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Insee code71014
AltitudeFrom 280 to 642 meters
Surface61.52 km²
Population15758 inhabitants
Density256 inhabitants/km²


National labelsSaint-Forgeot at 6.6 km (10 min)
Chief townMâcon (at 117 km, 93 min)Monthelon at 6.9 km (10 min)
DepartmentSaône-et-LoireCurgy at 8.3 km (12 min)
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  • Location and geography
  • Autun is in the middle of Burgundy and is the gateway to the Morvan Regional Natural Park.
  • The city leans on the southern edge of a depression called "Autun Basin." It is surrounded by meadows north bocage, and southern hardwood forests.
  • The river Arroux through part of the city.
  • Climate:
  • Weather in continental trend of the city is characterized by southern influences more pronounced than in the rest of the Morvan, in particular because of the altitude below 400 m.
  • The rainfall is moderate (less than 900 mm / year over 30 years).
  • Tradition:
  • Fairs and markets comitia: Since the 10th century, Saint-Ladre Field, central city, located between the medieval city blocks, is home to a cattle market, where cattle are predominant. The largest of the six fairs Autun, St. Ladre took place from August 30 to September 8. It was in honor of St. Lazarus, patron of the cathedral.
  • Although the trade in cattle no longer apply today, the tradition of the fair of St. Ladre (September 1), remains rooted in the mentality Autunois.
  • Wood in the region of Autun:
  • In the region Autun, more than 130 companies working in the timber industry, all sectors combined. They employ over 500 skilled workers in different trades. Morvan forests and those of Saone-et-Loire encouraged the development of an economy around the wood processing. This state has built a culture and know-how.
  • Autun has long been considered a city of furniture, even if today there remain only very few small craft enterprises specializing in carpentry, wood carving and sawing.
  • Specialties:
  • The mixture Talleyrand: 100% Arabica coffee. Features: a mixture of coffees, blended and roasted by a process according to craft a letter of December 26, 1825 written by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand in Marseille. Coffee fairly full-bodied, powerful, aromatic and long finish. It corresponds to the definition of the famous coffee Talleyrand ... Coffee should be: Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel and sweet as love.
  • The cassissine: interior cassis liqueur coated with a paste of black currant fruit and covered in dark chocolate.
  • The croquets Morvan: This is a shortbread butter topped with whole almonds. It is crisp and melting in the mouth.


Autun, city of art and history, has retained many traces of antiquity and the medieval.

  • Antiquity "Autun, sister and rival of Rome." It was during the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus was born Autun (27 BC / 14 AD..): Its ancient name is Augustodunum. The Roman emperor wanted to create a large quoted in Gaul which demonstrates the power of Rome. Augustodunum was thus endowed with splendid monuments that are still famous. We can thus admire Autun:
  • An honorary wall, approximately 6 km long, with many towers. He was pierced with four doors (two remaining) at the ends of the two main streets intersected at right angles (and decamanus cardo maximus maximus).
  • A Roman theater can hold up to 20,000 people, the largest capacity of Gaul.
  • An amphitheater today next to the theater.
  • The doors of St. Andrew and Arroux who were two of four entries allowed to cross the walls of the city.
  • The Temple called "Janus" outside the walls.
  • The stunning stone Couhard that stands at the heart of an ancient necropolis.
  • Creating Autun attracted surrounding populations including people of Bibracte, oppidum Eduen, which gradually fell into oblivion.
  • Middle Ages:
  • The city recently welcoming the relics of St. Lazarus is assumed an important place of pilgrimage, and is endowed with a new cathedral (the first, Saint-Nazaire cathedral was destroyed).
  • Saint-Lazare Cathedral (1120), Romanesque church of Cluny type is famous thanks to its tympanum carved with great detail representing the last judgment and signed Gislebertus. This portal is masterful the canons of Autun its exceptional preservation.
  • Visits Autun:
  • From May 1 to mid-September: thematic guided tours take place every day and you can discover a particular aspect of the city: Cathedral of St. Lazare, Rolin museum, Italian theater, military school ...
  • The Gargoyle Nights: some evenings in July and August visits take place at dusk around the cathedral. In the company of actors, musicians and a guide, you will discover the daily life of the cathedral in medieval times.
  • In July and August, tours of the city tourist train tours. Departures take place every day at regular times of the Champ de Mars and the Information Point opposite the cathedral. For 45 minutes, the tourist train to discover the medieval district, a large part of the Gallo-Romans, the modern city and the military school buildings.
  • Museums Rolin - Autun: Located in the birthplace (fifteenth century) the chancellor of the Dukes of Burgundy, Nicolas Rolin, the place contains collections articulated into four departments.
  • The Department of Archaeology has the appearance and activities of the ancient city.
  • The department of medieval art has among other pieces such as "Temptation of Eve" Gilbertus of the "Nativity" of the Master of Moulins.
  • The history of this document referring to the past Autun the 15th to 19th century department.
  • The Fine Arts section, introduced by a room dedicated to the decorative arts, bringing together French and European paintings from the 17th century to the 20th century (Teniers Natoire deveria, H. Vernet, Denis). The Rolin museum is today enriched by the donation Andre and Monique Frénaud which includes 95 works by artists such as Esteve, Miro, Ubac, Geneviève Asse, Bazaine, Fautrier ... An area of ​​90m ² is devoted to this important collection.
  • Natural History Museum - Autun: The Natural History Museum of Autun finds its origin in the early 19th century. Collections then made by the Natural History Society and currently the City of properties Autun are of exceptional quality. The museum manages its reserves over 800,000 samples:
  • Beautiful collection of birds, eggs and nests representing more than 10,000 specimens;
  • Herbaria (300,000 sheets);
  • Collections of insects, shells and many fossils and minerals (300,000 pieces) that trace the geological history of the region;
  • Fossil specimens representing animals and plants that lived in the region there are 300 million years.
  • Museum of Old Children Troupe - Autun:
  • Children troops were originally children of soldiers, they participated in the camp life. Teenagers, they went on the front lines with the soldiers as the only weapon with a drum or fife. Adult, they in turn became soldiers.
  • Children's Museum Old Troop (ACT) was established in 1985 and brings together the collections of military schools souvenirs and objects of AET are exposed by theme as resistance. You should know that some children troop in 1939-1945 fought dramatically, leaving the life times, then returned to school in all modesty.
  • The museum is housed in the same enclosure of the current military school. It is a place steeped in history and education since before becoming a military school, he was the major seminary, minor seminary preparatory school of cavalry and military preparatory school.
  • Base of Autun leisure:
  • A few minutes from downtown, 100 hectares for outdoor activities.
  • Water sports (indoor pool, outdoor pool, spa), golf, tennis, sailing, tennis, mountain biking center approved FFC, roller skate park.
Detailed information
TransportAirport of Autun - Bellevue,   Train station of Autun,   Train station of L'Orme-Saint-Pantaléon
Information pointsTourist Office of Autun
Leisure centresGolf Course of Autun,   Leisure Centre of the Vallon,   Museum Lapidaire Saint-Nicolas,   Museum Rolin,   Museum Verger Tarin,   Museum of Natural History of Autun,   Museum of the Anciens Enfants de Troupe
MonumentsAbbey Saint-Andoche d'Autun,   Abbey of Saint-Martin d'Autun,   Cathedral Saint-Lazare,   Church Saint-Pierre-l'Estrier,   Door of Arroux
Performance hallsExhibition Park L'Eduen,   Municipal Theatre of Autun
Natural sitesForest of Planoise,   Wood of the Vesvre


  • Markets every Wednesday and Friday morning in the halls of the Hotel de Ville.
  • " Book Fair " in April under the Halles de l' Hôtel de Ville of Autun. Presence of numerous regional and national authors. Permanent events: roundtables, conferences.
  • " European Square Bowls Championship " 1st weekend of July neighborhood of Saint -Lazare Cathedral. Bowling open to all, beginners and insiders. The games take place in the steep streets around the Cathedral Saint -Lazare with balls shaped cube.
  • Festival of Oratorio "Musique en Morvan " in July. Choirs from around the world giving concerts all day and prepare the final concert at the Saint -Lazare Cathedral.
  • " Epic Gallo -Roman " in late July - early August. Throughout the week of activities for children, guided tours are available to explore a different aspect of Gallo-Roman city. To discover the daily life at that time, shows, events and workshops which can engage the public, take place downtown in a specific décor evoking a Gallo-Roman street.
  • " Augustodunum, Julius Caesar, the Great Sound and Light Show " in late July, early August. This show for the whole family offers to trace the life of Julius Caesar, theater Autun novel, with a giant screen 20 meters by 7 meters, 300 volunteers, 20 horses, a team of stuntmen, 800 light points, 1000 costumes, 20 reps, giant sets, special effects of past generations, a fireworks show, one month of installation and 15,000 spectators expected !


  • The House of galvachers in Anost (24 km from Autun): This museum presents the history and techniques of galvachers, carters and drovers Morvan whose departure and return punctuating the lives of many villages until the 1930s : Photographs, tools, clothes, movie, musical instruments ...
  • The Church of Anost (24 km from Autun): The recumbent Anost, located in the church are those of Jehan de Roussillon and Isabeau. They are classified as "historic monuments" since November 23, 1903.
  • Chapel Velée (20 km from Autun) Velée is a quiet hamlet south of Anost, who retains his modest chapel built in the 11th century. Inside are kept different sets, classified as historic monuments, aisi as murals designed and implemented in a technical "a fresco" of the Byzantine monk Dom Angelico Surchamp in 1966-1967.
  • The Church of Curgy (8 km from Autun): The village of Curgy is located a few kilometers from Autun along the old Roman road that connected Autun Besancon. The Church of St. Ironwood certainly is at the site of a Roman villa. The Christian presence seems very old around the church were found including Merovingian sarcophagi. The church we see today was built in the late 11th century. Except a bell may later (twelfth century.). It is a building with three naves ending in chapels, in his sober, there are the characteristics of Romanesque architecture. The interior retains a mural depicting a Christ in majesty surrounded by the symbols of the four evangelists (1120). All escaped destruction in the 19th c., Thanks to the intervention of JG Bulliot historical monument in 1897, it is now well preserved.
  • The Rose Garden Villages of France in La Celle-en-Morvan (12 km from Autun): The Rose Garden Villages de France welcomes you in a garden of 6000 m² with 1,000 roses and 400 perennials. These plants have been donated by the villagers, and many municipalities in France and abroad. Thematic tours are offered to visitors: The most fragrant roses, on behalf of those painters (Michelangelo ...), writers (Marcel Pagnol ...), musicians (Johann Strauss ...) or personalities (SAS Princess Caroline of Monaco ...). Information on the person, the characteristics of the rose and the breeder (who created the rose) are given.
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Guided tour of Sully CastleCulture and educationFrom 5.40 € to 8.40 €Sully (14.5 km)

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Hall and main square of AutunHall and main square of Autun
Temple of Janus (© City of Autun)Temple of Janus (© City of Autun)
Roman Theatre (© City of Autun)Roman Theatre (© City of Autun)
Saint-Lazare Cathedral (© City of Autun)Saint-Lazare Cathedral (© City of Autun)
Leisure (© City of Autun)Leisure (© City of Autun)
Cathedral (© JE)Cathedral (© JE)
Inside the cathedral (© JE)Inside the cathedral (© JE)
Porch and tympanum of the Cathedral (© JE)Porch and tympanum of the Cathedral (© JE)
Details of the eardrum (© JE)Details of the eardrum (© JE)


City with a rich architectural heritage
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