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Insee code64062
AltitudeFrom 310 to 1446 meters
Surface28.23 km²
Population2289 inhabitants
Density81 inhabitants/km²


National labelIzeste at 2.9 km (8 min)
Chief townPau (at 26 km, 34 min)Sévignacq-Meyracq at 3 km (6 min)
DepartmentPyrénées-AtlantiquesLouvie-Juzon at 3.3 km (5 min)
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In this part of Beam when you enter the valley of Ossau you will surely appear as one of the most endearing if only you go to discover the variety of its landscapes and its heritage.

Arudy Gate Valley of Ossau: Busy last 11 000 years by human Pyrenean Arudy extends the center of an ancient glacial basin, home of the first core habitat of the valley of Ossau. The village Aruri Eruri or mentioned during the 13th century takes its final name of Arudy in the late Middle Ages.

The plan of the old city: It is known from a register established in the 18th century during a trial, which gives, for the years 1775-1776, the axes of urban development on the eve of the Revolution, development begun in the twelfth-thirteenth centuries, revealing for the first time the existence of a parish and the city name "Eruri" (originally Euskarian). The modern cadastre early 19th century show that the central structure of the city has changed little since the Middle Ages.

The current city was built over the centuries, and the architecture of its streets and houses tells the story of its development, the Middle Ages to today.

Open to both the foothills and mountains, it offers a typical and remarkable scenery, various avenues of discovery in the history of the valley and its cultural heritage through the House of Ossau and routes that it offers.

It is a resort for relaxation and rest. Administrative and commercial center, has Arudy all shops and services essential for a pleasant stay.


  • La Maison d'Ossau - Arudy Museum and the Parc National des Pyrenees
  • Former Abbey secular built in the 17th century, restored historic monument in 1971, the House Ossau opened its doors in 1972 and now houses exhibitions of Archeology, Arts and Popular Traditions of the Val d'Ossau valley, and q ' an original presentation of Natural National Park: geology, fauna, flora.
  • You can discover the stone axes of Neanderthals, the spears of the Magdalenian, the elements of Neolithic sickles, but also the remains of bison, cave bear, rhinoceros ice ... and, more recently, the use of traditional herdsmen and breeders of sheep, cows and horses, quarries, men of stone, with their holidays, their rituals, costumes and music.
  • Finally, anchored in current affairs, various events (animal movies, exhibitions) offers another view on the Val d'Ossau and Pyrenean world: that of nature, certainly humanized, but still preserved (bear, chamois The bearded vulture, etc..) and a cultural heritage.
  • Exhibition of the Pyrenees National Park: geology, fauna, flora, regional archeology. Ethnography Ossau: marble, pastoralism, costumes, parties.
  • Audiovisual Room: Film of the Pyrenees National Park.
  • Open: daily in July and August from 10h to 12h and 15h to 18h. From 1 January to 30 June and 1 September to 30 September and school holidays: Tuesday to Friday from 14h to 18h and Sundays from 15h to 18h. The rest of the year, open by appointment.
  • Address: Rue de l'Église - 64260 Arudy.
  • Tel: +33 5 59 05 61 71.
  • The church of Saint-Germain:
  • Church of the 15th and 16th century dedicated to St Germain, transition from Romanesque to Gothic polygonal apse, portal flaming altar and paintings of the seventeenth, eighteenth woodwork, gilded wooden statues and sculptures of St. Michael, St. Anastasius, St Lawrence .
  • Built probably in the 12th century, as shown by the upper side walls of the nave, its frame dates from the late 15th century and early 16th century, Gothic-called "flaming" design vaults ribbed, liernes and third, arches and appearance of the arch basket-handle, decorated with "bellows" and "snuffers" shaped flames. This is probably the 18th century, during repairs in 1776, dates the current domed bell tower. At the end of the 19th century, important works enlarge the building (north aisle, west porch, vestry).
  • The boss of the parish church of Saint Germain Paris whose party wants to May 28, would have extinguished its powers by a burning house and at his funeral, 576, license issuing a prison sentence. It is to these wonderful events to be invoked by prisoners and against fire. Chains and flames are therefore his attributes.
  • In the valley, you will discover the same time, the churches of Sainte-Colome and Biella.
  • The City Hall:
  • This is the big building arudienne the second half of the 19th century, whose original plan in 1867. Indeed, after some ups and downs, its construction was restarted in June 1871 and will end in December 1873.
  • Monumental building located in the heart of the city, opposite the parish church, built of stone Arudy it has on the ground floor the "Halles", opened on the spot by arcades as has also City Council Laruns. The city and its mayor Bernis chooses to do a contractor Oloron, Lalande, who work under the leadership of G. Levy, District Architect. His imposing proportions change somewhat as the first adjacent properties Lapointe Combret Couarraze of Laa and dropping to the municipality the necessary space to complete the project architecture. Central staircase, door frames, windows, chimneys and tiles are made of Les Halles in local gray marble, while the slate roof on Beech frame, align with covers of traditional houses Val d'Ossau.
  • The coat of arms Arudy, a plaster to the top of the chimney of the hall, the other gray marble for the staircase will be designed and carved by Mr. Bouey, craftsman Pau.
  • The Streets of Arudy:
  • Route Discovery Val d'Ossau Housing and Urban Architecture Arudy.
  • Habitat traditional Ossau is adapted to a typical pastoral economy (cattle, sheep), articulated around the summer transhumance towards the mountains, winter in the piedmont and the Aquitaine basin. Arudy found in these houses, adjacent to urban dwellings, near the church, houses of petty nobles, artisans and merchants.
  • Country of marble quarries operated from the Renaissance, Arudy offers through its diverse urban architecture, many examples showing taste and undeniable art of building, the 15th century to today.
  • Old houses of the 16th and 17th centuries (Escoubet Street, Place de la Pomme d'Or), home of the Renaissance on the Place de l'Hotel de Ville.
  • The monument to the dead:
  • In September 1919 which is open at the town hall, a subscription to the establishment of a monument commemorating the arrival of American troops in France, allied during the Great War. Two months later, an appropriation is voted to build a monument to children Arudy died for their country, as in all villages and towns of France. In April 1920, the location is finalized, that of the public fountain, between church and town hall fountain will be demolished in 1921 and moved further to the choice in 1922. The plan, sent in June 1920, is one proposed by Font marbles and granites Arudy finally agreed after discussion.
  • In the form of an obelisk, the monument of gray marble offers a unique decoration: frontal sculpture in bas-relief of a young woman, a symbol of peace and a Phrygian cap, holding the palm of victory, and the presence of four emblazoned in the upper part which declined successively arms of the city, those in the valley of Ossau (bear, tree and cow clarinée), Beam (two cows clarinées) and Navarre (channels). We do not know if the artist who made coats of arms of Bearn and Navarre, named Teillart, was the designer and director of the obelisk. The whole is surmounted (cockerel symbol requires) a superb gallinaceous perched on a German helmet, classic image of the Victory over the "barbarian hordes". It will be formally inaugurated in May 1922 and closed in a protective grid.
  • The fountain of the 21st century:
  • Marking the passage in the 2nd millennium, and crowning the redevelopment of the central square of the city in 2002, a fountain with geometric volumes happily married Basin cylindrical bronze griffins on base supports a decorative urn with smooth curves.
  • His materials marble sober colors or variegated (gray Arudy, polychrome Benu) illustrate the discreetly rich geological subsoil Val d'Ossau and recall the skills of generations of quarry workers in the valley, builders who have given this architecture and rural mountain Ossau stamped original and endearing.
  • Sights: Remains of Roman bridge on the outskirts of the city, washing the 19th century used by tanners for washing the skin, treated in a tannery. This important activity in the local economy disappeared at the beginning of the century.
  • Recreational activities:
  • Cinema, library, pool, tennis, rock school, track rollers, fishing ...
  • Trails exploring the cave Espalungue, the cavity of the Houn Laa ... (topo-guide available at the Tourist Office and the House Ossau). Some remains found in these caves are exposed to the Maison d'Ossau.
  • Gastronomy: Garbure, mushrooms, trout, duck, country ham, cheese Ossau.
Detailed information
Leisure centresMunicipal Museum of Arudy
Natural sitesWood of Heugacère


  • Markets: Tuesdays and Saturday mornings from 9am to 12pm.
  • Celebration of Spring in May Various activities.
  • Fishing contest: in May and June
  • The 1st weekend of June: Feast of Arudy. Garage sale, fair.
  • Music Festival June 21 Various activities.
  • School Holidays: Late June Show children and outdoor games.
  • In July and August: Discovery streets Arudy departing from the Tourist Office.
  • Gala New Year: Early July.
  • Parties associations in July.
  • July 13: Bal. Picnic giant. Various activities.
  • Petanque competition: in July and August.
  • Concerts on the square in summer.
  • Competition horses in October. Competition horses (and look like models). Local competition for the regional selection. Ardennes races, Breton and Comtois. Entertainment, refreshments. Possibility of meals with farmers.


Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Canyoning in the West PyreneesSports sensationsFrom 40 € to 60 €Lons (23 km)

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Lavoirs - ArudyLavoirs - Arudy


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Monday 26 January
Min. -7°C - Max. 4°C
Tuesday 27 January
Min. 0°C - Max. 6°C
Wednesday 28 January
Min. -4°C - Max. 8°C


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55 places over 2 haCamping belair    
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Hôtel Les Bains de Secours - Hotel in ArudyHôtel Les Bains de Secours     
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Logis l'Ayguelade - Hotel in ArudyLogis l'Ayguelade     
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