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Insee code73065
AltitudeFrom 245 to 560 meters
Surface20.99 km²
Population60299 inhabitants
Density2872 inhabitants/km²


National labelsBarberaz at 2.9 km (8 min)
DepartmentSavoieJacob-Bellecombette at 2.9 km (7 min)
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  • An exceptional setting:
  • Ideally located, is Chambéry city gate 3 parks: Parc National de la Vanoise and Regional Parks Bauges and Chartreuse. The city opened in 2006 a House Parks and Mountain. The environment Chambéry also offers many possibilities with water lakes Bourget Aiguebelette ...
  • Chambéry enjoys privileged access means which make it one of the engines urban downhill path.
  • Airports: Lyon St Exupéry to 50 minutes - Geneva Airport 1 hour - Chambéry Airport / Savoie 10 minutes.
  • Highways: Lyon, Geneva 1 hour - Annecy, Albertville 30 minutes - 45 minutes Grenoble.
  • Train: Paris Gare de Lyon at 2:50 - Direct TGV - In winter, nearly 2 million skiers pass by Chambéry station.
  • A City of Art and History:
  • The charm of the old center.
  • Ancient Capital of the Dukes of Savoy, Chambéry has many museums and historic buildings: Castle, Sainte Chapelle, mansions of the Renaissance in the 19th century ... A maze of alleys is an excuse to travel through time. Discover Charles Dullin theater, a replica of La Scala!
  • Following the Dukes: Chambéry has kept its identity historic capital of Savoie. It still has beautiful remains as the old Castle of the Dukes and Counts of Savoy, which was home to the Shroud.
  • Chambéry chimes: The 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at 17:30 Chambery and tourists hear the most beautiful musical works performed by one of the largest carillons in the world. It is composed of 70 bronze bells, the heaviest of which weighs nearly five tons! This results in unique sounds, exceptional musicality and absolute accuracy.
  • Preserved collections:
  • Museum of Fine Arts.
  • The Savoyard Museum.
  • The Museum of Charmettes.
  • Rousseau, always present: Having lived almost ten years Chambéry, home of Jean-Jacques Charmettes is now transformed into a museum. The garden was laid out in the spirit of the eighteenth century, recalling the philosopher's passion for botany.
  • City of architecture in the modern district, the architecture reveals bold, with achievements such as the Espace Malraux (designed by Mario Botta), the Media Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the Congress Centre Roundabout, City of Arts ...
  • Innovative City: Chambéry meets with modernity and authenticity happiness, relaxation and intense economic activities.
  • Economic City: Chambéry has strong economic resources:
  • Dynamic sectors (materials, food, live trade)
  • Technolac a technological pole tip
  • The University of Savoie, the Graduate School of Business, the School of Engineering ...
  • City of relaxation: Numerous recreational opportunities are also available for the well-being of residents: cinema, cultural and sporting areas.
  • Sports City: Jackson Richardson, world champion in 2001, chose the handball club Chambéry to continue his national career.
  • Chambéry has received numerous awards over the years including:
  • 2005 Road Safety.
  • First photovoltaic plant.
  • First city for public reading in 2001.
  • 1st Prize Bike Or 1998.
  • Gold Trophy Handicap Integration 1997.
  • 1st National Prize Illuminations Night 1995.
  • The gourmet specialties: Chambéry has a multitude of specialties, which can compose a real menu.
  • An appetizer to start. The tradition of liqueurs and syrups is rooted in Chambéry cuisine. The best known are the Génépi the Vermouth and Chambéry Chambéryzette.
  • Pasta to continue. Chambéry is still very attached to his milling tradition, especially with Crozets these small squares of dough.
  • Some cheeses will. Many cheeses are made near Chambéry: the Farou the Colombier.
  • Sweets to finish off. Chambéry is a city where a lot of chocolate is consumed. Probably for this reason that there is so relaxed ... Chocolate pralines, almonds ... The chambériennes many delicious pastries are: the Chambery, Savoie cake, the Chimney Sweep Savoyard, the Holy Génix ...
  • To drink ... This meal can be sprinkled Savoie wines. The Savoy include 22 wines and AOC 4.
  • The food tasted with an Opinel. Created in 1890 by a Maurienne, Joseph Opinel, this knife has entered the dictionary in 1989, and appears in several museums worldwide.


  • The castle of the Dukes of Savoy:
  • The former residence of the Earls and Dukes of Savoy, the castle is a collection of buildings built in the Middle Ages to the present day which today houses the municipal offices and the General Council.
  • The main sites accessible with a guide-lecturer are: Tower Cash (XIV c.), The lower rooms (XIV c.), Half-round tower (XIV-XIX c.) And the Sainte Chapelle ( fifteenth century., 17th c. and 19th c.) (Gothic arches painted in trompe l'oeil windows of the 15th century) which hosted the 1502 to 1578 the Holy Shroud in Turin today. See also, the 37 bells of the old carillon installed in 1937 in the Courtyard of the Castle in 2007.
  • The largest carillon:
  • Built in 1993 and installed in the Tower Yolande flanking the apse of the Sainte Chapelle of the Castle of the Dukes of Savoy, the Grand Carillon is the work of the Paccard Foundry of Sevriez (Haute Savoie). With 70 bells, is the largest in France and is part of the inner circle of the 8 largest carillons in the world. The homogeneity of timbre due to its construction by a single factor and in a short period of time (a year and a half) gives it a personality and a rich sound unique.
  • Concerts on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at 17:30.
  • Charles Dullin Theatre: From theater built in 1824 thanks to General Boigne, but badly damaged by fire in 1864, remains above all a great stage curtain painted by Luigi Vacca and representing "The descent of Orpheus in the Underworld". Rebuilt in 1866 by architects Pellegrini and Revel on the model of theaters "Italian" (his nickname "Little Scala"), the current theater is home to a large room in a horseshoe with four sets of galleries superimposed and a small room called "concerts". It is named after Charles Dullin, famous playwright original Savoy (1885-1949).
  • The ancient city: Nestled at the foot of the Ducal Castle, the ancient center offers a dense urban fabric and original strongly influenced by the presence of water. This set is characterized by a maze of alleys, mansions inspired Piedmont, of trompe l'oeil ... This frame homogeneous, protected within a conservation area, has opened on the outskirts of contemporary creation.
  • The Boigne Street: The rectilinear axis, surrounded by porticos in Turin, was pierced through the generosity of General Boigne. Real gap in the urban fabric inherited from the Middle Ages, the artery connects the column Boigne the castle of the Dukes of Savoy.
  • The Place Saint-Léger: Heart of the primitive city, the Place Saint-Leger has again become a place of entertainment as a result of its development (late 70s). Behind its colorful facades, a maze of alleys can circulate in the course of hotels, giving the city its peculiar physiognomy.
  • The Lower Castle Street: This street inherited from medieval times retains one of the last aerial walkways of the city.
  • The Golden Cross Street: For centuries, travelers from Italy entered the city by this road. Aristocratic and artisan district until the 19th century, many stories are still visible: to notice the wrought iron gates of the hotel Castagnery (No. 18) and the facade of the hotel and the Marche de Bellegarde (No. 19).
  • The role of the Town Hall: On the site of the Antonine convent was built in 1860, the City Hall, symbol of the annexation to France. Part of the square was rebuilt after the 1944 bombing that destroyed 1/5th of the city.
  • The Metropolitan Cathedral St. Francis de Sales:
  • The church built in the 15th century by the Franciscans became a cathedral in 1779, during the creation of the bishopric of Chambéry.
  • It houses the largest collection of trompe l'oeil paintings of Europe.
  • Its treasury keeps an ivory diptych of the 12th century Byzantine-style.
  • Its romantic organ directed by Augustin Zeiger (1847) has been classified a historical monument in 1988. A complete reconstruction of the instrument unusable was performed by Atelier Pascal Quoirin in 2001. It is among the finest and most important organs of the Rhone-Alps, with 50 speaking registers on 3 manuals and pedal.
  • Open: Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 11:45 and from 15h to 18h. Sunday from 10am to 12:15 and 14:30 to 20:15. Metropolitan Place - Tel. : +33 4 79 33 25 00.
  • Guided tours all year through tours of the ancient city.
  • Treasury open on Saturday from 15h to 17h from May 15 to September 15.
  • Auditions organ in July and August at 17:30, preceded by a guided tour to 17h (free).
  • The Notre Dame:
  • From the vast Jesuit convent, remains only the Church of Our Lady from the 17th century in Baroque style.
  • Address: Rue Saint Antoine.
  • Tel. : +33 4 79 68 96 50.
  • Opening: Tuesday to Friday from 15h to 18h and Saturday from 9:30 to 11:30 and from 15h to 18h30.
  • The Church of Lémenc:
  • Lémenc Hill is the site of first occupancy of the city. The church has a crypt, religious relic among the oldest and most beautiful of Savoy. The pre-Romanesque rotunda of the crypt is extended by a portion of the 15th century which was placed in a burial.
  • Address: Boulevard de Lemenc.
  • Open: Saturday from 17h to 18h and Sundays from 9:30 to 10:30.
  • Group visits on reservation +33 4 79 33 42 47 or +33 4 79 70 15 94.
  • The Contemporary City:
  • Place the Courthouse: This vast square in the Italian mineral arranged in 2002 by Jean-Jacques Morisseau, together on the same level roadways and pedestrian areas. It is bordered on three sides by impressive buildings: the Clermont Hotel Mont Saint Jean (or Customs) built in the late 18th century. Lapret by the architect, the courthouse built after the plans of Pierre-Louis Besson in 1850 and the Museum of Fine Arts located in the former granary in 1887 by François superelevated Pelaz. Once in the middle of the square, the statues of Antoine Favre, President of the Senate of Savoy, and his allegories (1865) were relocated Museum side.
  • The City of Arts (Aurelio Galfetti and Yann Keromnes - 2002): Built as an innovative process it uses for the first time in France a self-cleaning concrete and has a very acoustic study. Consists of two volumes connected by a basement that preserves the view of the park and the mountains, the City of Arts houses the RRC (Regional Conservatoire) of Chambéry - Pays de Savoie but also the Municipal School of Art, the APEJS (Association for the Promotion of Education and Contemporary Music in Savoy) and numerous musical associations, auditorium, concert hall and exhibition space. Jardin du Verney - Tel. : +33 4 79 60 23 70.
  • The neighborhood Curial: Former Barracks Infantry of the Napoleonic era built on the model of the Invalides and consists of a large courtyard surrounded by porticoes. The rehabilitation of the military district (square Curial and riding cavalry) was accompanied by contemporary constructions becoming one of the cultural hubs of the city.
  • L'Espace Malraux (Mario Botta - 1987): Allowing to host the biggest European shows of theater, music and dance, the Espace Malraux is an essential part of the cultural landscape of the Rhone-Alpes. The building has a hall of 950 seats in the image of ancient theaters, a scene of 450 m² and a rehearsal room. A film "arthouse", a show ring and two exhibition halls with a special focus to the image, meeting rooms, help make it a place of meetings, exchanges and confrontations full of life and energy. Tel. +33 4 79 85 55 43.
  • The library Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Aurelio Galfetti -1992): It provides the public all media classic documentaries (books, magazines ...) or the cutting edge of technology (records, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs ...) and a multimedia workshop and service for the visually impaired. It also has an important heritage background (illuminated manuscripts). Carré Curial - Tel. +33 4 79 60 04 04. Open: Tuesday and Friday from 12 am to 19 pm Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 to 18.
  • The House and Mountain Parks.
  • The Convention Centre The Armoury (Morisseau Jean-Jacques - 1992): From the old armory cavalry era Sardinian (1845), the architect chose to retain the original facade he put enhanced by an immense glass structure. Light and transparency are thus combined to provide warmth and charm, enhanced by the presence of four palms of Alicante. A unique and exceptional for all events. Conference room of 400 seats. Meeting rooms (1 room of 700 m²). 331 Republic Street - Tel. : +33 4 79 33 30 30 - Email:
  • The Lighthouse (Jean-Loup Patriache - 2008): Trade fairs, business conventions, sports, concerts, shows ... New multifunctional equipment capable of hosting major economic events, sports competitions of national or even international performances of famous artists ...
  • The statues, parks and gardens:
  • The Fountain of the Elephants: Erected in 1838 by sculptor Sappey to pay tribute to General de Boigne (1751-1830) who, after gaining fame and fortune in India, was the great benefactor of Chambéry, his hometown. He made particular piercing Boigne Street lined with porticoes to Turin. The four elephants recall the military campaigns of the Indian General whose statue dominates the monument.
  • The statue of de Maistre Brothers: Made in 1899 by sculptor Dubois in memory of Joseph and Xavier de Maistre, philosopher and writer, born Chambéry.
  • The Sasson: This monument by sculptor Falguière, commemorates the first annexation of Savoy to France, which took place at the time of the Revolution in 1792. The term "Sasson" in the Savoyard dialect means "fat woman".
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Work of Mars-Vallet (1910) located at Clos Savoiroux (bd Lémenc), it is a rambler down towards the city.
  • The Black Penitents: Built in 1865 to serve as a fixed station to the Black Penitents, a confraternity of lay people who had particular duties to support the death penalty and to ensure their burial, the memorial was renovated in 2007 suburb. The cross of the Black Penitents since 1861 is installed on top of Nivolet and is floodlit at night and serves as a benchmark for Chambériens.
  • The Round Bush Park and Castle Boigne: landscaped park built in 1810 by General de Boigne. Alpine Rose Garden welcoming 6,000 plants representing 83 varieties ... Castle in the early 19th century.
  • The Verney Park: The oldest green area of ​​the city, given Chambériens by Amadeus VI, Count Green, in 1381. Many varieties of trees, plants and floral arrangements create a mosaic of colors.
  • The enclosed Savoiroux: Very rich in varieties of trees and shrubs, this park has a beautiful cedar of Lebanon, imposing blue cedars of the Atlas and a beautiful copper beech.
  • The garden of the Museum of Natural History: Former garden of the castle, it has a garden of scents and touch for the visually impaired, and several remarkable trees: a Corsican pine, a cedar of Lebanon, a Davidia (or tree with pockets money) dotted with white bracts when blossoms in June.
  • The park and trail Calamine Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Climb through the park, very steep, whose summit you can admire Chambéry. A marked trail leads you to the house of Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Charmettes and you can go down by the Park of Buisson Rond.
  • The trompe l'oeil: Technique highly developed Chambéry found in churches (Holy Chapel, Cathedral ...) on the facades of houses and mansions, in the climbs stairs ... The Chambéry historical and contemporary Chambéry meet through this technique that the city continues (Maison des Associations ...).
  • The Museum of Fine Arts: Primitives of Savoy (late Middle Ages). Large collection of Italian paintings of the 14th to the 18th century (Bartolo di Fredi, Uccello, Guercino) evoking the schools of Siena, Florence, Naples, Bologna, Venice. The French school is also shown around the neoclassical (Xavier de Maistre, Langlois, Peytavin).
  • Open access except temporary exhibitions.
  • Address: Place du Palais de Justice.
  • Tel. : +33 4 79 33 75 03.
  • Open daily except Tuesdays and holidays from 10am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm.
  • Free the first Sunday of the month.
  • Guided tours.
  • The museum Savoisien:
  • Set in the former Franciscan monastery, it presents the Savoy through its archeology, its history, ethnography and art.
  • Do not miss the murals Cruet (late 13th century). Temporary exhibitions.
  • Address: Square Bissy Lannoy.
  • Tel. : +33 4 79 33 44 48.
  • Open daily except Tuesdays and holidays, from 10am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm.
  • Free the first Sunday of the month.
  • Guided tours.
  • The Charmettes, House of Jean-Jacques Rousseau:
  • Located in the heart of a preserved valley, the country house where Jean-Jacques Rousseau lived with Madame de Warrens is an important place of literary pilgrimage. It is now a museum with a beautiful garden in the spirit of the 18th century., Says the philosopher's passion for botany.
  • Temporary exhibitions.
  • Free admission.
  • Address: 890 Chemin des Charmettes.
  • Tel. : +33 4 79 33 39 44.
  • Open daily except Tuesdays and holidays, from 1 October to 31 March from 10am to 12pm and from 14 to 16:30 from April 1 to September 30 from 10am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm.
  • The Natural History Museum: currently closed.
  • Set in a botanical garden of remarkable trees, it exhibits interesting specimens in mineralogical, zoological, geological and entomological.
  • Address: 208 avenue de Lyon.
  • Information on +33 4 79 62 18 68.
Detailed information
TransportTrain station of Chambéry-Challes-les-eaux
Information pointsTourist Office of Chambéry
Leisure centresMuseum Savoisien,   Museum of Fine Art of Chambéry,   Museum of Natural History of Chambéry,   Museum of the Charmettes - Maison Jean-Jacques Rousseau,   Skating Rink of Buisson Rond
MonumentsCastle of Buisson-Rond,   Castle of Caramagne,   Castle of the Ducs de Savoie,   Cathedral Saint-François-de-Sales,   Fountain of the Éléphants
Performance hallsCité des arts de Chambéry,   Espace Malraux - Scène Nationale,   Exhibition Park Savoiexpo,   Le Phare,   Le Scarabée,   MJC Totem en Scène


Main events:

  • Carnival in February.
  • Days of the vehicle used in March.
  • World Tour at the Manege: late March and early April.
  • Home Show and Garden - Eco-Energy in April.
  • Jumble Spring in April.
  • Open Chess Spring: May.
  • First Novel Festival: May.
  • The Night of museums in May.
  • Cirq'ule Festival: in June.
  • Market of the Continents: in June.
  • Music Festival: June 21
  • Fair and Solar Building: late June.
  • The Summer of the Castle: June-July-August.
  • City Summer: July-August.
  • Musical Festivals of Savoy in July and August.
  • World Folklore Festival in July.
  • International Chess Festival in August.
  • Chamber Music Encounters of Bel Air in September.
  • Fair Savoy in September.
  • Heritage Days, in September.
  • Jumble Fall: late September.
  • Motor Show: in October.
  • International Festival of Comics: in October.
  • Comedy Festival: October.
  • Real Estate Show: in October.
  • The Autumnal's First Novel: in November.
  • Living Taste and Terroirs: end of November.
  • Christmas market: in December.


Between lakes and mountains ... Chambéry, ideal base to discover the Alps. Its privileged location promises every day a new field of discovery and adventure: the heart of mountains renowned for their beauty and natural, on the threshold of three parks (Regional Parks Bauges and Chartreuse and the National Park the Vanoise), close to the largest ski areas in the Alps, near the largest natural lake in France, Lake Bourget, and a pearl emerald lake Aiguebellette, and many more lakes smaller but equally charming, such as Lake St. Andrew or the lake of La Thuile. Alpine crossroads of Europe, also offers Chambéry Italy and Switzerland a few miles of highway for a trip beyond the borders. Chambéry, door three lakes and three parks.

  • Lake Bourget:
  • Chambéry the gates of paradise ducks, birds, fishermen and vacationers, Lake Bourget glacial is the largest natural lake in France. 18 km long, it stretches languidly, ranging inland sea and mountain lake.
  • Its western shore, uninhabited, inaccessible by land was called wild coast: it looks like an offshore island, with its coves and anchorages.
  • Its ecosystem has been preserved: the north end of the lake, reedbeds house ducks, coots, grebes, moorhens, herons and even a few cormorants.
  • In its mountain setting, Lamartine and romantics made it a mecca of French poetry.
  • From Bourget-du-Lac to Chautagne, via Savières Canal which connects the Rhone, Hautecombe Abbey, the Chambotte, Aix-les-Bains and Revard, around the lake offers many views and attractions.
  • All water sports are king. Swimming, diving, sailing, are part of everyday life in water that reached 25 degrees in summer.
  • Accessible by bike from Chambéry Green Avenue (10 miles).
  • Line of beaches: bus from Chambéry serving the beaches during the summer.
  • Lake Aiguebelette:
  • Lake Aiguebelette, small pearl emerald, welcomes you in a natural setting conducive to healing, relaxation and sports and outdoor activities.
  • The third largest natural lake in France by its size of 545 hectares, is located in the heart of the Avant-Pays Savoyard at the door and the Natural Park of Chartreuse.
  • Its banks and its pretty slick water triangular decorated with two small islands south remained very wild and authentic. Lake Aiguebelette indeed has a remarkable ecosystem and natural areas protected and classified: 70 hectares of reed beds, meadows, woodlands and wetlands and aquatic beds ensure ecological diversity and quality of lake water.
  • Very popular with fishermen, the lake is surrounded by typical boat sheds and garages, unique heritage in Europe.
  • To preserve the purity, serenity and beauty of its waters, various protective measures are implemented and thermal power boats are prohibited.
  • The remarkable smoothness of the lake up to 28 ° is an oasis of relaxation for all ages: its banks, no less than seven beaches, maintained and monitored in summer are open to swimmers and offer many leisure.
  • Lake Saint Andrew:
  • Havre charming, Lake Saint Andre is nestled at the foot of the massive north face of Mont Granier (among the highest cliffs of France - 900 m) and the heart of the largest wine industry Savoyard whose sunny slopes give wines the endearing specificity: Abymes, Apremont Mondeuse, Chignin-Bergeron.
  • True paradise for flora and fauna, this lake will delight lovers of fishing and walkers will offer a peaceful place for relaxation.
  • Accessible by bike from Chambéry Green Avenue (15 miles).
  • The Regional Natural Park of the Bauges just get the Geopark label:
  • Overlooking Chambéry and Lake Bourget, the Bauges has been termed "Regional Park" in 1995. Since then it has maintained its agricultural activities while affirming its vocation for tourism.
  • It covers 81,000 ha and 58 municipalities.
  • You'll discover an island of unspoiled nature, which tamed the time and escape the crowds. With multiple hamlets, he invites hikers to stroll to discover, to turn a corner, a barn, a bread oven, a chapel, an oratory or pond flowers ...
  • On foot, on horseback, with a donkey, cycling, paragliding, skiing or snowshoeing, the Bauges is a field of discovery for walkers of all levels.
  • The mountains are home to a remarkable flora and fauna and varied, including the National Hunting Reserve and Wildlife Bauges that protects chamois, mountain sheep, marmots, grouse ...
  • The range of local products (cheese, wine) will delight the palate of gourmets and gourmands. Bauges Tome and goat cheese "Chevrotin" both having been awarded the "AOC" combine the excellent AOC wines "Vins de Savoie" Combe de Savoie.
  • The Bauges is also two stations: The Aillons-Margeriaz combination of a resort village and a pleasant stage snow. Savoie Grand Revard, the first site in northern France, which has a multi-activity area with three gateways: Féclaz, Le Revard and St. Francis de Sales.
  • Discover the magic of a mountain lake a few miles from Chambéry: Lake La Thuile, the only natural lake Bauges (874 m).
  • The Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse:
  • After being (in 1084) the cradle of the order of Carthusian fathers, the emerald of the Alps, as Stendhal loved to define, has become a Regional Park in 1995.
  • Covering 69 000 ha and 52 municipalities between the departments of Isère and Savoie, plains, hills and highlands make it an exceptional territory only a few kilometers of Chambéry.
  • Traditionally land of welcome, the monastery offers authentic villages and in the middle of a ubiquitous nature and majestic to everyone and every season.
  • Massif ideal for sports or hiking and discovering the pleasures of snow (snowshoeing, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, sledding ...).
  • Flora and wildlife are well represented in this natural setting preserved and spectacular (bighorn sheep, marmot, snow vole, golden eagles ...).
  • See also this territory by tasting its products and strolling from studio to studio, exhibitions in museums, to explore the local handicrafts that has been perpetuated over the years.
  • Do not miss: Cirque de Saint-Even, circus spectacular, magical place, the paradise of the Chartreuse.
  • The Vanoise National Park:
  • Between glaciers and mountain lakes, accessible from a standing wonder Chambéry.
  • The Vanoise National Park is the oldest national park in France. With its 107 mountain lakes reaching over 3000 m and its twenty glaciers, the Vanoise National Park is a paradise for hikers high level, but it is not, however, reserved their. In its lower parts, walkers of all fitness levels can enjoy the edelweiss, gentians, rhododendrons, or one of the other 1200 plant varieties listed in the park.
  • The fauna is also particularly well developed: there are no fewer than 2,000 ibex and chamois in 5000 the park. But you can also discover smaller mammals such as stoats, weasels and of course the famous marmots whose screams will reveal its presence. Vanoise is a choice hunting ground for raptors like golden eagles.
  • For more info: Contact the House and Mountain Parks to the Chambéry +33 4 79 60 04 46.
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Discover oenology with a wine-growerLocal flavoursFrom 10 € to 50 €Cruet (14.2 km)
Canyoning in Vercors or ChartreuseSports sensations45 €Les Échelles (19.1 km)
Tandem paragliding for allSports sensationsFrom 75 € to 140 €Saint-Hilaire (28 km)
Horse riding in the AlpsNature and the outdoorsFrom 25 € to 950 €La Ferrière (30 km)

All leisure activities around Chambéry


Sainte Chapelle Chateau des Ducs de Savoie - ChambérySainte Chapelle Chateau des Ducs de Savoie - Chambéry
St. Leger - ChambérySt. Leger - Chambéry
Prefecture ChambéryPrefecture Chambéry
City Council ChambéryCity Council Chambéry
Fontaine des Elephants - ChambéryFontaine des Elephants - Chambéry
Detail stairsDetail stairs
Detail of ironwork - ChambéryDetail of ironwork - Chambéry
Great rummage sale ChambéryGreat rummage sale Chambéry



A City of Art and History with numerous attractions
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Sunday 1 February
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French cuisine restaurantL'Emulsion  
Located in the city center of Chambéry, just steps from the Castle of the Dukes of Savoy, the restaurant opens its doors emulsion. Enjoy the framework, where ancient and modern meet...
Located in Chambéry35 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantLa Grange  
La Grange restaurant welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere, in a room decorated with wooden symbol of Savoy and the mountain. Come and enjoy an authentic Savoyard cuisine, prepared...
Located in Chambéry25 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantTaverne Maître Kanter Chambéry  
Located in the city center, the Taverne de Maitre Kanter will attract both its exterior as its pleasant environment. This restaurant will be modern and cozy, while focusing on your...
Located in Chambéry25 € per person 

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House with 4 bedroomsMaison d'hôtes les Irisynes    
Between Aix les Bains, spa town with several spa centers where you can practice all water sports on Lake Bourget and Chambéry, historic capital of Savoy, we welcome you all year long...
Located 10 km from Chambéry105 € the double room 
House with 4 bedroomsLa bageatiere  
Near Chambery, in the natural park of Chartreuse and 800 m. Lake Aiguebelette, our house offers the charm of an old farmhouse renovated xvi. We have 4 very comfortable rooms with private...
Located 10.2 km from ChambéryFrom 92 € to 122 € the double room 
House with 3 bedroomsLa grange du rossignolet    
B & Bs welcoming to1,5 km from aiguebelette lake and near the Natural Park of Chartreuse. Three bright and cozy rooms. Very nice environment in the greenery and quiet. Very flowery...
Located 10.9 km from Chambéry65 € the double room 

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House for 4 personsMaison meublée en 73 Savoie  
Nice little house rent furnished bungalow, located in waters Challes royal road between the lake and nearby mountains. Médipôle of Savoy, Granier High School (500 m) - Highway access...
Located 5 km from ChambéryFrom 300 € to 350 € per week 
Chalet for 6 personsLe Chalet de la Forêt  
Les Déserts
Rental of two lodgings in a cottage in The Féclaz, Nordic skiing, alpine heart of Parc Naturel Regional Bauges. Comfortable apartments, fully renovated to new, very well equipped, located...
Located 10.8 km from ChambéryFrom 300 € to 700 € per week 
Apartment for 2 personsLe Repaire des Monchus  
Gîtes renovated part of a rustic cottage, nestled in the meadows of the Avant Pays Savoyard at the foot of the Col du Banchet, near Lake Aiguebelette, 15 minutes highway A43.2 single...
Located 15 km from ChambéryFrom 190 € to 280 € per week 

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195 places over 4,5 haCamping du Sierroz    
Want to get away from it all? Choose Aix-les-Bains, a resort in Savoy between the lake and the mountains. The campsite is ideally located on the banks of Le Bourget Lake, a stone's...
Located 15.1 km from Chambéry 

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Kyriad Chambéry Centre (Hôtel et Résidence) - Hotel in ChambéryKyriad Chambéry Centre (Hôtel et Résidence)    
Kyriad Chambéry Centre (Hôtel et Résidence) is situated near the centre of Chambery, a short walk from the Congress Centre Le Manege and the historical area. It has a fitness room and...
Located in ChambéryRoom from 39 €
Hotel le Cinq - Hotel in ChambéryHotel le Cinq     
Located in central Chambéry, this hotel offers a 24-hour reception, an indoor swimming pool with free access for hotel residents and a bar. It is 550 metres from Chambéry Cathedral...
Located in ChambéryRoom from 89 €
Inter Hôtel des Princes - Hotel in ChambéryInter Hôtel des Princes     
Inter Hotel des Princes is located in old town Chambery, near the le Château des Ducs de Savoie. It offers air-conditioned rooms with satellite TV and free Wi-Fi. A buffet breakfast...
Located in ChambéryRoom from 74 €

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Hôtel l'Aigle des Neiges
L'Aigle des Neiges is a luxury hotel located 1800 metres high in the heart of the old village, very close to the slopes and Espace Killy Olympic downhill...
Hotel Le Hameau Du Kashmir
In Val Thorens Ski Resort, Hotel Le Hameau Du Kashmir features ski-to-door access, a sauna, an indoor swimming pool and a...
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