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Insee code77018
AltitudeFrom 125 to 140 meters
Surface6.21 km²
Population6555 inhabitants
Density1055 inhabitants/km²


National labelMagny-le-Hongre at 2.3 km (6 min)
Chief townMelun (at 51 km, 38 min)Serris at 3.3 km (8 min)
DepartmentSeine-et-MarneCoutevroult at 3.8 km (6 min)
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  • History:
  • Created in the 70s, to help rebalance the east of Paris regional development, the new town of Marne-la-Vallée has many means of communication: the A4 and A104, the RN36, the RER A and international train station of Chessy. The Roissy Charles de Gaulle is 30 minutes by highway.
  • Its institutional structure is very fragmented (4 areas of development, intermunicipal 3, 26 towns, two public institutions of development) and development territorially very homogeneous. Thus the two main urban centers (Noisy-le-Grand and the Val d'Europe) are located at both ends of the territory.
  • In the mid-80s, the company Walt Disney Company seeks to develop its activities in the world, especially in Europe, putting into practice a new concept in real estate development related to amusement parks. Beyond an image strategy, it is to benefit from the capital gains generated by the presence of land in the park and the living partner. In this perspective, the site of Marne-la-Vallée, divided into four sectors, presented the advantages of proximity to the center of the Paris market and land availability. This is the heart of the 4th Sector Marne-la-Vallée Disney that took root at the same time as was the New Town Association (SAN) Gates Brie, to be called in 2001 SAN Val Europe.
  • In this context, the city of Bailly-Romainvilliers has experienced rapid population and urban growth, from 371 inhabitants in 1 975 to 609 in 1990, 3,395 in 1999, 5,421 in 2006 and 5,690 in 2010, 6,555 in the first January 2013 (according to INSEE). This population is mainly characterized by its youth and vitality: 80% of the population is in fact less than 40 years, and nearly one in five residents is enrolled in kindergarten or primary school. In this development, the town is constantly changing to offer new services and facilities to the public in an evolutionary manner, allowing to always meet the needs of its population.
  • While the Val d'Europe now represents 30,000 inhabitants, in 2015, the goal is to build a community of about 35,000 people. At this date and the end of its development, Bailly-Romainvilliers for its part should take about 12 000 inhabitants.
  • However, despite its evolution Bailly-Romainvilliers has retained its "soul" of the village. His attachment to his past and heritage are key elements of this phenomenon, with the existence of Hamlet Bailly.
  • In the Middle Ages, Bailly was the village with a church, farms and a castle. Romainvilliers, whose name comes from the Latin Romanus (Roman) and Latin villa (the field), was a hamlet surrounded by fields.
  • In the 12th century, was a priory dependent on the County of Champagne. It was located at the center of a parish territory covered wood, original hamlet of Bailly.
  • Current research carried out by INRAP, led to the discovery of a primitive cemetery in which were recorded forty graves clustered around the grave at the bell. This cemetery defines a community facility, a hospice.
  • From 1172, the texts cite stately home of Bailly. The transformation of this building fortified manor place in 1250.
  • In the 13th century, around 1280, the monks of the abbey of Saint Germain-des-Prés Bailly transfer to the seat of the parish Romainvilliers. The priory is located next to the church. Another priory was founded at a place called The Little Hermières.
  • Bailly preserves the remains of a castle built in the 14th century, the capital of a fairly large manor which extended to Serris.
  • The Lordship of Bailly in 1575 belongs to Thomas Crusher, Lord of Serris and Magny-le-Hongre. At his death in 1641, his son Hardouin Foucher (whose tombstone is preserved in the church of Bailly), married to Valentine Crusher, inherits Bailly. Claude Barre lawyer the Court of Parliament, is lord of Bailly to 1667. He sold the manor to Marie-Nicole Guillebon wife, Jean Jourdan, secretary of the king. The son of the latter, Admiral François Morin Tourville inherit the earth (1642-1701) and resells Ligier Gilbert Antoine de La Prade, esquire of the king. The last Lord of the Marquis Louis Bailly Paul La Motte Ango Flers, whose property will be sold as national property during the Revolution.
  • The old castle of the lords of Bailly, built on an embankment rectangular, surrounded by a moat and accessible by a bridge was destroyed. Only a few remaining vestiges (moat, dungeon, ancient walls ...), the farm dungeon, farm houses of Valois and the hamlet located in the current street Poncelet.
  • Until 1864 the seat of the municipality was Bailly whereabouts church, castle and large farms.
  • Become simple agricultural village still retains Romainvilliers chapel devotion (Notre Dame). This modified chapel later became a farm called St. Blandin, the barn houses in the early 19th century the remains of a chapel of the same name. According to a general plan of 1883, there were also close the Farm Fields.
  • In the early 20th century a road was built connecting Coulsdon to Paris and through Romainvilliers. With this new communication channel, the hamlet Romainvilliers developed. It built the Hall, which also served as a school, a large square and shops settled. Romainvilliers became the chief town of the commune and hamlet Bailly.
  • Now the hamlet Bailly consists essentially of two traditional farmhouses, Valois and Dungeon, as well as the church, the last vestige of the old priory.
  • In the early 20th century a road through Romainvilliers was built between Coulsdon in Paris. With this new communication channel, the hamlet Romainvilliers develops. It builds the Town Hall, which also serves as a school and a great place. Shops settle. Romainvilliers became the chief town of the county, and Bailly, the hamlet.


  • Shut the dungeon:
  • Bailly retains vestiges of the old castle built in the 14th century. The deeds of 1528 describes "a way to keep flag at the entrance of the castle, furnished with two Tournelles half round and square on the front. From the front, with stone battlements. In the pavilion, there the two square rooms on each other, and a room at the height, down prisons by top closets and small firm and outside, leaning against the house, a spiral staircase and a small square, serving as a latrine. "
  • Some famous people have visited the various lords of Bailly, which said fourth Philippe Philip the Fair in 1311, Charles 4th 6th in 1326 and Philippe de Valois in 1350. In the 15th century, the priory was sold to Lord of Bailly, Thibaud Signet. It then becomes a privileged space for hunting. The Hundred Years War, which raged in the 15th and 16th centuries, the hamlet of savings Bailly. This site is then up to the revolution, the residence of the great figures of court, parliamentary, squires, lawyers of the king. Over time, the dungeon will remain the only part that crosses history, despite the demolitions ordered by the Revolution. In the late 15th century, the lordship of Bailly is owned by Robert Thiboust, president of the court that turns the house into a castle-high residential. In the 17th century, the Bailiwick is a manorial court. In the 18th century, a farm is the assistant to the castle of Bailly. A gate provides access. The ornamentation of this entry mimics the buildings Norman half-timbered.
  • Mountains and flanked by crenellated towers, the tower was restored in 1856, in the style of medieval castles in vogue. Reinforcement work for the shed, the tower and the stables are made from July to October 2011. Unfortunately, the hunting lodge, whose state of disrepair makes it dangerous, can not be recovered. Three interventions are planned: carpentry work, roofing and waterproofing, masonry and structural recovery and joinery.
  • The church of Notre-Dame, dating the 18th century:
  • The church erected Bailly under the patronage of the Assumption of the Virgin has remained at the graduation of the monks of Saint-Germain-des-Prés until the Revolution. The chapel of the priory was it located in the church from Bailly, near the choir. No document can specify the date of construction of the church erected at Bailly. In the late 15th century, this building is called Our Lady of Condra. In 1929, the parishioners of Bailly-Romainvilliers send a scathing petition to the council: they require the destruction of the Church of Our Lady, situated in the village of Bailly and require the construction of a chapel in the hamlet of Romainvilliers. The mayor passes the request to the prefect of Seine-et-Marne. The latter replied that only the bishop is able to authorize the destruction of a religious building, and that, moreover, the separation of church and state prohibits it from 1905 down payment in the construction of a church. This is how Our Lady of Bailly is preserved.
  • The Church of Our Lady, which has a cure and a vicarage, presbytery has a dated 19th century and a priory. The people of Bailly were buried in or around the church, according to their rank, until the late 19th century. Currently, the church of Bailly-Romainvilliers is called Our Lady of the Assumption. It is located rue Poncelet in the hamlet.
  • Cemetery:
  • Despite the Napoleonic law of 23 Prairial XII, which requires municipalities to set their extramural cemetery, the cemetery is relocated on the outskirts of the village in 1890.
  • The cross of stone, characteristic of the 17th century, placed in the aisle, probably comes from the old cemetery.
  • The town of Romainvilliers:
  • The town of Romainvilliers was originally a village in the Brie character with some characteristic groups of houses being associated with small farmhouses, old differences, a few houses or farm larger (farm Sainte-Blandine).
  • This old village around the place retains a part of our day "administrative" and collect certain symbols of collective life.
  • The former mayor and school:
  • Building and symmetrical rectangular topped with a steeple, town hall-school Bailly is typical of municipal buildings built in the 19th century. In 1921, the town of Bailly-Romainvilliers wants to erect a monument to soldiers killed during World War I, but opts for a simple plaque for lack of funds. It is affixed near the town hall.
  • Since 1999, the mayor has moved in extension adjoining the building. A project to rehabilitate the old town hall should be released soon, one way to preserve a heritage dear to the old, for whom she is still the village school. To respect the spirit of the old town hall, the exterior of the building will remain the same.
  • The Town Hall Square: The modern fountain in its center, its flower beds, the bowling green which is adjacent to contribute to its character. On both sides of the town hall square, the two old wells have become a medium and a floral decoration.
  • The laundry (corner of the Lavoir and Flaches) Bailly was powered by three systems no longer exist: the system Hanriau before 1876, the atmospheric system Buignet the rosary, in 1896, and the windmill Pitt, even in the 1970s.
  • The Fountain (street Mouillère).
Detailed information
Performance hallsCultural Centre La Ferme Corsange


  • Forum trades in late January at the gym Lilandry.
  • Commemorative ceremonies on May 8 and 11 November, at the war memorial.
  • Music Festival, June 21, at the Farm Corsange.
  • Bargain summer party, the third Sunday in June, boulevard des Sports.
  • Sessions outdoor cinema on the last Saturday of June, July and August, the Town Hall Square.
  • Popular dance and fireworks on July 13 in front of the school Easterly.
  • Association Forum in late August and early September, the gym Lilandry.
  • Heritage Day, the third Sunday of September, in the hamlet of Bailly.
  • Weekend with family antiques from childhood, the third weekend of November at the gym Lilandry.
  • Christmas Extravaganza, the first Saturday in December, instead of Europe.


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Aerial view of Bailly-RomainvilliersAerial view of Bailly-Romainvilliers



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