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Insee code33036
AltitudeFrom 34 to 123 meters
Surface37.29 km²
Population5013 inhabitants
Density134 inhabitants/km²


National labelSaint-Côme at 2.9 km (4 min)
Chief townBordeaux (at 61 km, 47 min)Cazats at 5.3 km (9 min)
DepartmentGirondeSauviac at 5.5 km (11 min)
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  • Location:
  • Located in the Aquitaine region, south of Gironde (60 km from Bordeaux, Arcachon 95 km and 185 km from Toulouse), Bazas is a town of 5000 inhabitants. It is surrounded on the north by the Bordeaux vineyards of Sauternes and Graves, and south by the vast Landes forest. All around her lies the territory of Bazadais that has retained its individuality and authenticity around the melting pot of a city Bazas.
  • Motorway A62 Bordeaux - Toulouse 3 exit Langon 12 km
  • Airport Bordeaux - Merignac at 60 km
  • Gare de Langon 12 km
  • Bus Service
  • History:
  • With the Roman conquest of the people Vasates entered history.
  • From the first Iron Age, it asserts itself as one of the strongholds of the south-west, it is equipped with ramparts and monumental gates that give an early role and some military supremacy. Episcopal city situated on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela, Bazas was until the late 18th century seat of a diocese encompassing the towns of Langon, and Réole Casteljaloux that stretched from the shores of those Leyre Dordogne. Présidial seat, Bazas combines the administrative and judicial functions and then imposes very quickly as the most powerful city in the region that bears his name: the Bazadais.
  • Its prestige has also earned the visit of famous people such as Richard the Lionheart, Charles V and François 1st, Catherine de Medici and Charles IX, Louis 14th and his grand-son, Philip the fifth king of Spain, or yet Napoleon and Charles 4th of Spain to name the most famous.
  • Bazas has kept this great golden age remains, a tradition and know-how.
  • Traditions:
  • The Feast of Beef Fat: Every year, for seven centuries, the Thursday before Mardi Gras, is a feast to Bazas: it is the feast of Beef Fat. This tradition is also celebrated in Bazas surrounding villages. In return for the tribute of Taurus, celebrated in Saint John, the local authority granted to the butchers, the privilege to walk their cattle in the streets for Carnival. Ribboned and groomed the horse through the streets of the city, preceded by the blare of Ripataoulère waders and dances, which take us into the distant past, the traditional rustic festivals colorful, with costumes and period music.
  • The Feast of the pigeon: Each year, the city was decked in blue Bazas to announce the return of the pigeon. Under his decor palombière reconstituted on the Cathedral Square, the famous brotherhood "Lous of Paloumayres Bazats" meets with great pomp his chapter to the Presidial.
  • The Halha of Nadau: This ancient custom was still very rural in Bazadais practiced in the 1980s. It was, on Christmas Eve, for all the family round the fields, a halha hand to ward off the "evil eye" and household good crops. Since 1992, this traditional event relives Bazas in December, a form of a friendly parade, by the light of torches and the sound of fifes.
  • The Feast of St. John: Recovered purely symbolic in 1969, the Tribute is the Taurus since the foundation of the historical celebration of San Juan. A religious festival perpetrated by an Office and the blessing of "Cross of St. John" always handcrafted, there is the pagan festival. On 23 June, the summer solstice is celebrated with great bonfires lit at the beginning of the night, on Cathedral Square. Tradition has it that young people daring jump the fires while the flames are still high! But Bazas, St. John is also the ceremony of homage of Taurus. This is an old local custom coded from 1283. At the time, June 24th, day of Saint John at two o'clock in the afternoon, the bishop with his chapter, went to the Butcher for the gift of a bull, as law collected on the slaughter.
  • On the way to Saint Jacques de Compostela:
  • The discovery of the tomb of St. Jacques in the 11th century Galicia was soon behind a local cult, then a pilgrimage that developed mainly from the 11th century. Bazas is on the Way of Vezelay, in Bazadais, hospitals for many pilgrims had to be to meet demand: Bazas had the great Saint Anthony Hospital north of the city, had Beaulac Saint Jacques Hospital, run by the Order of Malta. Once arrived in Spain, the pilgrims can follow two paths: that of Asturias and the "Camino Frances".
  • Bazas is twinned with the town of Salvatierra in Alava province in Spain, located on one of the roads leading to Saint Jacques de Compostela.
  • Gastronomic specialties:
  • Beef breed Bazadaise - Fat Duck - Capon Grignols - Foie Gras.
  • The cattle breed Bazadaise: This is unquestionably the cattle breed that is the pride of this land to the renowned gastronomy. Representing 1% of the regional livestock, the breed originated from the slopes of Bazadais and the Landes forest. The bull is known for its Bazadais chardonnée dress or dark gray with shades of pommelures more pronounced. That of the female is generally lighter gray and often tinged with wheaten color very attenuated. The horns yellow wax with brown tips are lowered slightly. Reflection of the history, culture and traditions of Bazadais, tenderness and fine taste of its meat is recognized. The breed is also celebrated every year on the Feast of Beef Fat.


  • The Cathedral: historical monument in 1840, this majestic Gothic monument is the largest of the City. Built from the 11th to 14th centuries on the site of a Roman sanctuary still visible in the base of the tower, we venerated the blood of St. John the Baptist. Bishop Arnaud de Pontac and his successors made the rebuilding of 1583 to 1655, following the destructions by the Huguenots. Splendid building a World Heritage by UNESCO as part of the Ways of Saint Jacques de Compostela in 1998, the cathedral reflects the rich architectural past of the city.
  • The Cathedral Square: Formed very likely within its current borders in the late 12th century, she was born with the cathedral. Of exceptional size, 157 m long and 80 m in its greatest width, it borrows from the Renaissance and Middle Ages setting its majestic scenery and regular.
  • The garden of the Chapter: the right of the cathedral. Relics ranging from 1 Iron Age in the 15th century through the Gallo-Roman and Middle Ages.
  • The walk of the Breach: A Bazas, nature is always present, the city opens its doors to the campaign entering it at every moment. The walker up to suit his mood buissonière meeting or guessing around every street.
  • The gate of the Breach: "small door" that allowed access by a discrete transition outside the fortifications.
  • The Sultan's Garden: Rose Garden. Element walls saved the destruction of the late 18th century. All of the walls is included in the Inventory of Historic Monuments since 1994.
  • The door of Gisquet: "stop", restored the "troubadour" style in 1864.
  • Former Présidial: Located Bazas in 1553 near the town hall. The new palace Présidial of 1733 is included in the Inventory of Historical Monuments. His apparatus stone exemplifies the architectural style of the 18th century.
  • The Municipal Museum: Riches archaeological, historical and artistic Bazas and Bazadais. Visit the museum by appointment to the Tourist Office on +33 5 56 25 25 84, open Saturdays in July and August.
  • The Hall: Built in its present form in 1890 by architect Jean Jacques Valleton. Elegant set of stones and bricks.
  • Guided tour of the old city and its monuments appointment to the Tourist Office on +33 5 56 25 25 84.
  • The apothecary of the Hospital Saint Antoine: One of the jewels of the City. This apothecary includes an outstanding collection of ceramics and glassware. Some 110 earthenware pots of sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, astonishing in their beauty and diversity, it is composed. Guided tour of the Apothecary's appointment to the Tourist Office on +33 5 56 25 25 84.
  • The Ornithological Reserve of Lac de la Prade: Set in the midst of hills, the huge water reservoir Lake Prade offers enthusiasts a quiet area conducive to bird watching. A large colony of herons are elected home-ash being neighborly with pairs of great crested grebes. Open all year. Visits by appointment at +33 6 76 99 90 51 Wednesday afternoon from 14h, from May to September.
  • Municipal Pool. Tel. +33 5 56 25 10 05.
  • Fishing Lake Prade: Leaving Bazas by the D9 towards the Réole, you can not ignore it. Embedded in the middle of rolling hills, the huge water reservoir Lake Prade offers enthusiasts a quiet area conducive to bird watching. Fishing. Open all year.
  • Hunting for pigeon.
  • Horse riding (riding school, pony club).
  • Tennis.
  • Aero Club.
  • Possibility to rent bicycles.
  • Playground for children next to the pediment. Games and recreation for children.
  • Pediment: free all year.
  • Skate Park: free all year.
  • Cinema (Meetings on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday program available from the Tourist Office Bazadais).
Detailed information
Information pointsTourist Office of Bazas
MonumentsCathedral Saint-Jean-Baptiste,   Church Notre-Dame dou Mercadilh,   House of L'Astronome,   Town Hall of Bazas


  • Traditional market: Saturday morning. Meat and products directed to the delight of the eyes and taste buds. Every Saturday morning since 1492, a colorful market and typical anime instead of the Cathedral Bazas. Gourmets find the true traditional products of the farm and discover strawberries and asparagus and the skills of artisans and producers. In a party atmosphere you'll have a most enjoyable time.
  • Feast of Beef Fat: Thursday before Shrove Tuesday.
  • Fair wine and chocolate in March.
  • Book Festival young audiences in May.
  • Flower Market: May 8
  • Flea market in July.
  • Flamencofolies in July.
  • A historical: in August.
  • Day Crafts: in September.
  • Forum of Associations: in September.
  • Frequently Asked booksellers: in September.
  • Christmas market: in December.


  • The Bazadais: You'll enjoy discovering the Bazadais, region of ancient traditions, rooted in everyday life. On foot or bicycle, go for a walk on the paths and small roads. The Bazadais offers the authenticity of a cultural and natural heritage brimming with charm around every village, Romanesque churches, traditional homes, laundries old mission cross, stream fishing, farming beef Bazadais, angora goats and capons, discovery farms.
  • Castles of Bazadais: The Bazadais has many tourist attractions. The castles of Cazeneuve Roquetaillade, Villandraut, and collegiate Uzeste make this region an attractive high quality. Close to the prestigious vineyards of Bordeaux, Graves and Sauternes, this enchanting are the most living history books. Restored and carefully preserved, the sites of the country just waiting for you.
  • Circuits of hiking and biking: There are marked trails will introduce you to walk or cycle a region rich in contrasts: culture, meadows, pine forests ... 10 records of hikes on the Bazadais, Captieux Grignols and are available at the Tourist Office of Bazadais.
  • Hiking tours: The eight local loops and the four county circuit 5 to 37 km rejoice all categories of walkers and cyclists.
  • Bicycle paths: Everything is an excuse to ride with the bike path Mios-Bazas that will amaze you with its 60 km of natural and cultural resources and take you to the ocean beaches. Maps and plans guides are available upon request at the Tourist Office.
  • The Country of the Landes de Gascogne: Since Bazas and Bazadais, door Landes de Gascogne, discover a thousand and one treasures. A vast forest area, which constitutes most of the Parc Naturel Régional des Landes de Gascogne. An authentic monuments: castles Clementines, the Armagnac country houses, traditional houses and Landes Armagnacaises. Remarkable natural environments, but also outdoor activities very attractive: hiking, horse riding, cycling and canoeing and kayaking on the Leyre, Ciron and the Twelve ... Not forgetting the famous Ecomuseum Marquèze and his train to Buffalo. You can discover other curiosities that make the charm of this country, while enjoying a tasty "base country" made from excellent local produce.
  • Abbey of Fonguilhem to Masseilles: Founded by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux in the early 12th century, the Cistercian abbey still testifies to the architectural beauty that is born of proportions, materials and simplicity. Opening for free lanes, park and outside. Open from July to September, Monday to Friday from 13h to 19h. Tel. : +33 1 45 79 19 49.
  • Château de Cazeneuve in Préchac: Royal Site, former home of the Kings of Navarre, the King of France Henri 4th and Queen Margot, remains of the ducal family of Sabran-Pontevès. Open daily from June 1 to September 30 from 14h to 18h, from Easter to November, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Groups all year by appointment. Tel. +33 5 56 25 48 16.
  • Budos Castle: Built in 1306, the castle built by William Raymond resembles that of Villandraut. Heritage Clementine.
  • Remains of the castle of the Trave Préchac: Built in 1306, and destroyed in 1454 by the Huguenots in 1572. Ciron Gorges. Heritage Clementine.
  • Castle Roquetaillade Mazères: A unique example of two castles of 12th and 14th centuries furnished and inhabited by the same family for 700 years. Museum of rural life. Heritage Clementine. Open daily from 10h30 to 19h in July and August. Every afternoon of April to November and Sunday, school holidays, public holidays from November to Easter. All year by appointment. Tel. +33 5 56 76 14 16.
  • Collegiate Church of Uzeste: This imposing Gothic building of the 12th and 14th centuries retain the tomb of Pope Clement V, the first French pope in Avignon (1314). Heritage Clementine. Guided tours on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 15h to 18h. Groups all year by appointment.
  • Castle Villandraut: Authentic medieval castle of the year 1305, a historical monument. In this exceptional 14th century, built for Pope Clement 5th are organized events including theater, music, crafts, exhibitions, events ... Heritage Clementine. February-April: open weekends and public holidays from 14h to 18h. May-June: daily from 14pm to 18pm. July-September: daily from 10 to 19. October and November: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 14h to 18h. Tel. +33 5 56 25 87 57.
  • Vernacular Heritage: Round Goualade sheepfold, ovens, fournières, chicken coops, pigeon ...
  • Romanesque churches: Romanesque churches, some of which are classified historic monument (Goualade, Préchac ...)
  • Discovery farms and educational farms in:
  • Bazas (Bazas-breeding, goat).
  • Aubiac (sheep farming).
  • Gajac (ducks).
  • Noaillan (pure sheep cheese).
  • Captieux (farm poultry farm, cattle Bazadais).
  • Wintering in Captieux: Wintering of Common Crane at Camp Post.
  • Fishing:
  • Carpo Ferrant to Sauviac: Sport fishing for large fish in the vast cane carp, koi carp, tench, sturgeon ...
  • Lake Castagnet Villandraut: Open from 1 April to 10 to 19. Picnic area, playground, trout fishing.
  • Cinema in Captieux (sessions Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday program available from the Tourist Office at City Hall and Bazadais Captieux).
  • Pools:
  • Bourideys: municipal swimming pool. (Tel. +33 5 56 25 71 57).
  • Villandraut inter pool. (Tel. +33 5 56 25 85 55/+33 5 56 25 31 39).
  • Canoeing on the Ciron:
  • Watersports Bernos of Beaulac.
  • Basics of Water and Trave Villandraut.
  • Riding: Bernos-Beaulac, Cudos to (pony club), Lartigue, to Noaillan at Préchac at Sauviac at Sigalens (carriage rides), in Uzeste (sleigh rides).
  • Tree climbing (climbing independently, zip ...) to Balizac.
  • Spa Casteljaloux.
  • Craftsman woodwork, old clocks, clothing creation, jewelry and accessories, ceramics, picture framing, restoration of antique furniture and paintings, pottery, ironwork art (training, exhibits, discovery trail), size stone, carpentry tradition, painters and sculptors ...
  • Market Days around:
  • Captieux: Monday morning
  • Grignols: Wednesday morning
  • Langon: Friday and Sunday morning
  • Préchac: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Saint Symphorien: Wednesday morning
  • Villandraut: Thursday morning
  • The Capon Grignols Day: In the land of Grignols, a very ancient custom required that the tenant farmers raise for each year of capons in part to honor the holiday feasts owners. Cereals, milk, bread, spaces, all combined to produce these birds in great tradition. Never been extinguished, the tradition continues each year, the Sunday before Christmas. A farmers market run by music groups and a lunch of capons are organized.
  • The main events in the Bazadais:
  • EcoFoire in Captieux: May.
  • Cherry Festival in Bernos-Beaulac: May.
  • Book Fair Grignols: in June.
  • Farmers Market Country local Captieux: in June and July.
  • Night Markets Grignols: in July and August.
  • Rugby and bullfighting in Captieux: in June.
  • Festival "Journades" to Villandraut in July.
  • The hestejadas to Uzeste in August.
  • Frequently Saint Catherine Grignols: in November.


Chapter GardenChapter Garden
Cathedral BazasCathedral Bazas
Aerial view of BazasAerial view of Bazas
Feast of Beef FatFeast of Beef Fat
Halha of NadauHalha of Nadau
Christmas MarketChristmas Market
Flower MarketFlower Market
Festival of Saint JeanFestival of Saint Jean
Traditional MarketTraditional Market
Gate GisquetGate Gisquet
House AstronomerHouse Astronomer
Church of Our Lady of MercadilhChurch of Our Lady of Mercadilh



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Tuesday 3 February
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