits hiking cyclos in Châtelleraudais Country.
  • Other countries Châtelleraudais churches: St. Peter Church Thuré, Our Lady of Colombiers Naintré Saint Vincent, Saint-Pierre de Bonneuil-Matours, Abbey Star Archigny, St. Ambrose of Montmorillon Saint-André de Senillé, St. Anthony of Foucaudière-Saint-Sauveur.
  • Enjoy delicacies such as melons Poitou, the Poitevin stuffed, ground and sanded Poitou, goat cheese and apricots Montgamé, gastronomic heritage of Poitou.
  • Visit the Art Châtelleraudais Country craftsmen, exceptional talent: designers precious metals, piano makers, masons, painters decor, bronze-art, metal sculptors, vitraillistes, pro ...
  • Point Forclan: at the confluence of the Vienne and Clain, the tip of Forclan is the ideal place for a walk by the river, a fishing trip or just a relaxing time.
  • Mini-port Cenon: discover the valley of Vienna in a unique way: the mini-harbor offers a ride on the river aboard silent, easy and fun to drive electric boats.
  • Aven'Thuré: discover the unique experience in the heart of the forest Thuré.
  • Forest of Châtellerault: at the southern entrance of the city, the forest, with an area of ​​532 hectares, offers a natural environment conducive to the ride, the sport with a fitness trail marked, bowling, games for children , picnic tables ... Located on the edge of the forest of Châtellerault, Lake Forest offers a pleasant space for walkers. Roads are constructed and infrastructure allow picnic.
  • Leisure Archigny: located near the village of Archigny the heart of a wooded countryside, arranged around a lake, it is available all year round.
  • To discover family, fishing courses arranged Châtelleraudais Country.
  • Mill Chitre - Ecologia: the discovery of two natural sites: the mill and an exhibition on the Pinail.
  • Gallo-Roman theater of Old Poitiers Naintré.
  • Farm to Acadian Archigny.
  • Path ecology along rivers: the time for a walk in the park Crémault, take the path discovery dedicated to the ecology of rivers.
  • Forest Moulière: an area of ​​4171 hectares, the forest of Moulière is the largest forest open to the public department of Vienne. It is situated between the valleys of the Vienne and Clain and the heart of a triangle whose vertices are formed by the three largest cities of the region: Poitiers, and Châtellerault Chauvigny.
  • Natural Laumont to Naintré Site: This is an old quarry that has been a program of ecological restoration. More than 40 species have been recorded in Laumont.
  • Hiking Trails: common Châtelleraudais offer one or more carefully selected routes: not less than 400 km marked at your disposal to explore the city and countryside. An IGN map of the country has been specially edited to guide you and help you discover the rich landscape and local heritage.
  • Nature Reserve Pinail: discover the paths of millstone.
  • Acadian Online: behold the Acadian houses along the Acadian line.
  • Trail cutlery Bridge Domine and locality casting green to Naintré. This trail allows you to discover the history of cutlery. You can also discover the polisher Naintré: placed on the website of the Green corridor, this sandstone table céromanien weighs about 4.5 tons.
  • Farm Thuré discovery: it offers many activities on topics as diverse as nature, rural environment, agriculture Poitiers ... Tasting events are also organized to discover the local products produced in the traditional way by farmers in the region: gingerbread, cheese, snails, melons ...
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Le Châtelier Castle music festivalCulture and education12 €Paulmy (27 km)

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Henri IV bridgeHenri IV bridge
The arms factoryThe arms factory
The gargoyles, an ornament of architectureThe gargoyles, an ornament of architecture


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Thursday 29 January
Min. 4°C - Max. 7°C
Friday 30 January
Min. 4°C - Max. 6°C
Saturday 31 January
Min. 1°C - Max. 5°C


French cuisine restaurantLa Gourmandine  
GOURMET KITCHEN - A bucolic setting in the heart of a park of 4000m2, a gourmet French cuisine that will awaken your senses and a renowned chef at the restaurant La Gourmandine ......
Located in Châtellerault32 € per person 

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Castle with 4 bedroomsLes Niallières  
A 3 km from the Bordeaux-Paris axis, this small castle, located in a large park in the quiet, welcomes you in a step on the road vacation or for a few days of rest. Balloon off from...
Located 6.9 km from ChâtelleraultFrom 74 € to 82 € the double room 
Castle with 5 bedroomsChateau de piolant  
The castle lies between Futuroscope and the Loire castles offers spacious and comfortable rooms and a guest room (with bathroom and toilet) cabin in an old oak tree.
Located 11.5 km from ChâtelleraultFrom 75 € to 145 € the double room 
Manor house with 4 bedroomsManoir Le Cristal (futuroscope)    
Catherine and Philippe invite you to discover the castles of the Loire and Futuroscope. You will stay in a 3 Bed spacious and comfortable, between Poitiers and Chatellerault, a few...
Located 13.4 km from Châtellerault70 € the double room 

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Apartment for 4 personsApparthotel 'La Batellerie'  
The apartments are on the first and second floor of a building of the xix century on the banks of Vienna, opposite the Henri iv bridge in the historic heart of Chatellerault. Enjoy...
Located in ChâtelleraultFrom 630 € to 770 € per week 
House for 10 personsLe Pressoir   NEW
Come relax and discover our beautiful region the ' Poitou- Charentes. ' - In a true artisan and family oil mill dating from 1810, the Wine Press offers tranquility and silence. A warm...
Located 7.4 km from Châtellerault690 € per week 
Apartment for 4 personsLe Maigrebois
Come have fun in an old country house of the 19th century in the hamlet of Maigrebois. Located south of the Loire Valley near the banks of Vienna, in a quiet and relaxing environment...
Located 15.8 km from ChâtelleraultFrom 450 € to 550 € per week 

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Nouvelle Classe Hotel - Hotel in ChâtelleraultNouvelle Classe Hotel    
Nouvelle Classe Hotel is located a 15-minute drive from Poitiers and the Futuroscope theme park. It offers en suite, air-conditioned rooms with a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi. Nouvelle...
Located in ChâtelleraultRoom from 29 €
ibis Chatellerault - Hotel in Châtelleraultibis Chatellerault     
Just 3 km from Chatellerault city centre, 5 km from Chatellerault rail station and 15 km from the Futuroscope, ibis Chatellerault offers a bar, restaurant, free Wi-Fi and free parking....
Located in ChâtelleraultRoom from 58 €
Campanile Chatellerault - Hotel in ChâtelleraultCampanile Chatellerault     
Ideally situated only 3 km from Chatellerault city centre and train station, the hotel is also close to the A10 motorway and the RN10. With 49 comfortable and well-equipped rooms, the...
Located in ChâtelleraultRoom from 56 €

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Hotel Plaza - site du Futuroscope
Located 8 km from Poitiers, the Hotel Plaza is just a 500 metre walk from the Futuroscope theme park. It offers an indoor swimming pool and air-conditioned...
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