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Andon - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Alpes-Maritimes

Andon, flanked by quiet common on the mountain, stretches over a vast area that includes the town of Thorenc, the hamlet of channels and the station Audibergue.

Housed in a plain, protected by mountainous north, and south Andon station for all seasons, offers many possibilities for accommodation, hospitality and local cuisine that offer retailers and restaurateurs will make you fall in love with the region's strong and rich culture of its many relics.

Located in the valley of the Lane, at the foot of the Col de Bleynie, Thorenc, resort famous since the 19th century, for its part offers a diversity of flora and fauna that can not remain indifferent to the nature lovers. Sports, or even simple walkers, we invite you to explore the many hiking trails that take you from one valley to another, with a certain awe guaranteed.

As for the hamlet of channels, the third tree lordship and third coat of arms of the municipality, calm and good humor of its inhabitants is matched only by their love of life.

Let us not forget the Audibergue, nicknamed "The Balcony of the Cote d'Azur", winter sports resort strewn on the northern flank of the mountain which rises to 1642 m, offering a wonderful view over the bay of Cannes. This site, with its chasms up to 450 m depth, the delight of cavers.

The town includes the village of Andon, Greater Thorenc, the hamlet of Canals and the ski resort of Audibergue, whose inhabitants are the Andoni, the thorencois or canaussiens.

The earliest history bears the Ligurian peoples inhabiting the territory 1,000 years before Christ. From the Roman invasion there are still traces due to Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus with Via Vintiana, reported by several Mile (still in place).

These are not the only remains of this glorious period: a small cemetery in the Castellaras Collet de la Serre, the ruins of a tomb near the priory Clos de Bourg, and the visible traces of homes in the saddle Caille , High Valletta ... Then came the era of lords and the Count of Provence repeating the title Boniface de Castellane to give Romee de Villeneuve, then to the Grasse-Bar, and finally to Russan Louis Théas. This last family found boasted, in the writings of Goethe, the memory of Francis Théas, Earl of Thorenc, left to conquer America with Admiral de Grasse. In the mid-13th century, the Hospitallers of St. John was established in the area where the breeding Thorenc was a big part of the country's economy. A country ravaged by the plague soon that, from 1348, decimated a section of the population, with the other lords of war out of proportion to the value of such steep land. On the eve of the Revolution of Mr. Fanton, then a lieutenant general at the headquarters of Grasse, was co-lord of Thorenc. The village was burned down in the 18th century to be rebuilt on the same site and then live peacefully.

Andon, village of the plain with his characteristic urban-linear pre-Indo-European root "and" meaning mountain.

The village is located in a valley at 1200 m altitude, it is protected by mountainous terrain, the North Valley Lane, at the foot of Mount Bleynie (1474 m), the top of Bausson (1439 m), Mount Thorenc, the Eagle Peak (1644 m) east of the Cheiron mountain (1770 m) with Thorenc and South, the upper valley of the Wolf rises to the bar rock of Hubac (1581 m), the mountain of the Audibergue (1642 m).

Skiers and hikers will go to the top of the massive Audibergue where the view on the Riviera is fantastic.

You can see also many caves including the Olivier where the caver Michel Siffre had his first experience out of time.

Geologists explain that the scale based on Jurassic Cretaceous causes a waterproof drainage supports the creation of large cavities.

South of Andon on the road that goes Audibergue the Castellas of Andon: some vestiges of the old medieval village with its 13th century castle and its walls, destroyed by fire in the 18th century.

Via Vientiane, Roman road linking Cimiez Vence to Castellane is still marked by numerous Mile (Roman terminals) parallel to the main road 79.

The oppidum of Font Freye, at 1211 m altitude, a former Roman fort located at the crossroads of two Roman roads next to a large heat sink.

North of Font Freye a Roman cemetery has been updated: the saddle Andon.

Channels, is a hamlet located 800 m west of the pass between Sinet Caussols Andon and, in a fertile plain, where there are beech forests, wild orchids and peonies. This small manor was given to Bertrand de Grasse by the Comtesse de Provence in 1421. There are still some vestiges of the primitive village that was perched at 1 km to the west. The hamlet current channels consists of houses clustered around a small medieval chapel, rebuilt and dedicated to Saint Helena. A small rustic 14th century castle remains. Camps Celtic-Ligurian (walled enclosures) of channels, mainly located on the spur of Barlet, others towards the channel signal. They were built with boulders by tribes who, at the age of iron, but also during the early Middle Ages, lived in constant insecurity. Their strategic position explains the purpose of refuge for men and cattle, and an observation post near the pasture or crops and nearby villages consist of simple huts.

To achieve Thorenc must go up the left bank of the Loup, around the rocky outcrop which rises 1400 meters above sea level and contains the remains of an important castellaras. The Castellaras includes the ruins of a chapel, a stable guard and a large water tank surrounded by imposing walls. It was ruined in 1391 after bitter struggles between the successors of the legendary Queen Jeanne. These ruins are visible from a distance, blend with the rock that serves as an infrastructure. One enters after a walk to say the least sporting a hole in the top wall. The effort is rewarded with a spectacular show. The summit defines two regions, rainwater serving, at the whim of the slopes, or the Wolf, much later, the Lane, a tributary of the Artuby, which forms south of Lake Thorenc a one hectare, meeting place for fishermen.

Thorenc is a resort famous since the 19th century for its mild microclimate, residential houses are sunny and protected from winds between the Alpine mountain Thorenc northeast on Eagle Peak (1644 m) at the is the top of Bausson (1656 m) to the west and not south of the Mule. Thorenc named "Switzerland Provençale" was in the early 20th century, large hotels, a casino, a racetrack, tennis courts, a track of ice skates ... draining a rich cosmopolitan clientele which influence the architecture of the Anglo-Russian which is found in some homes. His manner beneficial saw the establishment of a sanatorium (closed today).

Geographical information

Latitude43.7732170 (N 43° 46’ 24”)
Longitude6.7862970 (E 6° 47’ 11”)
AltitudeFrom 911m to 1649m
Surface area54.30 km²
Population575 inhabitants
Density10 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureNice (59 km, 1h08)
Insee code06003
IntercommunalityCA du Pays de Grasse
TerritoryAlps, French Riviera
RegionProvence-Alps-French Riviera

Nearest cities & towns

Caille5.7 km (10 min)
Séranon8.2 km (13 min)
Valderoure10.4 km (16 min)
Thorenc12.1 km (18 min)
Caussols14 km (20 min)
Escragnolles16.3 km (20 min)
Gréolières16.4 km (25 min)
Saint-Auban17.2 km (32 min)
Peyroules19.5 km (27 min)
La Bastide19.7 km (24 min)
Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey21 km (27 min)
La Martre21 km (27 min)
La Roque-Esclapon22 km (27 min)
Cipières23 km (35 min)

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The Castellaras
The Castellaras
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Thorenc from the Col de Bleynie
Thorenc from the Col de Bleynie
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Walls of Castellaras
Walls of Castellaras
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Thorenc Lake
Thorenc Lake
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Lake Thorenc
Lake Thorenc
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Bell Tower Andon
Bell Tower Andon
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View from Audibergue
View from Audibergue
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Ski on Audibergue
Ski on Audibergue
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View from Audibergue
View from Audibergue
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Sunday 22 january
Min. 3°C - Max. 8°C
Monday 23 january
Min. 2°C - Max. 10°C
Tuesday 24 january
Min. 5°C - Max. 14°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Via souterrata, underground via ferrata
Sports sensations25 € Caille (2.6 km)
Rock Climbing at the Siagne Gorges
Sports sensations30 € Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne (13.7 km)
Rock Climbing in Cabris
Sports sensations30 € Cabris (14.9 km)
Rock Climbing in the Loup Gorges
Sports sensations30 € Gourdon (16.6 km)
Candle-making classes with view of the Mediterranean
Arts and Crafts50 € Grasse (16.9 km)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Peak of the Eagle
HikeIntermediate3h30Thorenc (3.9 km)
Heritage itinerary
Village visitEasy1h30Gréolières (12.8 km)
Les Miroirs hike
HikeEasy2h45Gréolières (12.8 km)
The Cheiron Itinerary
HikeAthletic5h00Gréolières (12.8 km)
Siagne valley
HikeIntermediate2h30Le Tignet (15.6 km)


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